Table of Contents


Kiyara’s the man editing all the chapters, so be sure to thank him, too! (Man’s retired.)

The one who now edits the chapter is Chrysanthemum.

Also, I’m sorry if this doesn’t update regularly… I keep forgetting about it.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Math Genius

Chapter 2. My Name is Zhuge Liang!

Chapter 3. The Academy That Turned Upside Down

Chapter 4. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Retest

Chapter 5. You Can’t Stop Peng Ga Ho~

Chapter 6. The Daughter’s Scarier?!

Chapter 7. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Formation Creation

Chapter 8. A Nail in The Pocket Can Only Stick Out

Chapter 9. Inviting Jo Gi Chun

Chapter 10. Vanished Cho Ryu Hyang

Chapter 11. Cho Ryu Hyang in Trouble

Chapter 12. Find Cho Ryu Hyang!

Chapter 13. Human Killing Medicine

Chapter 14. My Name is Neng Ha Young!

Chapter 15. The Secret Conversation Between Cho Ryu Hyang and Neng Ha Young

Chapter 16. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Hide-and-Seek

Chapter 17. Cho Ryu Hyang Knows

Chapter 18. I Need A Disciple

Chapter 19. Um Seung Do Wants to Live

Chapter 20. If You Don’t Know Where To Go, Just Go Straight

Chapter 21. The Spark of The Alliance-Demon War

Chapter 22. A Teacher’s Affection

Chapter 23. Scalawag Guardians

Chapter 24. The Young Lord of The Heavenly Demon Church

Chapter 25. The Hidden Truth

Chapter 26. The Monster In The Formation

Chapter 27. The Reason Why Guardian Ju Is Better Than Guardian Wu?!

Chapter 28. For Teacher

Chapter 29. A Legendary Encounter

Chapter 30. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Challenge

Chapter 31. The Imugi’s Wish

Chapter 32. The Alliance-Demon War

Chapter 33. Nanman Beast Gate

Chapter 34. The Ascending Dragon

Chapter 35. Little Monster

Chapter 36. The Dragon’s Gift

Chapter 37. The Alliance’s Attack

Chapter 38. The Last Teaching

Chapter 39.  The Teacher Buried in His Heart

Chapter 40. The Burning Hatred

Chapter 41. The Distant Vengeance

Chapter 42. The Legendary Moon Edge Blade Technique

Chapter 43. The Secret of The Moon Edge Blade Technique

Chapter 44. The Young Master of The Heavenly Demon Church

Chapter 45. Meeting

Chapter 46. A Father’s Feelings

Chapter 47. The Secret Between The Two

Chapter 48. The Third Bet

Chapter 49. The Young Witch’s Visit

Chapter 50. The Uninvited Visitor

Chapter 51. Neng Ha Young’s Guardian

Chapter 52. Betting The Heavenly Demon Church

Chapter 53. The Star of The North Sea Ice Palace

Chapter 54. The Administrator’s Oath

Chapter 55. First Subordinate

Chapter 56. The Senior’s Unique (?) Preference

Chapter 57. Misdirected Fighting Spirit

Chapter 58. The Power of a Dragon’s Pearl

Chapter 59. A Deadly Battle

Chapter 60. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Hibernation(?)

Chapter 61. Mysterious Old Man

Chapter 62. A Tenacious Man

Chapter 63. Gongson Chun Gi’s Curiosity

Chapter 64. How to make one’s buttocks as big as a watermelon

Chapter 65. I just don’t like men.

Chapter 66. Gongson Chun Gi’s Gift

Chapter 67. The Start of a Bad Relationship

Chapter 68. Cho Mu Ryung’s Choice

Chapter 69. The Man from The Palace

Chapter 70. The Pope is a Smuggler (?)

Chapter 71. Cho Ryu Hyang Fights a Harmonious Expert

Chapter 72. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Trump Card

Chapter 73. Cho Ryu Hyang is a Cheater (?)

Chapter 74. The Demonic Witch is a Sufferer of Men-hating Syndrome

Chapter 75. Who’s Cho Ryu Hyang’s Right Arm?

Chapter 76. The Second Bodyguard

Chapter 77. Glory of The Asura’s Annihilation of The Heavens

Chapter 78. Choosing Ranks

Chapter 79. The Result of Carelessness

Chapter 80. Expansion into Mainland

Chapter 81. The Worries of The Alliance

Chapter 82. No Jin Nyung’s Role

Chapter 83. Nine Lands Medicinal Flower

Chapter 84. Little Monster

Chapter 85. Seal

Chapter 86. The Destroyed Formation

Chapter 87. An Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 88. Cho Ryu Hyang’s First Business Venture

Chapter 89. Cho Ryu Hyang and Maksu

Chapter 90. Collision

Chapter 91. Un Hui

Chapter 92. Maksu’s Sorrow

Chapter 93. Request

Chapter 94. Cho Ryu Hyang’s Plan

Chapter 95. Maksu’s Appearance

Chapter 96. Maksu’s Identity

Chapter 97. A Trade

Chapter 98. The Cure for the Bloodlust

Chapter 99. Cho Ryu Hyang Finds a Clue

Chapter 100. Theoretical Formation

Chapter 101. The Move of The Four Powers

Chapter 102. Nightmare

Chapter 103. Ju Ho Yu Moves

Chapter 104. An Obvious Trap

Chapter 105. Cho Ryu Hyang Meets Ju Ho Yu

Chapter 106. Tai Gonggong’s Suspicion

Chapter 107. Entry

Chapter 108. Nine Flowing Army Formation

Chapter 109. Everything’s Going According To Plan

Chapter 110. Resolution

Chapter 111. Gu Hui Meets Cho Ryu Hyang

Chapter 112. Gu Hui, The Tooth of a Beast

Chapter 113. The Time To Choose

Chapter 114. The reason why the Black Moon Guild didn’t make its move.

Chapter 115.

Chapter 116.

Chapter 117.

Chapter 118.

Chapter 119.

Chapter 120.

Chapter 121.

Chapter 122.

Chapter 123.

Chapter 124.

Chapter 125.

Chapter 126.

Chapter 127.

Chapter 128.

Chapter 129.

Chapter 130.

Chapter 131.

Chapter 132.

Chapter 133.

Chapter 134.

Chapter 135.

Chapter 136.

Chapter 137.

Chapter 138.

Chapter 139.

Chapter 140.

Chapter 141.

Chapter 142.

Chapter 143.

Chapter 144.

Chapter 145.

Chapter 146.

Chapter 147.

Chapter 148.

Chapter 149.

Chapter 150.

Chapter 151.

Chapter 152.

Chapter 153.

Chapter 154.

Chapter 155.

Chapter 156.

Chapter 157.

Chapter 158.

Chapter 159.

Chapter 160.

Chapter 161.

Chapter 162.

Chapter 163.

Chapter 164.

Chapter 165.

Chapter 166.

Chapter 167.

Chapter 168.

Chapter 169.

Chapter 170.

Chapter 171.

Chapter 172.

Chapter 173.

Chapter 174.

Chapter 175.

Chapter 176.

Chapter 177.

Chapter 178.

Chapter 179.

Chapter 180.

Chapter 191. 

Chapter 192.

Chapter 193.

Chapter 194.

Chapter 195.

Chapter 196.

Chapter 197.

Chapter 198.

Chapter 199.

Chapter 200.

Chapter 201.

Chapter 202.

Chapter 203.

Chapter 204.

Chapter 205.

Chapter 206.

Chapter 207.

Chapter 208.

Chapter 209.

Chapter 210.

Chapter 211.

Chapter 212.

Chapter 213.

Chapter 214.

Chapter 215.

Chapter 216.

Chapter 217.

Chapter 218.

Chapter 219.

Chapter 220.

Chapter 221.

Chapter 222.

Chapter 223.

Chapter 224.

Chapter 225.

Chapter 226.

Chapter 227.

Chapter 228.

Chapter 229.

Chapter 230.

Chapter 231.

Chapter 232.

Chapter 233.

Chapter 234.

Chapter 235.

Chapter 236.

Chapter 237.

Chapter 238.

Chapter 239.

Chapter 240.

Chapter 241.

Chapter 242.

Chapter 243.

Chapter 244.

Chapter 245.

Chapter 246.

Chapter 247.

Chapter 248.

Chapter 249.

Chapter 250.

Chapter 251.

Chapter 252.

Chapter 253.

Chapter 254.

Chapter 255.

Chapter 256.

Chapter 257.

Chapter 258.

Chapter 259.

Chapter 260.

Chapter 261.

Chapter 262.

Chapter 263.

Chapter 264.

Chapter 265.

Chapter 266.

Chapter 267.

Chapter 268.

Chapter 269.

Chapter 270.

Chapter 271.

Chapter 272.

Chapter 273.

Chapter 274.

Chapter 275.

Chapter 276.

Chapter 277.

Chapter 278.

Chapter 279.

Chapter 280.

Chapter 291.

Chapter 292.

Chapter 293.

Chapter 294.

Chapter 295.

Chapter 296.

Chapter 297.

Chapter 298.

Chapter 299.

Chapter 300.

That’s all, folks!


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  1. So, i just found your translation today, haven’t quite finished reading it all yet, but i will soon.

    Just have to say, before i forget, Thank you for the translation!
    Always love it when a intriguing story appears xD


  2. Are you going to follow a the usual translation model soon? You know, free chapters per day/bonus chapters if you feel like it and sponsored chapters (donors by readers) for additional translation? I’ve read on your latest t/l that you’re focusing on SATs though. Good luck with that and I hope for the best.


    1. I might not actually follow the TL model. 1 chapter/day seems too hardcore for me, bonus chapters are annoying, and sponsored chapters… Thinking about it a little. But I’m only going to starting gearing towards the $$$ once I start putting some other stuff other than King Shura.

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  4. Can you please update the index page. I really love this story and I would like to check the index page for any updates but it has not been updated for quite some time


  5. Hi there, any chance you could add some tags or make a small summary of the type of book this is? I say this because I’ve honestly been putting this off, because I have no idea what this book is. I’m here because I’m up to date on most of the translated novels. It would be nice for future readers as well to know what they’re getting into.


      1. That’s why I mentioned tags. That introduction. I don’t know if it’s set in a fantasy world, the realistic past, alternate reality, martial arts, literary novel. Like I know nothing about it except for a small character introduction


  6. Dear Ensj, I miss you and King Shura. Hope your doing fine these days. If you can find time please update King Shura, its stressing me with the anticipation of whats going to come, Please.

    I wish you well everytime.


  7. This is such a good novel, like 99% better than all other LNs. Any updates happening or is this dropped? I am halfway through and just want to know if I should stop reading now if it is dropped.


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