[King Shura] Chapter 100

Chapter 100. Theoretical Formation

ED: Chrysanthemum


Sunwu Cho Rin decided to head out for once.


She separated herself from her guards and went outside secretly.


She was being extremely cautious of any followers.


After walking in circles for quite some time, she entered a teahouse and immediately began to swear.


“Hey, you dogshit! Are you crazy? How dare an ugly person like you request an emergency meeting? Do you think I’m your lover or something? Is that how it is?”


“Ha, haha, sorry, little family head. The higher-ups wanted to get this done as fast as possible. I’m actually under a lot of stress as well. Please understand with your merciful self.”


In the teahouse, a man in a worker’s clothes was profusely asking for forgiveness.


Sunwu Cho Rin looked at the man with slitted eyes for a moment, then she smirked.


“Did my father tell you to flatter me like that?”


“…….Yes. He told me or you’d beat me to death otherwise.”


“He’s right about that.”


The man, whose name was Sunwu Se Ok, was the leader of the Sunwu Family’s darkness, the Earth Dragon Brigade.


That man that was looking at Sunwu Cho Rin was being extremely polite.


Their class was different.


Although they both used the last name of Sunwu, Sunwu Cho Rin was a direct descendent while Sunwu Se Ok was from a branch family.


The four families of the church separated ranks according to blood.


Sunwu Cho Rin leaned back on her chair and spoke.


“There is a harmonious expert near the heir.”


“Yes. I heard there were two, but one of them is severely injured, so why not attack now?”


Suwnu Cho Rin made a strange face.


“I had thought that it would be alright to attack as well…… but there’s something that bugs me a little. Let’s wait for now.”


Sunwu Se Ok frowned.


“Apologies, but may I know what is that thing that bugs you so much? It would help us a great deal.”


“Do you really want to know?”




“Do you really have to hear it?”


“Is it something private?”


“No, not really.”


“Then tell us.”


Sunwu Cho Rin looked at Sunwu Se Ok with a discontent face.



But not even her could do anything to Sunwu Se Ok.


Not only was he her cousin, but he was also one of the strongest experts in the family.


‘He’s a man, as well.’


It was infuriating, but a woman could not become the family patriarch.


Just because Sunwu Se Ok was a man, he was higher than her in terms of becoming the next heir.


He was smart as well.


Although he was handling the shadowy matters in the family. Once everything sorts itself out, he would be qualified to fight for the position of the heir.


Of course, his chance of succeeding would be extremely small.


After thinking for a bit, Sunwu Cho Rin opened her mouth with an annoyed face.


“It’s intuition.”




What did he hear just now?


Sunwu Se Ok wasn’t sure if he heard right.


“It’s a woman’s intuition. The heir definitely is hiding something.”


“……A woman’s intuition?”




Sunwu Se Ok looked at his beautiful mistress with an astounded face.


What the woman was saying was ridiculous.


Did she expect him to just wait, because of her intuition?


Did she really expect him to give up a perfect time to strike the heir?


There was no way he would do that.


Sunwu Se Ok sighed and opened his mouth.


“The people from the main house have moved, and it looks like people from the other families are coming as well. There’s no way we can just wait without being given a proper reason.”


Sunwu Cho Rin’s eyes narrowed.


At the same time, a cruel smile floated up her face.


“It’s not my fault if you all die, ok?”


“…….Right, right, of course.”


When Sunwu Se Ok answered her with a bitter face, Sunwu Cho Rin’s smile just kept getting bigger.


“Do what you want, then. It doesn’t matter to me what you do, but one thing is for sure. If you go by yourselves, you will fail, and there will be no second chance. The heir is quite smart, you see. At least a hundred times smarter than you.”




Sunwu Se Ok’s eyebrows bunched up together.


He was conflicted.


He wanted to proceed with the plan after taking into account all the variables that might affect him.


However it wasn’t like he could wait to find the variables just because of Sunwu Cho Rin.


‘What to do…….’


As Sunwu Se Ok became more and more troubled, Sunwu Cho Rin became troubled as well.


‘Why do I feel so cautious of the heir?’


Like Sunwu Se Ok said, it was a good time to attack the heir.


But she hesitated.




Was it because of Cho Ryu Hyang is tactical genius?


Sunwu Cho Rin shook her head.


‘There’s definitely something else.’




There was something ’special’ that Cho Ryu Hyang had.


They couldn’t just attack because he seemed weak.


‘We’ll see what he has in time.’


Sunwu Cho Rin took a look at Sunwu Se Ok and smirked.


This guy definitely wouldn’t make his move especially when he became suspicious of something.


Of course, he was thinking carefully to himself now, but in the end, he wouldn’t do anything.


He was overly cautious when it came to things like this.


But even if the four families do not move, there were countless places that sought the death of Cho Ryu Hyang.


This was especially true, now that the four families went out to bait out these groups.


‘I can find out what he has at that time.’


There would be no need to fear Cho Ryu Hyang’s trump card after he shows it to the public.


The four families weren’t weak enough to be defeated by something they knew.


* * *


Pian Mu wiped away the blood at his abdomen with a surprised expression.


“What was that?”


Cho Ryu Hyang inched backwards with sweat pouring out of his pores.


He had succeeded in using the powers of the Shura Environment and the Moon Edge Blade Technique together.


But it had used far too much power.


‘I need time.’


His body felt like it was completely void of any energy.


At the same time, it became heavy like a wet sponge.


As Cho Ryu Hyang tried his utmost to gather more power, Pian Mu looked at the tiny hole in his belly and grinned like a child.


He licked the blood on his fingers.


“This is the first time any human has injured me. I praise you for that.”


This time, Cho Ryu Hyang smiled.


“Should I be thankful?”


“Of course. I’m a great person, you see.”


“I must’ve poked a hole in your brain by accident.”


Pian Mu casually put his pestle on his shoulder.


“Why don’t you rest? You’re tired, aren’t you?”




When Cho Ryu Hyang did not respond, Pian Mu smashed the pestle into the ground and leaned on it.


“That much power is too much for any human, but anyway, are you crazy? What kind of an idiot gets stuck in his own formation?”


Cho Ryu Hyang simply sighed.


“This isn’t the first time I got stuck in my own formation.”




“Yes. I’m an idiot.”


Cho Ryu Hyang used his toes to begin to draw strange shapes on the ground.


Pian Mu didn’t interfere and just watched on with a curious face.


“Who did you learn how to make formations from thin air? I haven’t seen this even from where I lived in the past.”


Cho Ryu Hyang paused.


His eyes shook for a moment as he turned to Pian Mu.


“From my teacher.”


“Hoh? The pope of the Demon Church, was it? The father of that yellow-haired girl.”


Cho Ryu Hyang shook his head.


The person in his mind was the man who, after much experimentation and study, taught Cho Ryu Hyang much of what he knew today.


It was Jo Gi Chun.


“…….It’s a different person.”


“Really? What a talented person. Something like this is hard even for me.”


When Pian Mu praised Cho Ryu Hyang’s teacher, the boy was able to immediately recover.


“Right. Even you would have a hard time getting out.”


It would be troublesome if it was easy.


Just how was this formation made?


How was this formation, the formation that even his teacher deemed impossible to make, come into existence?


This formation only existed in theory.


Strangely enough this theoretical formation didn’t require much calculation compared to the amount of power it had.


‘Formless Formation.’


The illusory formation that didn’t have a form.


There was only one reason why this formation was a theoretical formation.


All formations in the world needed a core.


Normally, formation experts use precious and special materials as a core.


Cho Ryu Hyang did something similar, only that he used rocks to create cores.


The formless formation was something that was even more advanced than his current form of formations.


‘A formation that uses energy itself as a core.’


Once a person becomes a harmonious expert, they become able to make use of the energy in their surroundings.


This is the reason why they are able to kill experts from afar.


And here, Cho Ryu Hyang was able to use power that rivalled those of a harmonious expert’s.


Thanks to that, he was able to create the formless formation.




Because it was a formation that used energy itself, the energy that it uses was tremendous.


This was because he had to continuously exert energy into the formation till it came into existence.


At the same time, he had to use the Shura Environment, as well as the Moon Edge Blade Technique, which made his body extremely unstable.


Cho Ryu Hyang’s body was in a very bad state.


But he still had work to do.


“Finish what you were doing. I’m looking forward to seeing what it is.”


Pian Mu was relaxed.


This child was not normal.


Actually, the child had already exceeded his expectations at this point.


His dislike for humans were almost completely destroyed thanks to the child.


After all, Cho Ryu Hyang had used multiple things that Pian Mu had never seen before, and he even managed to injure him.


It made Pian Mu look at humans with interest.


It was amazing, wasn’t it?


Just the fact that the child still had much to show him excited him.


Cho Ryu Hyang looked down at the shapes that he was drawing, then sighed.


“I’m telling you this now, but you’ll regret giving me this much time.”


“That’s what I’m looking forward to.”


When Pian Mu said this with a grin on his face, Cho Ryu Hyang steadied his breath and spoke.


“I’ll show you how dumb it is to give me time.”


Not even Cho Ryu Hyang knew how dangerous his actions right now was.


But this was the only way to win against Pian Mu.


‘A formation inside a formation.’


He was about to perform that nonsensical formation the imugi showed him right now.


Cho Ryu Hyang’s thought process began accelerating.


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