INvisible DraGon


Nearly 50% of this was translated by Chamber, the translator for Coder Lee Yong Ho. What a helpful man. If only there were more like him…

Invisible dragon (Author: Duichidak)

This is perhaps one of the most famous webnovels out there in Korea… for being so bad. It’s marked as the representative of the seven forbidden texts, and it’s also the very first webnovel to get a comic adaption… I don’t even k-

Anyway, there are a lot of theories on who the author of this novel is. Based on the terrible grammar/spelling, some say it was written by an elementary schooler. But then the novel is bad. So bad, in fact, a lot of people couldn’t believe it was written by an elementary schooler… that’s why some people assume that it was written by an author who wanted to criticize the novel world for how many of the novels were becoming extremely cliché. 

Right, speaking of cliché, this is probably the most generic thing you’re going to find anywhere. It literally has everything. An MC who beats up everything, trains, goes to another universe, beats everything up again, etc etc. He’s a peerless beauty as well (super bishie!!). Because of it’s.. um.. nature, Korea’s renowned fantasy author, Lee Young Do (wrote Esoril’s Dragon, The Bird Who Drinks Tears, and Dragon Raja), praised it for criticizing many of the novels in Korea for being so generic. What the fuck

For those who would like to know what invisible dragon looks like, here is a picture


There it is, the invisible dragon in all it’s glory.

Welp, here’s the table of contents.


Table of Contents.

Chapters 1-50 (2002/07/25-2004/07/22)

28 thoughts on “INvisible DraGon

  1. My brain hurts. Damn, the grammar is so bad even I couldn’t belive that an elementary school child could write this. Even if English wasn’t their first language, a 3 year old could write better than this…
    I can’t imagine any one could bring themselves to write ‘this’. If they wanted to criticize novels for being cliche, they could have done something other than to bring ‘this’ in the world.

    Kudos for translating this novel. Seriously, I couldn’t bring myself to read more than 7 chapters and you translated this whole. You have… Lots of courage and patience…

    Reminds me of those amateur works on wattpad, booksie and some of the worst on rrl…

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  2. Is the picture suppose to be invisible? I can’t see anything for the picture. Are you referring to the picture above the summary of how bad it is? Am I suppose to infer that the picture is a bit of satire and that there is no picture?


  3. I found this and it got me curious… It’s really not that bad…

    Well, it actually is, but at least there was no actual plot we have to look for. The events just… happen. If the author had something planned down the road and solid side characters… And an actual heroine (Not that I’d know)… If the the author really thought his readers were praising him when he wrote this, I respect the optimism levels…

    I mostly just found it funny, I can never create this crap even if I tried, my beta and followers will murder me…

    Kudos to you for translating, you have my respect… 😀

    Greeting 2017 with crap!


  4. ………………………………

    Why? :/

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  5. Can anyone here enlighten me
    about the other six forbidden text / novel?
    Any of those translated yet?
    I’m wondering.

    And before you ask, yes, my brain exploded in third or fourth chapter….
    I’m seriously asking, though.


    1. To you about a year ago. I was curious about six banned novels. As a result of looking for and reading the most dangerous banned novel, my brain had to suffer from confusion. I can’t explain what I saw. I recommend not looking at it. At the advice of Koreans, there is a story that it is a Korean copy of Kitab Al-Azif, the best madosser of the Krullu mythology. It is a waste of time of no value. I really hope you have the wisdom of not wasting your time watching this.


  6. My brain died from casually looking at it from beginning till the end, i didn’t even bother reading the whole chapter, because of some reason, i feel like punching my laptop every time i read a novel with shitty grammar.


  7. This reminds me of an exercise in class
    once where you form a circle, decide on a basic story start or plot, then everyone starts writing their own story version and after 1 minute or less you pass it to person next to you. Since they only have a small amount of time to familiarize with each story they get more twisted and stupid the longer it gets. This is just like that😆😳


  8. Woooooow! Thet’s actually pretty good…. Continuuu (>‘o’)>
    pls dont tell my mom why am i became so weird, ok? ( ಠ◡ಠ )


  9. After I re-read this wn once again…
    I see…
    Even I can’t make something like this… Blyatful…
    No doubt that this is a work of an adult…




  11. Perhaps the greatest novel of all time it has enlightened me on the dao and I realize I should just die thank you invisible dragon very cool

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