UPDATE: With the end of “Life, Once Again” on Wuxiaworld, I’ve retired semi-permanently from translating. This website is no longer being maintained, nor is it looking for people to post chapters on it. Thanks.

We all crave Korean novels, don’t we? They’re interesting, they’re fun to read, aren’t they? But we all know that there are far too little translators out in the net, compared to the amount of good raw novels we have in Korea. The ratio between novels and translators is completely out of whack, I’d say.

That’s why I’m recruiting people! It’s not that I need help with my projects. I just want to see people translate interesting books.

If you’re interested in translating (editing’s fine, too! But at the moment, there’s just me… two editors and one translator just ain’t right), mail me at I’ll give you a simple test, and see how good you are based on that. The test isn’t there just to see your skills. It’s there to see how you generally feel about translating. Some people find out they aren’t suited to tl-ing after a few chapters, and die (aka MIA). Hopefully the test prevents that.

When you’re mailing me, please tell me what kind of novel you wish to translate (webnovels or novels), because the chapter size between webnovels and novels differ… a lot. 

Current humans at work:

  • ensj the translator
  • Kiyara the editor   currently MIA
  • Chrysanthemum the editor

One thought on “Recruitment

  1. I love Korean films and stories. I don’t speak Korean though I wish I did. Would like to try my hands on editing not translating since I don’t speak the language. I would like all genres except novels that have adult themes, BL and GL. Thank you.


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