Peerless Martial Arts

This is one of the seven forbidden texts of Korea. 

I was not the one who translated this. Chamber (who is currently in the military) did. I am posting this with his permission.

Anyway, enjoy.


Peerless martial arts

chapter 1

my name is ‘superstrong’
i cultivated peerless arts from young.
Peerless arts was super strong. one punch kills a dragon.
“kyakyakya die you all”
i have 60000000000000000000000000 years of cultivation
no one wins against me.
i am the strongest.

chapter 2

i became doubly strong every day.
last time it was 60000000000000000000000000 years but now
its 6000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years
I am 1000000000000000 years old I’m really strong.

chapter 3

i think i’m the strongest in the world.
i’m too strong so i need to find experts on my level.
i looked around and saw a really strong guy.
he was really stronk.
“hey idiot cmere”
I called him in a polite way.
he muttered.

chapter 4

he muttered.
“what? you’re looking for death”
and I used the 3rd move of peerless arts, ‘shit’.
bboom and he gone.
“kyakyakya idiot looked for death and died kyakyakya”
but he was behind me.
“quite good yo?”
but he didnt know superstrong was 10000000000000000000000 times stronger
but he didnt know how wide the world was and died after looking for deth.

chapter 6 (note: I can’t find chapter 5…)

like cool wind blew the night.. it became dark.
and below there was superstrong making a poem while smelling wind.
he knew himself to be strong but there was one stronger than him.
his name ‘awesomestrong’ he was 10000000times stronger than ‘superstrong’ and he cultivated peerless arts to 9 stars
superstrong was only 5 stars but he was 4 stars above him so he knew that he wouldn’t be able to win against him no matter how
much he tried but superstrong didnt like to lose so
he always said he was the strongest.
“why am i worse than awesomestrong?”
then he realized.
what he did worse than awesomestrong was!

chapter 7

what he did worse than awesomestrong was none other than!
lunacy awesomestrong was a lunatic no hes not just that hes a xxxxxx a complete xx
so superstrong realized he would become strong if he xxxxxxx
superstrong achieved 12 stars in peerless arts and became 1000000000000000000000000000000times stronger
then he got skill “stfu!” and superskill “keke”
and became stronger.
then gon to kil awesomestrong.

chapter 8

superstrong killed awesomestrong an used transmigration. transmigration was a basic thingg you culd do at 2 stars
in peerless arts. superstrong changed his name there.
it was!

chapter 9


chapter 10

he wanted to change it to psycho but superstrong thought himself to be a lunatic
and decided not to change his name and went wid superstrong.
he foght 1000 dragons and killed them in 0.00000000000000000001 seconds
he went to elf village and kidnapped women and did xxx.
then he went to king and robbed his money
went to demon realm, heaven realm and robbed it all..
superstrong thought.
he was strong but there should be someone stronger than him.
but he didnt kno.
the whole world.. no even all dimensions would be destroied in 0.000001seconds

chapter 11

superstrong came to the real world.
he kidnapped celebrities xxxd robbed
and xxxd and every day
superstrong fed up
he realized that no one can win against him..
however superstrong is stupid does he not know
that he becomes stronger with realization?

chapter 12

superstrong is indeed an idiot. he created a cultivation
that is!

chapter 13

peerful arts..
he became 3 star in peerful arts
but he became 10000000000000time strong
and no one won.
superstrong alright.

chapter 14

1000 years pasd hes now 12 stars
hes idiot he always realize..

chapter 15

superstrong was now 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000times stronger

chapter 16

he found that someone can win against him.
he was 12 years old so he was born while he was training
he was 1000000000000000times stronger than superstrong.

is superstrong too weak? stronger?

chapter 17

superstrong looked for him
then asked
to kill him
then he said
“fuck off”
yes he’s a grade schooler
then superstrong said in a serious face.

chapter 18


chapter 19

the grade schooler laughed.
then angry.
he did suicide angry at his loss.
like that the only one that can kill superstrong died.
superstrong despiared
then realized.
that he can also suicide ..
but idiot he realized again

chapter 20

he realized again and became 100000000000000000000 times stronger than grade schooler
he cant do suic?de now
complete crazy idiot psycho foolish shit fuck
isnt he crazy?

chapter 21

superstrong went around dimensions doing xx and xx and
xxx et cetera and spent 100000 years
since much time passed superstrong believed that no one can win
against him.
..who the hell can win against the one who won the strongest grade schooler?

chapter 22

!!author’s announcement!!
is superstrong a little strong? should I make him weaker…
please enjoy.
and don’t copy
i admire the writer of invisible dragon and i write this!
i also want to become famous like invisible dragon author!
invisible dragon fighto!!
chapter 23

superstrong decided to slep
superstrong woke up!
it was the martial world
his birth place
and his most resented pace (find out why later)
and his most…

chapter 24

5 dragons and 4 phoenixes were there.
they(guy) and they(girl) were strong beautiful and kool..
their pretty was 10 if elf pretty was 11
thats amazing.
but the superstrong 4 phoenixes saw
his pretty was..1000000000000000000000000000000
power was
pant pant.. so tired.
anyway really strong..

chapter 25 !!final!!

i am litle sad that its over.. i made this to follow
invisible dragon author even a little..
but it’s over in 12 minutes..
can this become a book?
invisible dragon was too good to be a book..

!anyway start!

superstrong resents this place becuz his parents threw away him here
his parents were awesomestrong and some prostitute
prostitute was killed by awesomestrong
awesomestrong was killed by superstrong..
super mesed up famiry.
and he lovd this plac the martial world was
becuz he killed his enemy awesomestrong
anyway he rased 5 dragons and 4 phoenixes as disciples but they all die in 1 year
reason was awesomestrongs friends son, brothers son, friends friends son, friends daughter, brothers daughter etetera
were conn?cted to his enemy awesomestrong even little..
and he fell slep
and he waited until he wake up
and slep..
not eternal but infinite slep..
superstrong slep for 1000000000000000years..

end of volume 1!

superstrong woke up..

(Note: There is no ‘volume 2’ or any other volume.)