Characters and Stuff

Characters and Stuff

The Alliance – The Alliance, is (apparently) allied to “Justice”. This is an alliance between multiple clans all over the nation. The group is currently led by the Dao Emperor, Baek Mu Ryang.

  • Baek Mu Ryang – The Dao Emperor. As one of the three sovereigns, he is one of the strongest swordsmen currently in existence.
  • Yu Sul Bin – A bastard disciple of the Dao Emperor. He was the one who killed Jo Gi Chun. 
  • Sang Guan Jung Dal – The strategist of the Alliance. Seems kind of useless, seeing how he got outwitted by Baek Mu Ryang.
  • Peng Ga Ho – Cho Ryu Hyang’s childhood friend. He is probably on steroids. He is a member of the Hebei Peng Clan.
  • Zhuge Mu Hui – Another practitioner of the Moon Edge Flower Algorithm Magic. He’s using the dumbed-down version of the technique, though, meaning that his depth of understanding for the technique is lower than that of Cho Ryu Hyang.
  • Nangong Yubin – Peng Ga Ho’s friend. He is a genius of the Nangong clan. He thinks of Cho Ryu Hyang as a friend, but that’s just him. He only talked to Cho Ryu Hyang once in his life.

The Dark Moon Guild – The assassin’s guild, basically. It is currently a little bit unstable, because it kept on taking in different guilds under its wing without bothering to stabilize itself.

  • Neng Ha Young – A girl who was trying to take on her father’s mission in order to create the Martial World Sequence Records. She gave up momentarily when she heard a certain story from her grandfather.
  • Neng Pa Chun – Neng Ha Young’s father. He is the one trying to complete the Martial World Sequence Records.
  • Neng Mu Gi – One of the three sovereigns. He is a swordsman stronger than Baek Mu Ryang, but the thing he is known for is his assassination techniques. You can see his power in demonstration when he basically makes himself completely invisible, walks into the main headquarters of the Alliance in broad daylight, and walks back out, completely unscathed.
  • Shi Yup – Neng Mu Gi’s one and only disciple. Is at the harmonious stage. After being released by his teacher, he decides to be Neng Ha Young’s guard.

The Heavenly Demon Church – Undoubtedly the strongest power in the continent. This is the single most terrifying thing under the heavens right now, and everyone fears it. Except for idiots. The believers of the church see the Pope as the representation of god, and worships him.

  • Gongson Chun Gi –  The user of the “Shura Environment”. He is the strongest Pope in the history of the Heavenly Demon Church. The martial arts technique he uses gives him a unique side effect known as the “Berserking Blood Effect”, which makes Gongson Chun Gi go berserk when he uses the “Shura Environment”, and sees blood.
  • Cho Ryu Hyang – A practitioner of the Moon Edge Flower Algorithm Magic, Shura Environment, and the Moon Edge Blade Technique. He is the main character of the story. Currently, he possesses a pair of godly eyes known as the Faultless view of the world, and he has a technique that allows him to manipulate the value of the objects around him, known as the Seizing Conversion Technique.
    • Zhuge Liang – The old man that Cho Ryu Hyang met in the library. Creator of the Moon Edge Flower Algorithm Magic.
    • Ak Jung Pae, the Sword Devil – The creator of the “Moon Edge Blade Technique”. Not much is known about him.
  • Guardian Wu – One of the eight guardians of the church. He is a bulky old man. Not much is known about him at the moment, excluding the fact that he is very, very impulsive. He is, along with Guardian Ju, one of the only people (other than the Pope) to have become a Harmonious expert (Officially, at least).
  • Guardian Ju – One of the eight guardians of the church. A short, thin old man, who is a friend of Guardian Wu. He is, along with Guardian Wu, one of the only people (other than the Pope) to have become a Harmonious expert.
  • Um Seung Do – A member of the Heavenly Demon Church. He is the one that escorts Cho Ryu Hyang and Jo Gi Chun to the Heavenly Demon Church. A peak expert.
  • Sunwu Cho Rin – The psycho of the church. The only thing she likes is Gongson Ahri. 
  • Gongson Ahri – Gongson Chun Gi’s daughter, likes Cho Ryu Hyang. Her mother is a foreigner. 

Nanman Beast Gate – One of the world powers, I suppose. This is a group of people who lives in the Nanman. The people there often worship their king, and is blessed with monstrous talent.

  • Gu Ma Byuk – The king– the god– of the Nanman Beast Gate. Not much is known about this man, other than the fact that he is the father of Gu Hui.
  • Gu Hui – The heir of the Nanman Beast Gate. He possesses talent that is known to be monstrous even in the region. He is unusually smart, contrary to his appearance, and is equally strong.

North Sea Ice Palace – Another one of the world powers. These people live in the North (obviously).

  • Juk Hyul Myung – The greatest disciple in the North Sea Ice Palace. Harmonious expert, a born narcissist.
  • Ju Da Hye – A disciple of the palace. She’s not one of the top disciples, but she IS the only one capable of keeping Chi Xie Ming from loving himself too much.

Dead People – Not much to say about this…. The people here are dead.

  • Jo Gi Chun – A former teacher of Cho Ryu Hyang. Taught Cho Ryu Hyang about formations. He died trying to protect the boy. He was praised as one of the strongest formation experts in the world.

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    1. If you’re reading for the first time, then yeah, it contains spoilers. But as far as readers who read chapters 40+ go, there shouldn’t be any spoilers.


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