Record of a Thousand Lives

The Record of a Thousand Lives

Author: Flatter


   He died because he could not kill ‘him’.

   He lived because he could not kill ‘him’.

   Kang Yoonsoo, who had lived 999 lives by losing to the Demon Emperor.

   Once again, he went back twenty years in time, back to his starting point.

   “I will end this.”

   Either he dies, or ‘he’ dies.

   The thousandth life of a man who has mastered all the skills in the world begins.


Chapter 1. The Thousandth Life

Chapter 2. Self-Defense (1)

Chapter 3. Self-Defense (2)

Chapter 4. Goblin Habitat (1)

Chapter 5. Goblin Habitat (2)

Chapter 6. Necromancer Class Advancement (1)

Chapter 7. Necromancer Class Advancement (2)

Chapter 8. Shard of Strength (1)

Chapter 9. Shard of Strength (2)


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