Teaser projects. If I just feel like translating something other than my main project, I’ll translate a few chapters sometimes and just upload it here. It’s like a side project, but the chapter release dates are kind of random.

The Reaper King (Sajawang)

Author: Lee Dae Sung

Synopsis: A boy who managed to attain the eyes of fate through a deal with the Demon King, Gongson Chun Gi. But the deal came with a heavy cost. Gongs Chun Gi’s resistance against his unfair fate. The king of the dead, the Reaper King, descends into the martial world!
Sajawang Cover

Chapter 1. Siu


Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon

Author: Taegyu (raws)


Synopsis: After taking revenge on the Demonic Alliance, which took away the lives of his family, Heavenly Demon Zhang Hu revives with his memories intact.


Book 1, Prologue

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