Update on Record of A Thousand Lives

tl;dr: RoTL is put on hold, as author removed his work. However, it is for certain the author is going to continue his work.

Alright, so this is my first announcement post. 

I have one bad news, and one good news in my hands. I’ll start with the bad one first.

This happened quite suddenly, which is why I felt that there was a need to post this. I found out just a moment ago that the author of RoTL had made all his work private. What I assume happened was that since the author didn’t really see this as his work (he stated that he wouldn’t recognize the novel as his work as he was unable to finish it), he decided to make the novel private. I messaged him to see if the author could share the raws, but… he told me that since the novel had too many mistakes in his eyes, he decided to take it back and edit it.

Now, we move on to the good news.

Right, the author took back the work, and is currently editing it. Looks like his edits made the story quite different from what it was before, which is why he felt that he was unable to share it to me. From this, I suppose it’s safe to assume… RoTL is coming back, bigger and better. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s hopefully going to be better… I think I’m just going to put the novel translation on hold (since I don’t have access to the raws), and wait for the author to begin reposting the new version of the story. 


I think this actually might call for a celebration. I was pretty sad for a while, since the author had dropped his work… but it’s coming back! Yay!

10 thoughts on “Update on Record of A Thousand Lives

  1. Then it means you’ll be retranslating again the earlier chapters ha !!😄but its find if it’s going to get better. And he allowed you to continue to translate his work. Not like the last time,that really put me down!😢as well as finding out that mahouka koukou’s translation was stop!😢😢why?why?are the good one’s taen from us!😢i almost cried bwhen I read it’s been taken down by the author! That’s all for my rant!😤keep up the good work!and good luck!!

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  2. Oh, thank God! What he has written really was unfinished work; it was the mother of all drafts as opposed to something that ought to be published.

    But man, not many people realize their work sucks. I’m so happy such a talented man is writing. 😛

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