[RATH] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (13)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

7.75 Their Story

[3] The Beginning of a Legend 3








My thoughts stopped due to the voice ringing in my head. Those words eventually converted everything in my head into anger.


I didn’t know what happened, but the battle was now in their favor.


Ten of my comrades sacrificed their lives in order to break the enemy base. But even so, we were being pushed back. One of our summoners tried to fight, but there were still numerous enemies.


Once the base was destroyed, the students of Arucia stopped defending and began to fight back.


And I couldn’t beat something like that. With my state like this, I couldn’t ever fight.


And at that moment, I learned something.


“Impossible? What’s that? Can you eat it?”


-Are you mad?


I called the god that I was contracted with. But the god seemed quite skeptical.


-No way you can beat them. The ones fighting right now are pretty damn strong for their age. They probably can hold their own against newbie knights, actually. Plus, most of the guys that were in the castle are still fine? Most of our people are knocked out as well. And then there’s that black dude… haven’t seen him in several thousand years. The elemental burst, too, wasn’t something that I haven’t seen ever in my life? You guys did enough?


Right. We did enough. We’ve never seen three schools get into an alliance, and we’ve never seen just thirteen people break such an alliance.




“You see, Loki. The thing about tricksters are.”


-Hm? What are you talking about.


Loki became confused when he heard his nickname, but I didn’t respond.


“Just shut up and listen. Tricksters are people who don’t give a damn about the order of the world, or morality.”


A normie would not put his life on the line to peek at a woman’s baths. A normie would not stay up for days trying to find a way to get into the girl’s locker room. This would be a morally wrong thing to do, and it’s also something that would justify getting someone arrested.


“But these people don’t get the title of a ‘trickster’ from doing that.”


-Well, that’s because they’re perverts, not tricksters.


“That’s right.”


The people who just peep into women’s baths are perverts. Those who peep into the locker rooms are also perverts. Right. They were all just perverts.


“But I am called a trickster.”


I am not called a pervert. Even women call me a trickster behind my back.


“That’s what a trickster is. They are intelligent, elaborate, and cunning. They create chaos. They always play tricks, and make things harder for everyone. They are the symbols of change and rebellion.”


Right. Because of this.


“Doesn’t it only make sense that I manage to win in a situation like this?”


Loki did not smile at my insane grin.


-Child, you are one who calls himself a trickster to me, who is the only one in the heavenly realm with such a title. To you, I will teach you one thing.


“What is it?”


I wasn’t at all surprised at Loki’s sudden turn of seriousness. In fact, it just made my grin wider.


-Child, it seems that you humans call the strongest form of using a god’s power as “possession.” But the thing is, we are already in that state. We enter that state once we form a contract with you. Possession really isn’t much. It’s just something that you think of as an amazing thing, which limits you from using it. In fact, it’s just something that you can use as long as you wish to use it. So in other words.


Loki made a grin that was just like mine.


-If you truly are the one who is worthy of being called a trickster, then use it. Use my power to the fullest.


When I heard, no, saw his smile, I understood. I understood the foundation of Loki’s power, and the immenseness of it itself.


The scythe of chaos appeared in my hand. The boots of speed appeared on my feet. The mask of the joker appeared on my face.


There was no need to wish for strength. After all, it was mine from the start.


There was no need to wish for weapons. After all, it was mine from the beginning.


It didn’t matter who the enemy was. He was Loki, and Loki was him.


“Now then, shall we dance?”


-Now then, shall we dance?


When the two became one, a legend began.

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  1. thanks!
    wow?! it went back to ricen?! ahh, i really like the relationship between ricen and loki, so nice!! yes, yes! time to win! down with nerkia!! defeat the strongest in all the schools!

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    Aww tyvm for the releases I wouldve commented on all but was in a rush to gorge on the chapter feast!

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  3. Its pretty much Ragnarok now.
    One of the Seven Deadly Sins Wrath Joined the Fray.
    One the Gods of Norse Mythology Loki Joined the Fray Probably summoning his 3 no 4 children.
    Whats next? Nicerwin’s Deamonic Metal Bat?

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  4. Seeing the bulk of releases really made my day~ Also seeing everyone join together all because one of their comrades was able to get 4 girlfriends was even more beautiful, I don’t know if the tears in my eyes are from reading such a beautiful event or from laughing too much

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  5. This kind of “breakthrough at the end of despair, light at the end of unnle” feeling with power…. And it happens because your friend got girlfriends before you…….this novel is a fucking masterpiece……

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