[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (9)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

7.5 Their Story.

[2] Ria El Nermia’s Story


“A collaboration, is it?”


I became a little confused when I heard the president’s words through the communication orb.


The message I got was simple.


I was told to take care of the students of Yugrasia with Arucia’s help.


Was it because Aris managed to keep most of her students safe? Even so, I couldn’t understand the need to work together with Arucia.


No, before that.


“How in the world did they manage to capture that Elemental Core?”


Nerkia Nes Leria.


Despite having been born from a low-ranking noble family, he managed to garner the respect of everyone in his school.


He was an enemy that was extremely difficult to fight, due to his use of numerous low-ranked and high-ranked elementals.


Arucia managed to capture someone like that? Honestly, I couldn’t imagine anyone but me being able to capture him.


-We don’t know how they achieved this. But, the important thing here is that one of the rescue members from Yugrasia is Ricen di Roa.


“The trickster, is it?”


Ricen di Roa, the trickster. He was a person who managed to contract a god.


It seemed that the synergy that he shared with his current council president was immense. The Elemental Core who was a powerful strategist, and the trickster, who was skilled in creating variables. It could even be said that the reason Yugrasia didn’t fall till now was because of these two. Plus, this was all before the man even formed a contract with a god.


“Bahaha! Doesn’t this sound fun?”


Sutr said this next to me. He seemed happy to be out after so long, and managed to laugh at just about anything.


“Can you fight it?”

“Demons were made to fight gods since creation.”

-If we manage to neutralize the rescue force, the people of Yugrasia we’ll need to deal with would go down to just ten people. So please… Nermia… no, Ria.


I nodded.


“Let’s go, Sutr.”


Shuffle, shuffle.


Sutr made his move with his unusually quiet footsteps.


“By the way, have you taken a liking to my shoulder or something?”

“Nah, just too lazy to move.”


Sutr seemed to be a little bored of just walking, for him to ask this question. His shoulders are unexpectedly comfortable to sit on, so I did just that. I trained hard after meeting the instructor… no, my teacher, but according to the teacher inside me, I was still just a couch potato. I must still have the characteristics of a mage in my blood.






I frowned as I heard the explosion in the distance. As expected of Yugrasia, they attacked much faster than I thought.





The moment the giant began to run, everything in front of me instantly moved to my back. Sutr’s speed was nothing like what his size might suggest. He could probably outrun a high-class wind elemental in an instant.


And once we neared the half-destroyed base in front of us.




“Sutr! Release!”



The moment I jumped off of Sutr’s shoulder, I released one of the chains that bound Sutr’s energy.


I could see a shadow resembling an wolf charge towards the roaring giant.




The wolf that not even Sutr could handle easily. I frowned once Sutr said the wolf’s name out aloud.


“Demon wolf Fenrir?”


Fenrir. The demon that was said to have devoured a god.


It was a demon that resembled a giant wolf, and one that was often called the staff of destruction. It was a demon that could even fight Sutr one on one.


“Damn it, it’s not the real thing, but… be careful!”


I quickly got out of the location I was in, and… I found a joker holding a black scythe standing there.


“Was this caused by you?”


Strong. I could see this the moment I set my eyes on him. He was a person shrouded in immense darkness. For the first time, as I stared into his eyes, I felt that I might lose.




The man said this to me coldly.


-Sutr, this is…

-Right. It’s Loki.


There were many types of summoning.


There was a summoner who used an army of summons. There was a summoner that used a single summon. A summoner that used elementals. A summoner that used demons. A summoner that used gods. They were all beings that were stronger than men.


A normal summoner would use but a fraction of a god’s power in battle. But right now, the man in front of me was completely merged with the god, meaning that he had both the god’s power and memories.


-Loki’s powers are?

-Ah, that scythe that can shapeshift into just about anything is annoying in itself, but the one thing that’s most annoying is his power.

-What are they?

-There’s too many. Teleportation, earthquakes, and the power to call his three children. I can handle one of his children, but two would be a bit difficult. And… if all three were called, I could lose.


Loki’s children.


The god-eating wolf, Fenrir. Jormungandr, the world snake. And lastly, the goddess of the underworld, Hel.


Each and every one of them were immensely powerful. Even if Loki did not call upon the three of them, being able to use their powers would be very difficult.


-And since Loki was the one who provided many gods with their weapons, he should be able to use them.

-Isn’t that cheating…?

-But so far as I know, only a select few ever contracted Loki. And a person who managed to be able to merge completely with him… I’ve never seen one come out in all of history.


“Storage activate.”


I activated my storage ring. Two daggers came out of the ring.




I strengthened my body as much as I could.


“Sutr, full release.”



I released all the chains that held Sutr back. This was me at my current best.


Then, I smiled as best I could do the man in front of me.


“If I don’t want to move?”


My eyes met with the man’s. At the same time, a sharp, fragile branch came out of his hand.


“The hell? Is that the Mistilteinn? Is he crazy? I thought this was a friendly competition?”

-That’s a god-killing weapon! You’ll die if you get hit!



The man made a throwing motion with the branch in his hand. But I wasn’t afraid. In fact, my body relaxed as I once again neared the border between life and death.


-I’ll die if I get hit? Then I just have to dodge, right?

-You idiot!


I lifted the two swords in my hand, and straightened my posture. I’ll dodge as soon as he throws, and… slice.




The Mistilteinn escaped the man’s hands. At the same time, I ran forward. But then…


‘He threw it somewhere else?’


I could understand what he was doing once the man spoke.


“You damn couples!”


Right. The person he was aiming at wasn’t me, but… the person behind me!


I turned to look at Mistilteinn’s target. When I did, my feet stopped in its tracks.




I could only question the current situation.


This was because.


This was beacause the god-killing weapon was aimed at the student council president of Yugrasia himself.

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