[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (8)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 



“There’s… there’s simply no way!”


The vice-president looked forth at me with reddened eyes. Good. It seems that the president and vice-president of the school bonded quite we…


“To think he’d get a girl before me!”


Bonded quite well my ass. This is Yugrasia, after all.


During the competition, it became impossible for professors to talk to students, due to security reasons. Of course, it was possible for them to communicate with each other during 1:1 battles, but since all the other competitions were broadcast real-time, communication during those times were forbidden. But in battles like “Capture the Flag” or “Position Warfare”, it was possible for the professors to interfere up to three times.


Of course, it was forbidden to share confidential information, but since it was a student that was contacting me, a communication was able to be established. If a different school’s council president got kidnapped, they wouldn’t have gotten the permission for communication.


In any case.


“How did you not realize that he might have a girlfriend?”


The vice president widened his eyes, and shouted.


“Because it’s him we’re talking about!!”


Mm… what the. I almost got persuaded by him. No no, hold on.


“Get rid of that type of reasoning. Think carefully. That man is actually reasonably handsome if you think about it.”

“….Nn? You’re right?”


I don’t really want to put it like this, but becoming the council president pretty much meant that the person won a popular vote. Of course, it’s not really the same as voting for the one person who spent the most money in the class during school, but it did factor in hugely. And the current president of the school was a result of a combination of money, looks, and talent.


“Even though he looks like that, he has the talent.”


Though the man was quite strange, though the man was from a lower-class noble family, he managed to become the president. He truly was a dragon that managed to climb out of a tiny well, and he was also someone that the summoner’s alliance and the military wanted very much.


He also happened to be the person with the title of “Elemental Core (The Elemental Army)”, which happened to be somewhat cringey and somewhat cool at the same time. In any case, he was one of the few representatives of the school.

Since the outside doesn’t know of what happens in the inside of the school, the man seemed to be quite popular.


“He does possess all the qualities. After all, he performed outstandingly in the last two festivals as well.”


The vice president nodded.


“All the more reason to kill him, then.”


Ah, so he’s trying to kill the president. It feels like the reason for murder bordered more on betraying the solo relationship they shared rather than betraying the school, but let’s ignore that.


“I thought he’d be my eternal friend… I thought he’d be my brother forever!!”


Why is it that I’m starting to see a black aura rise out of the vice president? No, before that, couldn’t he just go get a girlfriend instead of treating his lifelong friend like someone who just killed his mother?


“So, what are you planning on doing?”

“We’ll kill him.”


The people behind the vice president nodded. Hold on, you guys who just nodded… aren’t you all men? Were you guys the solo alliance or something?! The people behind them looked at the group with disgusted faces, but the boys who nodded didn’t seem to be concerned whatsoever. Yeah, that’s why you guys don’t have girlfriends.


-You’re solo as well, though.


Shut the hell up. I just chose not to get in a relationship. After all, family is all but a burden for a villain. Of course, heroes are ok to get in relationships. After all, no villain would want to level up a hero by killing their loved ones.

Ah, now that I look at it, this is super unfair. The hero gets to kill as many of us as he likes, but if we touch just one of his friends, he would destroy absolutely everything.


“The enemy is Arucia. Marcis would probably attack us as well if they see the chance.”


My mouth is saying the opposite of my thoughts. Truly, this is the greatest ability a villain can attain. The ability to lie naturally really is useful!


“It’s fine. We’ll be enough to… take care of that man.”


Some twelve black things appeared from the vice president’s back. What the? Are they supposed to be assassins or something? Why can’t I see their faces?!


“What the hell… are those?”

“We are brothers that promised to make girlfriends at the same time in the past!”


Wow, what a useless promise. No, before that, you guys would never get a girlfriend at that rate?


“What do you think you can do with just twelve people?”

“We can kill the president.”

“Your enemies?”

“The only enemy we have is the president!”




The people behind the vice president all shouted in unison.


“…Did you forget that we’re still in the middle of the festival?”

“Doesn’t matter.”


Even though he looks like that, the vice president was someone who contracted a god. He might be weaker than Aris, but he still was extremely powerful. After all, he was contracted with the trickster Loki, who always had the potential to become a joker card at the most crucial of times.




“Professor Nicerwin!”


The man had confidence in his eyes.


“As a man… as a man!”


His aura was beginning to extend itself from the screen, all the way to my location.


“As a man, I have learned that sometimes, I need to stand in battles that I know I would die in!”


He resembled the three hundred Spartan soldiers that went to battle the Persians that numbered up to a million.

The vice president, along with the men behind him, emit an aura that could not be ignored.


The vice president, for the first time, looked at me with a serious, determined face.


“Now is that time.”


The students all held their breath. That aura of theirs was exuding with absolute power. Right. Victory is important. But sometimes, there are things that men must do despite knowing that they’d lose.


“Fine, you may go.”


All of my instincts told me that they’d lose. But looking at them, I could feel it. I trusted that these men would be able to accomplish anything with the passion of theirs!


“Then… we shall be going.”

“Good luck.”


Like a brave general charging to his last battle, the men all bowed their heads, and silently exit the area.


Their aura caused the students around them to open up a path for them.

And once these men exit the area completely, the second vice president of the student council, Kaan, asked me a question.


“Professor! Is it really alright to send them off like that?”


I nodded at her question. I… I can trust them!


“Ricen managed to become serious with me. And even if he looks like that, he’s contracted to a god. Believe him…”


Kaan only managed to pale after hearing this.


“But… but! That face of his! I have seen it already in the past!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Two years ago, during the freshmen retreat! That face of his is identical to the one he showed when he spoke of sneaking into the girl’s bath!”


I reached a conclusion immediately after hearing this.



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  1. thanks!
    lol, it was cool up until the last part! who am i kidding, the reason they wanted to kill the president was because of solo! ahaha! we—ll, we know they’ll win, so it’s ok!

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  2. This novel really like to suddenly spout names to which will confuse its readers with and now that I think about it, isn’t the character description non-existent in this novel? The description for the character is basically like this “silver hair/older/younger/red hair”, the author really needs to stop being lazy and skipping this important parts.


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