[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (10)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

The student council.


The one group that ranked amongst the highest in terms of stupidity in my eyes.


But outside the school itself, the value of the student council was high.

It was a team that was lead by the Elemental Core, and contained the Trickster, Empress of Earth, Soul Hunter, Princess of The Sky, Phantom Evil, etc. Every one of them were summoners who proved their worth in various competitions in the past.


And the one who was said to be the strangest member out of the entire council could be said to be the vice president, Ricen Di Roa.

He was a person who did his title of the Trickster proud. In other words, he was the cause of most of the problems in the school before I had come to the school. If I were to explain it simply:


He’s just a pervert.

And a solo at that.


I remember the time when he first summoned the god who had the same title as he.


-Are you the one that called me?


The boy answered Loki, who was looking up at him whilst lying down, with this:


“According to this professor… you possess the ability to change into anything. Is that right?”

-What the, you aren’t even being slightly respectful? I may look like this, but I’m still a god…

“Answer me! This is important!”


He looked at Loki with a serious face.


…Ah, come to think of it, this son of a bitch used that serious face at the time, huh.

-Well… I can?


Loki answered with a bored, uninterested tone. And Ricen, after hearing this, spoke. He said something similar to what Kaan had told me a while back.


“Then… then!”


His face was more serious than ever.


“With your ability… would I be able to peek into the forbidden area, the women’s baths?!”


It was almost as if he was proving to the world that he was crazy.




Loki’s eyes widened as he heard something that he had never heard come out of any summoner’s mouth in the past.


“Now, Trickster Loki! Form a contract with me! If I can just step into the forbidden land, you may even take my soul!”

“You bastard!”


I had told him not to put down his soul as a price, but he was doing it just to get into the women’s baths!


-Pu… puhahahahah!


Loki burst out into laughter. The domineering aura in his eyes had disappeared.


-Women’s bath… Right, if you’re a man, you need to have at least that much courage puhahahah..


Loki was rolling on the floor laughing. It almost seemed like he didn’t even care about his position as a god.


“Ahh… yes. That Avalon is… a man’s… a warrior’s dream.”


Loki grinned as he looked at Ricen’s face.


-To think you’d make me laugh like this… fine, I’ll form a contract with you. But I am a god. I have no need for souls. But. I want just one thing. Entertain me. There’s no need for me to do anything if what you do is boring.

“Ah… if that’s what you want, I’ll give you plenty of it. Did you know? My nickname’s ‘trickster’ as well.”

-Puhahaha! As I thought, humans are fun! Nowadays, they had only been asking me to make them into an emperor, or whatnot, but man! Right, I shall grant you your wish! I shall show you Avalon!


After this day, the staff members of the festival, along with teachers from different schools, came together to form a plan to stop this man.


This might seem like a funny story from the past, but this was the kid who didn’t even use Loki when trying to run away from school! To think he’d call Loki just because the president got a girlfriend!


-We’re here.


It was an impossibly fast speed. This was one of Loki’s abilities, the “Boots of Loki”. While it didn’t grant its user a speed that was almost like teleportation like it did in the legends, it was still extremely hard to catch up to unless one was contracted to Hermes.

At the same time, a darkness began to spread… no, it just looked like darkness, it was actually the twelve psychopaths behind the vice president.


The fortress in front of them was the place that Arucia used as their HQ during the festival. While it looked simple and weak from the outside, it was actually fully armed, and ready to fight.


In other words, this was the enemy’s base.


Normally, one would try to negotiate before fighting, but.


-Kill ‘em.


Thought so. Those things aren’t human. They’re just murder weapons set on destroying all couples.


At the same time, they were elite summoners.


-Master, master, could it be that summoners get stronger the crazier they become?


Arcadia asked me this with a curious voice, after taking a look at the kid that contracted Loki.


“Hm? What is it?”



I turned to the two strongest people in the school next to me. Professor Muam looked back at me with a curious face, and professor Harian just laughed at the screen in front of her.


-Yeah, you might be right.


I think I might create a new research paper that states how certain summoned beasts can be attracted to perverts. Well, the Summoner’s Alliance would probably do everything to stop me from publishing the thing, though.

In the video was an extreme display of a flame barrage. The barrage of fire bombs that seemed to burn the sky itself was shaking the walls of the fortress in front of them, and the spears that sprouted out of the earth rammed the gates continuously.


The cost for responding to the attack far too late was great. Arucia was a Knight School. Even experienced knights get confused by ranged attacks. Of course, this meant that the student knights were unable to deal with the attacks effectively.


But. In just a second. All attacks were stopped by something.


“…He became a hostage, and now he’s helping the enemy?”

-He went crazy for women.


A giant phoenix. A blue whale. A green wolf. And lastly, a brown cat. Each and every one of them were powerful beasts, and around these beasts were countless lights. And atop the walls, there was he.


His clothes flapped lightly in the wind. The one who was looking downwards from the wall was the student council president of Yugrasia, and the man who betrayed the school for a woman. But for some reason, this Nerkia looked cooler than ever.


“He looks pretty nice.”


All the professors nodded after hearing Muam’s comment. Unlike other summoners who fight using only one or two high-class summoned beasts, Nerkia contracted a handful of high-class summoned beasts.


Due to this, he was able to do just about anything.


But if we were to look at this badly, he was very close to being a jack of all trades. Controlling all that power was difficult, and his power output could only be weaker as a result.

I had asked him why he battled like this in the past, and he responded as such:


“I don’t have much talent. That’s why I need to form a contract whenever somebody says he’d make one with me.”


While his talent as a summoner was pretty good compared to a normal person, his talent among summoner nobles was average at best.

That’s why he did what he did.


But unlike his talent as a summoner, he seemed to have another talent that he was better at. That’s what he was showcasing right now. He might be one of the famous idiots in the school, but… at this moment, no one could refute his title as the “Elemental Core”.


“Did it end?”


The gates opened, and the students of Arucia all began to come out. At this point, I had given up.


While it wouldn’t be good to call all of them first-rate knights, they were still extremely strong.


If these people were to get into a close-range battle, Yugrasia stood no chance. This was why the students of our school needed to damage the enemy as much as possible with long-range attacks.


But the fortress did not allow that to happen.


And as I had expected, the students of Yugrasia began falling one by one, despite Ricen’s desperate fight.

Right before everything ended, though.

Something that even I did not expect happened. Something that would rock the world of summoning itself was about to happen.

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  1. thanks a lot!
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