[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (7)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end. 

“Ho… hoho…”


Professor Harian thought as he supported his body with a giant staff.


‘To think I’d be like this even after taking out Yggdrasil’s staff…’


The staff that was said to be made from the world tree, Yggdrasil. The cases where he lost even with this staff could be counted in just one hand. After all, not only was she a god-level summoner, she was also a half-elf descended from high elves.


She possessed more talent in summoning than anyone else, and she used that talent well. Because of that, she was able to summon a god, and was able to get where she was now even with that strange personality of hers. But.


“You’ve worked hard.”


Nerkia said this as he fixed his red hair. Behind him were warriors who were letting out an unimaginable amount of fighting aura.


“Right… we lost.”


On one side of the room was professor Maroon and Arhan, and professor Muam was roaming the room unconsciously on his blob of water. Professor Harian had to admit defeat after seeing this.


The day before vacation ended, they lost.



“…We just overcame death, that’s all.”

“…You probably wouldn’t have been able to do it if I went all out?”

“So you weren’t going all out at the end?”

“Ha… hahah, right, right! I was serious by the end. After all, I haven’t taken this staff out for battle in two decades. I thought I might’ve gone too far, but to think that you’d live. How amazing.”


She nodded vigorously with a giant grin on her face. Right, this wasn’t the case in the beginning, but starting last week, the group of professors began to feel a little pressured. And today, they were forced to go all out.


“How did you… manage to get that strong?”


She asked this while desperately fighting off sleep. She wanted to get unconscious like the others as well, but she needed an answer before that.


“At first… it was because of getting rid of after school study time. But the reason for fighting soon changed. Our juniors fought in front of us, and made a path for us. Once we emptied our minds, got rid of our goal, and strove for victory… we were able to become who we are now.”

“Freedom from all thoughts and ideas? Haha, what’s this, you already became that strong?”


When she began to fall down, a student quickly grabbed her.


“Haha… what the, getting hugged by a younger man is.. awe…some…”

“She never changes, does she.”

“Well, that’s what makes her so… er, never mind, there’s nothing really good about her.”

“Well… even so, it was a fun fight.”


The students said this as they watched the sleeping teachers.

And! For the first time in two months, no, for the first time since Naruan came in this school! They opened the front gate in their own power!


“Comrades, help out those who cannot move by themselves. But let them walk. Let them walk out with their own power!”

Nerkia shouted this at the front gates as he looked behind himself.

“Watch, feel, and walk! This is the path we’ve paved for ourselves!”




Nerkia turned back to the front gates, and shouted.


“This is… our victory!”


* * *


“This is… our victory!”


“They became really strange, master.”



Naruan, who was looking at the students from the library, nodded in agreement.


“But why didn’t you send me out? My body’s begging to fight!”

“I feel like they’d lose all sense of hope if you go out?”

“Hnng… being too strong is a sin as well… in any case, what will you do with them now? I don’t think you’d be able to control them.”

“I’ll just try to persuade them a bit, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to go.”

“Hahn, to think you’d send a young girl like me to fight those people… you’re mean.”

“Saying that with an expectant face kind of makes you very unconvincing, you know?”


Naruan sighed as he watched Arcadia.


“So we just have a month left, huh.”


School would start again the next day. Normally, schools would prepare for the Empire’s festival after vacation, but since all three events were taking place at once, they’d probably use all that time teaching.


“No, there’s nothing more to teach them, is there?”


Naruan wondered if he should change his plan, as the students grew much faster than he had expected, but gave up on it.


“Well, all will be settled in ten days.”


This event, which would start with the festival, would continue onto the sports competition, then the cultural fest. The first event would take up four days, the second would take up one, and the last event would take up three days. Each event had a single rest day in between each other, meaning that a total of ten days would be spent.


The empire’s festival would be handled by the empire itself, and the sports competition, along with the cultural festival, would be handled by the schools.


“Well, winning the cultural festival is pretty much in the bag, at least.”


Naruan was sure of having Yugrasia win in the cultural festival. No matter how strong Arcia was, Yugrasia was sure to win. After all, they had prepared something entirely new!

“Victory… is ours.”

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