[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (8)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (8)

6.25 Their Story.


[2] Some people’s agreement.


“Is this the real map?”

“Well, have you ever seen us lie to you?”


The woman who was looking over the map grinned.


“Impressive. You made a map this big in such a short time.”

“It wasn’t that short a time, but it did take up quite a lot of cash. Mm… Honestly, this is a little too big of a request for just a single person. That guy doesn’t have limits on money, after all. Safety is best, he says.”

“Hm, he did save my life a few times thanks to that.”

“…Those eyes aren’t that of a person who got saved by someone?”


The small man looked up at the woman suspiciously, and gulped down the tea in front of him in one breath.


“The man’s the saviour of our town. This might be a fair trade, but if you harm him even a little bit, you’d be making an enemy out of our entire species.”

“Ahh, I have no intentions of doing anything like that. It’s just… he saved my life, so now he has to take responsibility?”


“In other words… take responsibility for taking away a girl’s heart?”

“…That just makes it all the more confusing.”

“Just think of it as me taking good care of him.”

“…That man won’t be willing to be ‘taken care of’.”

“That’s what makes this all the more fun.”


The man sighed.


“Hah… I’m not sure if I’m even doing a good thing here.”

“He’s going to be happy, and I’m going to be happy. And my subordinates in the continent are going to be happy as well. Everyone’s going to be happy, so don’t try to delve into this all too much.”

“…I don’t understand why he’s trying to run like no tomorrow from you.”

“Mm… he’s shy?”


This time, the man made a truly dumbfounded face. That face soon changed into something of mock admiration.


“Well, looks like you wouldn’t listen no matter what I say. Send the money to our town.”

“Alright. You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll send the Mistein to the town as promised. I’ll send other precious metals in the future.”

“And in turn, we’ll provide you with weapons and armor. As you know, us dwarves don’t go back on our promise.”


The man’s height didn’t change much, even when he stood up. But the densely-packed muscles on his body despite the height seemed to prove that he indeed was a dwarf.


“The man is a VIP. Treat him well.”



When she said this, a man whose black clothes seemed to scream “I’m an assassin!” appeared, and disappeared.


“Hmm~ to think he’d be so close to me. Ah, I must’ve been an idiot. I forgot he was like that.”


She gripped her pen so that she could start writing letters to her subordinates abroad trying to find him, then turned to the map again.


“Right… he’s really close. Well… this time, I’ll spend some time on this. It’d be wasteful if I lose him again?”


After trembling in pleasure for a second, the woman made a demonic smile on her face.



13 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (8)

      1. It’s the Princess. She’s even mentions Mistein which was divided 5:3:2 (the 5 & 2 went into making Arcadia while the 3 went to the Princess.)


  1. This is so confusing; “He’s a VIP, treat her well”. WTF? Also in the last chapter, a character is referred to as “he, he, she, she, she” ffs is it a he or a she? I’m so confused


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