[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (6)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end.

6.25 Their Story.

[1] Ria El Nermia


“We must beat Arucia and Mercaria and prove that Marcis is the best!”


Everyone quietly nodded at the council president’s words. And then…


“Why not Yugrasia?”


When one of the students asked this question, the council president answered it in an obvious tone.


“Because they are weak, Ria.”


Marcis was the school that had the least amount of segregation between nobles and commoners. It was a school that praised talent, and as most of the students came in at a young age, they all knew each other well. Thanks to this, the students here were able to collaborate well with each other.


Even so, these people treated me carefully. Perhaps it was because my grandfather was the leader of an entire wizard’s tower.


I would’ve been discomforted by something like this in the past, but things were different now.


My honourable teacher from the not-far-off-past told me this once.


“Those who honor you, fear you, and are cautious of you. Use them well. They will abandon you anyway once they find that what they found honourable or fearful in your character disappeared, so exploit them as much as you can while they still follow you.”


Right. They only treated me well because of my grandfather, as well as my family. If it wasn’t for that, they’d ignore me completely. If so, I need to use them while I still can.


“But it looks like a lot changed for them this year?”


I sent out opposing words to the president immediately. Normally, it wouldn’t look good for a new student to question a senior like this, but Marcis was different.


“Well, including Nicerwin, a bunch of famous teachers entered the school, but… it’s impossible to change anything in just half a year. Only the third years pose a real threat to us.”

“…No, that might not be the case.”


It didn’t even take a year, no, even a month till my worldview got completely shattered after meeting my teacher.


And on that orientation day, I felt it. I felt fear from Nicerwin. My body instinctively told me that I mustn’t go to Yugrasia.


“They already have three students with god-ranked beasts. One of them is contracted with Athena. The goddess of strategy and war. The other is contracted with the greatest trickster, Loki. As you know, the potential for Loki is immeasurable. Based on how one uses it, it’s possible to bring out a demon that is as strong as my summon.”

“…Godly beasts are indeed very dangerous in group fights. No, even high-class elementals or summons are dangerous. But, we have powerful summons as well.”


Most summoners were wizards. As most of them used their summons in the front lines, and supported at the back, it was better for them to learn magic.


But, if taken in a different way, it could be said that most wizards knew a little bit of summoning magic! As it was far easier to summon a few weak summons instead of casting multiple spells, most wizards knew how to form a contract with a weak summon.


After all, even my teacher decided to make me contract Sutr as a wizard, not a summoner.


“But we can’t win against them with just summoned beasts.”

“We don’t have to. We’re wizards.”


He was right. We were wizards, and therefor we were always above summoners. But… I still didn’t feel good about this.


“I still have a bad feeling about this.”


“Yes, instinct.”

“Then… we may have to spy on them at some point.”

“We can do that?”


The president nodded. Spying was a normal task during vacations, and most schools usually showed off their skills the most during that point to intimidate the opponents.


We soon decided to visit Yugrasia with a few students who were interested in summoning magic.


And there, we saw.




We saw a girl in holy armor, charging forward with a golden spear in hand. Behind her, we saw an army of summoned beasts, elementals, and students.


The scene almost seemed to be something that came straight out of a painting.


And, we saw.


“Kyakyakyakya! Come! Come!”

“Come on in, cuties!”


We saw a giant of water whose majesty left us breathless, and a noble god surrounded by the gentle wind. We also saw the little kids controlling them.


The girl’s spear was unable to pierce through the wall of wind, and got struck away by the wall of water. This was the same for the students behind her.


“Not yet! It’s not over yet!”


When one of the students stood back up saying this, the others stood up with him.


And after seeing this, one of our students whispered something that we agreed with one hundred per cent.


“…What the, scary…”


The students who constantly summoned their beasts to fight against the 10-year old children wielding gods.


In a situation like this, I could only think of one thing.




“Quick… Run!”


I ran out after saying this. The other students immediately began following behind.


My head was constantly shooting out warnings, and my instincts were telling me to run. And once I came back to the school, I told the president this.


“We’d be better off not touching Yugrasia.”


Unfortunately… my suggestion was denied.

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