[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (5)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end. 

I say this again, but in this world, a summoned beast loses a majority of their power when it gets summoned.


Even though this is the case, the power of the elemental king or a god is still immense.


This was the biggest reason why Muam and Harian decided not to participate in all the battles. After all, the damages they would cause would be astronomical.




“We only want victory. Get as wild as you want, we just want a solid win.”


The two professors immediately jumped out of their seats and went out to fight. Just how much had they been ignored all this time?! Simply because of the fact that they were far too powerful, they had been unable to fight, and this caused the students to ignore them for the most part. And recently it felt like even the faculty was beginning to ignore them!


This feeling of theirs was part of the reason why they were both going all out in the first place.


“T, the hell?!”


Nerkia was, well, dying. Figuratively, of course.


Water, when it came to destructiveness, was the weakest out of the four elements.

It didn’t have the violent strength of fire, nor did it have the sharpness that the wind possessed. It didn’t contain the heaviness that innately lay within earth either.


But, if the elemental wielding water was of a king-class, the story was different!


The ability to control water pressure could make water even more violent than fire, even sharper than the wind, and even heavier than the earth. And!


“Are you trying to drown us all?!”


The water had begun flooding the room, and it had already reached the students’ hips.


“Hohoho, you guys should be able to survive. About 11 minutes, I reckon?”

“Where in the world did you come up with that number?! How can humans even hold their breath for 11 minutes?!”

“Hoho, the fact that those people can exist is one of the greatest wonders of this world.”


What professor Muam did after summoning the elemental king wasn’t much. He just created water.


But, this water was enough to destroy all the earthen barriers and the towering walls of wind that the students had created all by itself.


“Um, professor, the nurse’s office, the guest room, and the disciplinary officer’s office are all in the first floor. The nurse’s office and the guest room shouldn’t have anyone right now, but the disciplinary officer…”

“Ah, that’s fine. Professor Nicerwin already moved all the important documents and such to the library before all this.”

“That means…”

“Haha, that’s right. He told me to go wild.”

“…Could it be, professor Harian as well?”

“That fellow went upstairs. Wanted to see the child who made a contract with Athena. After all, her summon is from the same neighborhood as the kid’s.”




As Muam finished speaking, a loud bang resounded from above. Both Muam and Harian were members of a group that was able to rival the elders of the Association, the Four Mad Elders! It was the group that the Association commonly referred to as the unstoppable monsters.


The peculiar thing about the Four Mad Elders was that, disregarding their peculiar personalities, they were all non-humans, and all of them seemed young and innocent.


In other words, this seemingly innocent hobbit right here was one of the craziest officials from the Summoner’s Association. This was reason enough for the Association to send such a powerful summoner to a school like this.


“Um, in any case. We might be in danger as well.”


The water had already reached the necks of the faculty by this time. The shorter students should’ve drowned a long time ago, but thanks to the pedestals that Nerkia created, they were barely getting by.


“Isn’t the school council president pretty good? Normally, making pedestals like this would raise the water level significantly, but to think the boy would hollow out the pedestals to let the water in. As I thought, the third years of this school are quite smart. Harian said that he wanted to teach the first years upstairs, but the experienced children are always funner to play with.”


Even Arhan felt a chill run down his spine as he watched professor Muam let out an evil laugh.


‘Well, he probably won’t kill them.’


The professors all thought this as they made the same pedestals as the ones that Nerkia made.


On the other hand.


“Hihihihi! As I thought, young’uns are the best!”

“D, damn it! Someone break that thing! Kya! Who, who touched my legs?”


Harian was looking at the students with a fond face, but the students themselves were all dying inside. The seemingly soft wind that Harian created had turned into an invisible wall, and this wall was currently driving all the students to the end of the corridor.


‘Kuh… T, the smell…’

‘So this is what a woman smells like!’

‘I… I like dis…’


Only the male students were benefiting from all this.


The struggle to get away had soon turned into a joyous struggle for the boys, and the girls, who realized this almost instinctively, tried to get away as if they were trying to run from a pile of bugs.


“You beasts, stop it!”

“You guys are all dead when we get out!”

“P, pervert! There’s a pervert here!”


When a deep voice suddenly came out screaming from a hoard of high-pitched voices, everyone turned to look at the source of it. One of the most popular male student in the second years was quickly turning pale as everyone stared at him.


“Ah, if it’s Rahk…”

“I’m jealous… I’m fine with a pervert, I just want girl near me…”

“Tch, what a bastard…”


All the male students looked at Rahk with jealous eyes, but Rahk simply turned paler as he shouted at the students.


“Who said it was… a girl? That pervert… is a guy!”




At this moment, a silent scream came out of all the male students as they all paled.


-Break the wall!



Professor Harian looked at the boys pushing the wall back with brute force, and widened her eyes.


“Aren’t they cute? This is why I like children.”

-Well, if you say it while looking like that…


Harian, a half-elf, was already over a hundred years old. But in reality, she was still a developing girl. As a girl who looked to be 12 years old, saying something like that to people who looked far older than her was quite peculiar.


“I’m telling you, it’s better this way. If I looked like an old woman, I’d be marked as a pedophile, but like this, the children would instead be the ones to be marked as pedos.”

-Pedos, you say…


Aeolus, the god that Harian had formed a contract with, desperately wanted to annul his contract. He was happy to contract a half-elf who had a natural talent for the wind element at first, but his feelings had turned into that of regret after a long time.


To think his great power of the wind would just be used to annoy students like this! What in the world was this supposed to be?!


“Mn? Mr. Aeolus? We’re being pushed back? If I get beat by students, my reputation would take a big hit, you know?”



“Hmph, you’ve become meaner. Did you get jealous because I pay more attention to the students now? Is that it?”

-…Can we just end this quick?


The soft wind immediately turned into a raging gale. The students began to get pushed back yet again!


“Geh! S, someone touched my butt!”

“M, me too!”

“Hyaaa! Help me!”

“Y, you demons!”


Screams began to come from the other side of the wall! Most of them were from the boys!


“Hahn, what a nice sound! Keep screaming!”

The sixth floor was filled with Harian’s witch-like laughter and the screams of the students.

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