[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (4)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end.

“Those crazy bastards!”


One of the professors began spitting out curse words. And these curse words were currently ringing throughout the entire school.


“A little bit more!”

“Harder! Harder!”


At the front, the entire student body was trying to advance through the defensive formations of the teachers.


“Call the ones in their classes as well! The entire school’s out here anyway!”


One of the professors said this as he fended off one of the third years away from him.


Right, this was the training Nerkia was talking about.


“We’re just fighting against students in the competitions, right?”


This was what Nerkia said after he said he’d train all the students.


“If that’s the case, we just need to win against teachers.”


Those words were the cause of this entire situation.


“This is the second floor! The place where the faculty room is located! If we lose here, we’d be admitting defeat! Call every one of the teachers on this floor! Tell Eron to get his ass over here with his damn broomstick or something as well!”


The oldest teacher in the school, professor Makira, shouted this, but it was too late to stop the students at this point.


“Morale is the most important thing for soldiers in a fight. Do not be afraid. Do not even think of losing! The enemy is simply more experienced than us, their summons are just like ours! Fight! Steal their skills, steal their experience, steal their everything! Think more than them, fight harder than them! This is the way of the weakling, and this is the only way for weaklings to fight the strong!”


The morale of the students rose due to Nerkia’s speech. Right! Even these seemingly powerful professors had days when they were like the students! The students could become like those professors as long as they were given time! Even though there were a lot of professors… this was doable!





When the students managed to use their resources to their full potential, they began to push back the professors.


“Boss, we took over the most of the third year classrooms! The sixth floor’s almost done as well! The fifth floor’s at a stalemate because of Maroon, though.”


Nerkia nodded after listening to the message from his subordinate. Their greatest enemies, disregarding the unbeatable silver demon, consisted of four people. Professor Arhan and Maroon from the military, along with Professor Muam and Harian from the Summoner’s Association.


Professor Maroon and Arhan, along with their subordinate professors, were all pros that fought in countless wars. These were the people who managed to block the student body several times from escaping!


And professor Muan and Harian… the two never tried to stop the student body, but they were the truly dangerous enemies in this operation. The two were contracted to a Elemental king and a god!


Summons were usually unable to use their power fully. The stronger they were, the more their power got restricted. After all, it was impossible to exercise full strength in a different dimension. But it wasn’t like strong spirits weren’t strong. If a god of a different world, or a king of a different dimension was willing to lend strength to someone, they were still able to exert terrifying strength on the battlefield.


Because of this, the two never tried to stop the students from trying to escape. But their presence alone made them get marked as a part of the student body’s greatest enemies.


‘That’s why we have to stop this before the two decides to make their move!’


The students made plans on how to deal with Maroon and Arhan already, but they had no idea how to deal with Muam and Harian as of yet.


“If Maroon’s on the fifth floor, Arhan would be on the first! Don’t think of going easy on the man! Let’s go!”


There was a time when the student council barely escaped with their lives after challenging Maroon’s troop with the entire student body. They had to use the student body as a bait to escape, too. But this time, their goal was to defeat Maroon. It was a feat much harder than what they had done before.




“Maroon and Arhan are powerful enemies! They’re veterans who survived countless battles. But this means that, once we win against them, we’d be able to win the competitions! No matter how many of us falls, keep pushing! Step on your friends if that’s what it takes to win! Even those who fall would wish for our victory!”




“W, what the?! Are they mad?”


Despite being all talk and no action, Nerkia’s speech had a powerful effect on the students! The professors on the second floor slowly got pushed away, and actually managed to get to Arhan.


“Those are good eyes. They are the eyes of those who do not fear death.”


Arhan nodded as he observed the students quietly. If he actually manages to get back ot the military after his current career as a professor, he might try employing this training method on the soldiers.


-…Master, I think the soldiers would initiate a coup if you did that.

“The will of the soldiers of the empire are not that weak.”


-…I don’t think the will of the students are that weak either?

“Students are different from soldiers.”


Arhan’s summon, the key, quickly tried to stop its master from sealing the fate of the future soldiers of the empire, but Arhan refused to listen to it. The key then began thinking of how to stop its master, but its master blew away that thought with but a single word.


[Dragonscale armor.]

-…Master, are you crazy? You actually want to take that thing out when you aren’t even going out to kill a dragon?!


The dragonscale armor. It was a sign of someone who killed a dragon, and it was something that was crafted out of the scares of a dragon.


It was the ultimate armor that could not be taken care of by a normal human. It was said that the only sword that was able to make a dent in the dragonscale armor was the dragonslayer, the sword that was said to have had been created by a dragon’s teeth and bones.


There was only 200 times the key took out this armor from the imperial treasury. This seems like a lot, but when one considers the history of the empire, it was quite little in reality. In fact, Arhan himself had only used the armor about four times.


[They are worthy of seeing its use, don’t you think?]


Arhan pride himself in the fact that he didn’t act out as much as the other professors did. Normally, he was like a beast that roamed the battlefield. What would happen if the man went serious here?


-…Do what you want.

“Hahaha! Be proud, for I shall use… Nn?”


The moment Arhan tried to use his full power, he felt a small poke on his hip, and turned around.


The key gave up on trying to stop him. Arhan wouldn’t kill the students. No, the students probably should be able to take his attacks.


“I want to play as well. May I?”


There was a boy who seemed to be about ten next to Arhan. But Arhan frowned when he saw the boy.


“To think you’d just take the tastiest bit, you’re too much.”

“Hahaha, but haven’t you played plenty till now? Let me enjoy myself as well.”


Arhan sighed lightly, and stepped back.


“Hah… annoying old man.”

“Haha, that’s how it goes. You become more annoying the older you get.”


When the boy smiled at Arhan and stepped forward, the entire student body came to an abrupt halt.


“A kid?”

“…Who is it?”


When the first and the second years turned to look at Nerkia, the council president hesitantly answered the question.


“You wouldn’t know since he never really showed himself, but… this is professor Muam.”

“The contractor of the spirit king!”

“The master of water!”

“Isn’t he supposed to be over a hundred years old, though?!”

“He’s a hobbit. Has a baby face as well.”

“But this is still too much! Wait, since he’s a hobbit, isn’t he supposed to look like this?”

“Haha, you’re all making me embarrassed.”


Muam simply smiled wisely as he watched the confused students.


“He seems nice…”

“Cute, too…”


The students became hesitant after seeing Muam’s smile. Looking like a ten year old was a cheat!


“You idiots! Do you want to lose just because of his looks? Have you forgotten what our original goals were? And this person is… he’s someone hand-picked by Naruan himself!”


“Haha, dear king.”


Muam ignored Nerkia’s shouts, and began talking to the void.


“Dumbasses! There’s no way Naruan’s professor would be normal!”


The third years immediately got ready for battle. At the same time.


“Let us enjoy ourselves just a bit.”


The king of water descended unto the human world.

5 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (4)

  1. The chapters are funny, but I think the plot is in chaos at this point. The author forgot to use Nicerwin instead of Naruan. I am not even sure if there is a story anymore or just a random battle royale skit. The first arc was what made it interesting but I think the sense of plot is gone at this point. Well, I’ll still read further and see if the plot progresses on thw future.


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