[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (3)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end. 

“I trusted that you’d succeed. And you did.”

The student council experienced what one would call killing intent as they watched Naruan smile like a benevolent teacher in front of them.

‘Just who the hell is talking here…’

‘Just once. I want to hit him once. Just take his damn balls and crack!’

‘You trusted that we’d succeed? Don’t just trust us, let us go!’

But even this desire for murder melted away in an instant.

“Ehe, you have something to say?”

Once they took a look at the silver demon.

“So, why’d you call us?”

When Nerkia said this in a calm, composed manner, even Naruan became surprised.

‘So the Council President isn’t completely crazy after all.’

Naruan looked over the group as he thought this, and made a serious face.

“The school will participate in several events in the near future, starting from the empire’s festival, to the sports competition and the cultural competition.”

“We know.”

“And a while ago, the schools decided that we would hold all of these events in one day.”

“So that’s what ended up happening.”

Naruan nodded as if he had expected this. Normally, the sports competition began a few weeks after the festival, and the cultural competition would start a few months after the sports competition.

Since these were events hosted by the four biggest schools in the empire, many people attended, but due to the dates in which these events happen, there were lots of complaints about how spread apart these dates were. Using this, Naruan managed to persuade the other schools to host the competitions all in one day.

‘Honestly though, it’s because of the money…’

As mentioned before, the budget of the school was running low. Especially last time, when professor Maroon decided to go berserk on the first floor, the school actually came close to becoming bankrupt.

“And so, this brings us to one thing. I want to establish a deal with you.”

“What is it?”


Nerkia frowned. But this face instantly changed into that of glee when he heard Naruan’s next words.

“I’ll cut the time you have to stay after school by one hour per competition.”

“Does that mean you’ll get rid of the after school study time if we win everything?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”
At this time, Naruan saw something. He saw a battlefield littered with corpses and swords. He saw twenty monsters who stood on top of a tower of corpses, shouting the cry of victory over everyone!

‘…Nn? Isn’t that exaggerating things a bit?’

Naruan, who managed to see this illusion due to the energy these students were giving off in front of him, realized that perhaps a miracle would happen.

“We will take their heads.”

‘Perhaps a miracle actually will happen.’

* * *

It was a impossible to win all three competitions.

There were schools that were traditionally strong in certain competitions. Mercaria was overbearing in the cultural competition, Marcis overtook everyone in the festival, and Arucia dominated in the sports competition.

The sports competition was usually won by Arucia, as the students there were all muscle-brains. And the second place goes to Yugrasia… well, that was what was supposed to happen, but the summoner’s school was being overtaken by Marcis for some strange reason.

Normally, one would think that wizards were frail little people who experimented all day long in their towers. After all, these were the people who crafted things like potions and experimented with alchemy.

Then how do they make potions, and how do they experiment?! They create magic formations!… is not what actually happens. In reality, they put in all the ingredients into a pot, and they stir it. They stir it good. They’d finish in 5 minutes if it was short, but this stirring process could take up to half a day.

Stir stir stir stir. This stirring was what characterized these beings called wizards! Plus, there was their staff as well! People often think staves would be pretty light, since it was made of wood, but wood actually weighs quite a bit. Not only that, the kind of wood that are used to make staves out of weigh even more than the usual kind of wood.

Expensive staves usually have formations on it that lighten the load, but those really are expensive. It seems like a lot of rich families would buy these staves, but that isn’t the case at all. This is because lot of wizards are actually from peasant families!

It was impossible to win against a noble knight who trained since a young age, but it was possible to overtake a noble wizard as a peasant to earn a huge amount of cash.

But of course, it was impossible for these peasant wizards to start earning right from the start. Because of this, these students train with cheap, heavy staves, and when they become high class wizards, they don’t bother getting a lighter staff since they already got used to the heavy weight.

Therefore, due to the fact that these student wizards train their strength whether they like it or not, they become able to overtake students from Yugrasia.

And second, there was the festival. Many of the powerful individuals come to watch, and it is said that even the imperial family comes to enjoy the event as well. Because of this, all of the schools focus on making themselves look dazzling in front of these people.

They had to dazzle the imperial family, who saw amazing things almost daily! Because of this, Marcis usually took first place in these competitions, and… the second place unexpectedly went to Arucia.

One would think that Yugrasia would be able to take second place easily using their summons, but the summoner’s school was never able to defeat Arucia’s sword fights.

Arucia just showed several students fighting on a trainin

The school would host a survival match using all the students in the school. This event where the students got teleported into the dark forest to fight showcased a fight more intense than any other. The winning student was even said to be scouted by the imperial knights.

g field, but for some reason, this got people extremely excited. And the death match the school hosted on the last day was quite a sight to see! It was said that even Marcis got almost shaken off their throne on a day like this.

And lastly, there was the cultural competition. This was a competition to show what the school was like better than any other. Mercaria took the top spot in this all the time. If it wasn’t for the fact that Arucia was full of idiots, Yugrasia would’ve failed to even take the third place. This was because many people thought that they’d much rather take a look at Marcia instead of looking at Yugrasia.

Precisely because of this, Yugrasia always aimed to get second place in these competitions. They were satisfied with getting third place. After all, this was typical, and this was logical.

“Logic? Whuzzat?”


But in the auditorium, these students responded like hungry wolves towards Nerkia’s speech.

“These are just maggots that stay in school for 5-6 hours. Marcia? They just live and experiment in their school? It’s like home there, isn’t it? They just study for like two hours each day? And they live like they do now when they get into the magic towers? Mercaria? Studying for the longest time out of all the schools? Don’t kid me. How many of them come to school during vacation? And. Arucia? Ha. Ha. Ha. Don’t even get me started on those faggots in heaven. Now, I ask of you, comrades. How many idiots are there here who thinks that we can’t win?”

-There are none!

-There aren’t any idiots like that in the school!

-If there are, we’ll kill them!

Nerkia listened to these shouts for a bit, then silenced the entire crowd just by saying “quiet”.

“This is the proof I have right here. Nicerwin himself wrote it. If we win all three competitions, we can start going home at a normal time. Now, comrades. What is defeat to us?”

-It does not exist!

“What do we do to our enemies?”

-Perform the judgement of death upon them!

“What are those who had not even seen the silver demon yet?”

-Peasants who haven’t even experienced death yet!

“And because of this!”

-Victory is on our side!


Once again, cries like that of wolves came out. It was a cry that mostly came from the third years. But this cry of determination and confidence instilled a feeling of victory over the first, and the second years.

“Because of this, we will now start training for the rest of vacation. And this training will help us get to know our strengths and weaknesses better!”

There was no student who went against Nerkia’s announcement.

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