[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (2)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end.

“Hah… Looks like I made the right choice.”


Aris let out a sigh as she heard the screams from behind her.


“If I were with them… it’s scary to even think about it.”


Gender doesn’t matter. No matter who you are, you live in the school. At least they let the students have food and use the showers? But that’s all restricted as well. Freedom doesn’t exist for them anymore.


-You made the right decision.

[Right. I mean, by the time vacation ends, we’d have had to go participate in inter-school competitions anyway, meaning that we’d inevitably be out of school by that time.]


A month after the vacation ends, the empire’s celebrates the day of its creation. The four schools get together then, and host a plethora of competitions.


But there’s no way they’d be able to host something like that just in a month! Plus, since this event is crucial for all the schools, many of the students and teachers have to stay inside the school to work on the competitions.


And Aris was the eldest in the Letia family, the family of coast guards. Although she wasn’t set to be the leader of the family thanks to her younger brother, she still ranked as one of the top five leader candidates.


So even if she were to go back home, she’d have to face ungodly amounts of work and studying. It was better to just stay at school.


“School isn’t so bad.”


This was what Aris thought as she listened to the lecture with the screams from the hallways as background music.


Well, that was the case, but…


“…Council president, are you mad? What are you even trying to do?”


Aris shot out a few words at the beings that she saw in front of her.


As students walked back down after school at four, relishing the fact that they were able to go back to their dorms at a normal time, they found that their path had been blocked by about thirty people that were stuck inside the school.


“Hahaha… comrade Aris… no, Aris. Do we seem normal to you?”


The man’s red eyes spat out pure madness, and his uncut beard gave him a feeling of wildness as well. This, coming from a group of thirty, made even Aris step back in fear!


“Hahaha… the school is a very nice place. I, as a Student Council President, just can’t stand the fact that many of you cannot recognize that fact. I would like to teach you a bit. What about it? Ah, by the way, I refuse any refusals.”


The Student Council President definitely didn’t seem normal at all.

Aris reacted immediately upon seeing this.


“The president has gone mad! Attack!”


When Aris shouted this with a bag in one hand and a sword in the other, everyone in the student body simultaneously took up their weapons and charged.


“Huahahaha! Comrades, let the game begin! If you break through, you win. If you don’t, you’ll end up just like us!”


Nerkia grinned as he looked at the flood of students coming towards him.


‘All according to plan!’


“Get him!”



“What the hell is going on?!”


When professor Maroon shouted this out of surprise, one of the professors who realized what was going on paled.


“T, the students are all charging towards us!”

“W, what?!”


Stuff like this didn’t happen in vacations. After all, Nicerwin decided to show his humane side by letting them go home early, and not have homework after school.


Because of that, the teachers only had to deal with the Student Council, and there were just ten teachers who guarded the first floor. The teachers wanted to give them at least a thread of hope, hence the reason why there were just ten teachers, but!


‘These footsteps… there’s more than a hundred people coming this way?’


Professor Maroon bit his lips, and shouted.


“Prepare for battle! Also, call for help!”


If they get beat here, this would be humiliation. If they became unable to block students, Maroon would have to give up on his title of being a “steel wall”.


Earth, wind, and water. Maroon immediately summoned three intermediate-level beasts, and prepared himself for war.


“Block them with your life!”


“Just push through!”


Aris realized that the students reached the first floor as they chased the members of the school council.


She also realized that there were ten professors all geared up for war at the gates.


-Aris, we fell for their tricks!


Aris, too, had realized what was going on, and decided to put a stop to their tricks.


At this moment, Athena managed to see through the tricks of the council.


[So… they really are doing that, huh?]


“Everyone, hold o…”


There was just one problem. She spoke too slow.


“What in the world are you guys…”


Professor Maroon shouted out in rage, but no one was able to hear his words due to the ruckus that was going on.


“Help the president!”

“We’ll defeat the professors together!”


At this moment, every single student on the field had a question mark pop into their heads, but Nerkia acted before any of them could do anything.


“Lend me your strength, comrades! We must break through them today!”

“So… you really are helping them!”


The student body thought of a single thing as they saw professor Maroon emit a murderous aura towards them.


-We fell for it!


“They’re just professors! We can beat them easily!”

“There’s just ten of them! Get ‘em!”


Despite their thoughts, provocative words kept coming out of the student body. The members of the council who thought to have had retired had actually joined their ranks!


“Do I seem that easy to you?! Come at me, then!”


The earth split, and the wind howled. This was the first floor. It was the easiest place to fix, and therefor the best place to use magic.


“P, professor! Wait!”


Aris tried to stop the professor from attacking, but.


“It’s ok, Aris! You worked hard to gather the students here for us, we’ll take care of the rest!”


Aris became dazed as she saw Nerkia say this to her with complete seriousness. As she did this, several members of the student council that hid inside the student body began to charge.


“Right, come! Today, none of you leave the school!”


Aris came back to her senses with those words, but things were already too late by then.


“Shit… I’ll kill him!”


Aris shouted this as she watched Nerkia from the back with intense hatred.


“Just charge! We can’t get out of this mess otherwise!”

And on that day, the student council were able to go back to their dorms.

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  1. It would seem that the 30 student council members trapped in the school from the previous chapter provoked the rest of the student body in to attacking them. Next, they beat a hasty retreat and redirected the aggression toward the faculty… kind of like some douche bag running around a dungeon with a train of monsters following, then dropping all the aggro on your party that was hunting at the dungeon entrance.

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