[RATH!] Chapter 6. Hell does not end. (1)

Chapter 6. Hell does not end. 

Time passes.


This is true for both a dragon that lives for nearly an eternity, and a mayfly that lives for just a single day.


That time passed in Yugrasia as well.


“Hah… I don’t know much about anything else, but… Your endurance is really something to be respected.”


Professor Arhan, who was currently staring at the Student Council coming down to the second floor, sighed.


“No, I guess this is just to be expected from the Student Council?”


The spring weather that had been there when school started had disappeared. Summer had begun, and the vacation had begun as well.


Well, vacation started… but only in name.


Professor Nicerwin, who even saw himself as a devil incarnate, told the children to come to school even on vacation. The students became outraged, and sent letters of complaint to their families.


But as their families had already been brainwashed by Naruan, their efforts were futile.


The parents all sent Naruan letters that wished him luck, and told the children to study hard. Not only were the students shocked by the fact that they had to go to school in summer, they were also shocked by the fact that their parents had betrayed them.


“No way!”

“This is a lie!”

“Let’s just leave!”


Of course, the students all became outraged! They all walked to the front gates in order to get out, but they were all greeted by a single girl at the place.


“Where you guys going?”


After seeing the little girl’s innocent smile, the students were all forced to get back to the school.


On the day when the students all decided to rise up, they became aware of the girl who turned everything back to nothingness.


No, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that they experienced it!


Nerkia’s speech had made everyone feel something hot rise up in their chests, and that was what made the first and second years make their move.


“Let’s help the president!”


Once someone in the class said this, everyone in the grade moved out to find Nerkia. And in the end, they managed to see ‘it’.


“Cough… R, run!”


They saw a scene that made even professors they disgusted. They saw the council president trying to reach out to them with eyes of death.


“Heehee, there’s more! Let’s go partytime?”


They even saw a silver girl in the middle of the battlefield, grinning at them!


The aftermath was simple. The one who had run out saying “How dare you!” and “It’s a beast without its master! Take it down!” was corpse number 421 or so.


At this point, it looked like the students were going to just study during summer vacation. But there were still those who went against this oppression!


It was the student council! Along with a small group of people from the Student Liberation Army! These people moved with the motto, “Students exist to play!”


And in this group, a student proposed an idea.


“We just don’t have to go to school?”


It was the genius that came up with the idea to end the school! Thanks to this idea, the students were able to spend their own time in the dorms. That is, they were able to stay till dinner.




“…W, why are you here?”

“Kyaaa! Pervert! What’s a boy doing in a girl’s room?!”


Several people woke up on the cold, hard floor. When a few students screamed in surprise, everyone slowly woke up.


“W, what? I, I was sleeping in my room just now?”

“Eh? Me too… hold on, isn’t this school?”

“W, what are you talking about?! School?! We’re in school?!”


A bright light shone upon the groups just then.


-Greetings… and welcome.


This light was something that was coming out of a recording orb! From the light, a masked man with a familiar voice appeared.


-You are students who decided to not come to school. Well, this was to be expected.


“…Isn’t that Nicerwin?”

“Yeah. But more importantly, did we get kidnapped?”

“We got kidnapped to school…”


erve to go to school. You have not appreciated being able to go to school, but not now. Let the game begin.


-Those who do not appreciate going to school do not des

“What the fuck?”

“…Not appreciating going to school? The hell?”

“Just who made us like this?! Who do you think made us hate school?!”


-This is a game of escape. Friends, you will now lose the privilege to come to school during vacation. You have only one way of getting this privilege back. Try to get out of school.


“…The hell?”

“…Can’t go to school?”

“…No going to school?”

“…Isn’t this just us not being able to get out?”


At that moment, the cloud of confusion instantly got cleared away. And.


-What the fuck?!


When their brain began working again, they all simultaneously thought the same thing!






They tried to get ou…


“Where do you think you’re going?”

“…Seriously, are you people school fairies or something? Don’t you guys sleep? Do you live in the school or something?!”


Nerkia shouted this out loud as he met professor Maroon out the door. When he did so, professor Maroon answered with a bored face.


“Since I live in the dorms as well, I suppose you could say that I live in the school. But by the way… do you guys know something?”

“Know what?”

“Normally, the students outnumber the faculty, but… this time, it’s the opposite.”



The Student Council did a quick calculation as they processed this new information.


Normally = 100+ Professors vs. Hundreds of Students.

Now = 100+ Professors vs. 30 Students.


“…We screwed?”

“Have fun in school.”

“No! Not like this!”


The Student Council charged bravely! But!




Nerkia woke up, and let out a sigh.


“Ah, so it was a dream.”


The moment he let his guard down.




-Greetings… and welcome.


“N, no!”


-You are students who decided to not come to school. Well, this was to be expected. Those who do not appreciate going to school do not deserve to go to school. You have not appreciated being able to go to school, but not now. Let the game begin.




Nerkia’s scream of despair rang across the entire campus.

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