[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (14)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

7.9 Their Story

[4] The story of a certain organization

“Just… just what went wrong?”

Mercen, a member of the rebellion, thought of what had went wrong in this operation.

Their plan was perfect. They had predicted everything about the competition correctly. They knew Nerkia would be kidnapped, they knew that the schools would ally against Yugrasia, and they even knew of what competition the empire would present.

Everything was perfect.



She bit her lips, and looked around herself. There were only ruins. Normally, in a war game like this one, schools tended to move around frequently, but Arucia had the tendency to stay where they were. As such, the rebellion decided to base their movements around Arucia.

They were planning on taking these students as hostage to threaten the empire with, as they attacked the imperial castle.

But most of their forces in the war games were already incapacipated.

All thanks to the legendary strike from the elementals.

That attack wasn’t something that Nerkia and the other schools blocked by themselves. The reason why they could get through safely was because of the rebellion’s sacrifice.

The rebellion had attempted to block the strike before Nerkia, and most of their mages had to retire after attempting to do so.

The swordsmen were still able to fight, but the mages weren’t.

In other words, the operation had essentially failed.

“But, I can’t just let it end like this!”

But she did not give up. They still had a chance. Most of the students were unconscious from the first attack as well. And due to the conscious students having to fight Yugrasia still, she began to see a glimmer of hope in this situation.

Her subordinates seemed to realize this as well, seeing that they were stepping forward with renewed strength.

And they realized.

“We… can’t win.”

The scenery that was presented before them taught them this.

The scenery of Ruan, Arucia’s student council president, dangling on a giant black scythe. The scenery of Axis, Mercaria’s student council president, being stuck unconscious in a corner somewhere. The scenery of Nerkia and Marcis huffing exhaustedly…

When they saw the black joker that was in the middle of all this… they, the ones who were hanging onto the last strands of their hope, realized.

They realized after seeing the numerous eyes within the joker that, no matter what they did, they would lose. That no matter what happened, they must run.

But the joker did not want them to run.

“Go bite, puppies.”

At the same time, tens of wolves sprouted out of the shadows.

The rebellion was crushed.

And this would continue until a certain mage would arrive with her demon.

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    1. I love how u hardly see the MC but still the story is being carried by the side characters.. 😀 but when the MC pokes his head into the story you see a different level of awesome 😀

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