[RATH!] Chapter 8. I came to end it all. (1)

Chapter 8. I came to end it all.


“What is this?”


The longer I looked at what was going on, the more I didn’t understand. It seemed that by the end, all the schools got pretty much wiped.


The competititon was pretty much over at this rate. Several Yugrasia students were roaming the grounds taking care of leftover students from other schools. And the most powerful enemy student, Ria, was unable to move due to the vice pres’ attacks.


Ria, who should normally be able to take on everyone in the Student Council at once, was barely fending off the vice president.


Well, I probably won’t be able to take someone like him as well.


But there was one thing that made me realize that despite the current situation, I would never be able to win. This was because there were many skills that were being used that were illegal in the competition.


Due to the fact that in the past, there were several assasination attempts between students due to a political struggle, many restrictions were put in place to prevent death.


But the type of magic that these kids were using were all things that could kill a normal person.


But then again, no one was dying. Even though the fight continuously got more and more intense, no one was dying.


One could say that the kids were controlling their power, but there was no way these enraged kids were able to control anything.


No, in the first place, no one should be able to control the power of the Mistilteinn. If Ria didn’t manage to block that, the council president would be dead. If that happened, the fate of Yugrasia would be completely sealed.


I almost lost the one job that I thought of continuing all the way till my retirement.


“Professor Nicerwin? If you would come with us.”


Was my predictions correct? Several government officials came over to the Yugrasia faculty to say this. But why me?!


I’m definitely going to be bombarded with complaints! I might even end up having to resign!




But I couldn’t do anything except follow them.


8.25 Their Story

[1] Ria El Nermia’s Story


“I almost died.”

-No no no no no! What are you talking about?! The one who almost died was me, you idiot!


Sutr shouted at me out of anger. Normally, I’d shut him up in an instant, but since his arm got chopped off, I decided to let him off the hook.


“…Don’t interfere!”


The vice president of Yugrasia walked towards me with a vast amount of killing intent.


Just a moment ago, I tried to block Mistilteinn with Sutr, as it was said to be the ultimate god-killing weapon, but not a demon-killing one. My suspicions came out to be true.


-No, that’s not the case at all? Demons get screwed by that thing as well? If it wasn’t for the Mistilteinn being a replica, and the barrier that was set up in front of me, my life would’ve been in danger!

“Did you forget that murder is forbidden in the competition?”

“One does not use such a word when killing an insect.”


I couldn’t say anything when I heard the man’s relentless words. There weren’t many people even in the Howling organization that thought like this man.


Right. To this person, nothing mattered more that the one target in his mind.


-If you can’t win, then don’t fight in the first place.


I thought of my teacher’s words from the past. Fight something like that right now? Impossible. Normally I’d be able to go toe-to-toe with this man, but with Sutr’s arm gone, this was impossible.


Sutr probably could regenerate his arm given a bit of time, but there was no way the other side would wait that long. I could probably fight on my own, but not against a man who took in Loki himself.


The only answer here was to not fight. I needed to do something else.


The other side was here because… of just one reason. Jealousy towards couples. And it seemed that this jealousy was only directed towards the council president of Yugrasia.


In other words.


“You envy him.”



The man flinched after hearing this, and roared in anger.


“What do you know?! T, this isn’t envy!”


After saying this, the man glared at me with hateful eyes.


“You’re the same! A good family, a lot of talent, and pretty to boot. You probably have a boyfriend already!”


…No? Excuse me, but I’m single as well?


I never thought of romance due to the situation my family was in, and my teacher made me dismiss the thought completely as well. I just didn’t really care for romance.


While I stood there frowning without saying anything, the council president and his girlfriend behind me stood up. And.


“I pity the fool who does not know the power of love!”

“I pity you, who cannot appreciate the beauty of love!”

“Shut up!”


They both said something quite annoying at once. Actually, their statements made me a little pissed as well.


“Um… does that make me a pitiable fool too, then?”


The two people froze.


“Y, you…”


The vice president’s eyes began to fill with an emotion different from that of hate. This was…


“No, please don’t look at me like you just met a comrade.”


The man was looking at me with a mixture of the feeling one would get after finding a long-lost brother, and the feeling one would get when looking at a war orphan. I looked past that, and turned to the council president and his girlfriend.


“Am I, who does not know the beauty of love, a pitiable fool?”

“N, no, well…”

“I thought you’d have someone already…”


I stepped closer to the two.


“I’m single. Never loved, or have been loved by someone outside my family. Everyone always looks at me, thinks ‘I’m going to be rejected anyway’, and never approaches me.”


Of course, I’d reject anyone in a heartbeat, but I was still angry at the couple for calling a person like me a pitiable fool.


“You say something like this to someone who just did everything to protect you? Sutr got his arm blown off trying to save you two, even?”

-No, you told me to do th… mm…


Sutr looked away when I glared at him.


“In any case, I wonder what would happen if I stepped away here?”

“…Please save us.”


I smiled at the council president.


“I don’t want to.”


I walked past the vice president after saying this. I could hear screams behind me, but it wasn’t really worth saving the couple anyway.


The enemy that now lost his purpose would probably become confused. The best thing that could happen was to have him sever his connection with Loki. At this point, when most people were already incapacitated, the ones that I really needed to be careful of from Yugrasia were few…


“No… nevermind…”


There were actually quite a lot. Hnng…


-Can’t we just destroy them all?

“Oh great demon lord Sutr who just lost his arm, shut the hell up.”


I ignored Sutr muttering something to himself in the corner, and began to think. The number of enemies we have. Their core members. Their strongest units. But, all these thoughts got erased quite soon.


There was someone in front of me.


Someone that I had not believed I would ever meet again, despite having spent a huge amount of time with.



“No, right now, I am Mirua.”

“B, before tha…”


I tried to say something, but 46, no, Mirua cut me off, and smiled.


“Let’s go.”

“To where?”


She responded casually to me.


“To the instructor.”

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  1. thanks a lot!
    hahaha! that’s hilarious—! so in the end ria came along, huh? lol, ria being a solo as well! hm…time to ship ria and ricen(yugrasia vice-president)! muahaha! -rubs hands gleefully- what, they’ll be cute!
    hmph, finally, the president and his girlfriend were beaten up! woot woot! yugrasia wins anyway, right?

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      1. lol it was unimportant to me. uh, i guess i should say, no mattr what, yugrasia wins in my mind! but well, overall, yugrasia wins? if we exclude this particular round of competition?


  2. Fuhahaha I upvote really this author(if she’s female Ill court her cauz this guy is the only one who can trully make me smile and happy carefreefly in this f*ed up world full of hypocrites~ I also salute ensj-sama(?) for translating these even if the author’s doing a re-write(but I had a childish resentment for the old locked chapters lol haha) abd thanks for the chapter~

    Guess how f*ed up this story huh *sig* *hugs Loki-fused vice-prez* fellow commrade… Oh and it seems that no.46-chii is with the yandare princess huh just WAO~


  3. Nice! Naruan’s identity resurfaces. All that’s left is for the Hero to make an appearance then the story starts being consistent again.

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  4. LoL was she always lurking? did Nicerwin actually have here there on hand or did he go and find her lol

    Love the brainwashing Naruan did on them lol, his grey PoV is truly a powerful aspect of his ability haha

    Use them because they want to use you then discard, do to others as others would do unto you haha, he has zero OP abilities according to himself, is cursed by God, according to others and yet, hes so OP that he really is a danger to all around him haha

    What I love the most is, these 3 kids he tutored are suppose to be incredibly OP as well, and yet mere students were capable of stopping one of the 3 to the point she didnt want to fight but opt out haha the cliche of “Competition” must win, must struggle to win, was moot from the get go, Yugrasia was declared winner before it had even begun! Nicerwin made sure of that ho ho ho!

    If the trio do re unite heh, its like all of Naruans kids are somehow blessed by him, that they become more than they wouldve become if left to their own devices or into another teachers care, how skewed Naruans teachings were on them lol! those 2 were stronger than the Hero, so it makes me wonder how much growth he would need to surpass those 2 haha or perhaps because of them he was considered very strong.

    He did have a very “Hero” like mindset, not wanting to do bad things etc, I wonder how much got twisted because of Naruan lol I look forward to his return 😀

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  5. One thing get on my mind, with all the “silence” coming from vice-pres after this little develpment and after finding a true brother (sister) in arms. Is he going to be hipcryte and just go and court her? Well there even another girl there that should be pretty and powerfull too.
    Well after all this show of power if all of the dark members of the dark church… wait, I mean, all of the members of the “single brotherhood” or whatever theyre called dont get a girlfriend does this mean that maybe they dont get one because they dont want? Like they prefer 2d girls or something like this?

    Just one last thing, Sutr didnt really get pissed so maybe does he have a girlfriend? ‘-‘


  6. Naruan…getto da ze? Yes, 17 and 46!!! Oh I pray Naruan will not have to submit to the princess~ I wonder how many characters are crossovers? We haven’t heard from any other than Sword Saint…and I’m pretty sure the princess is one since she strayed from her death route~


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