[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (4)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (4)

“This… this doesn’t make sense!”


This was what was said in all the schools after the first day of the competition.

There were a total of five competitions that were held on the first day. The scores that came out after all these competitions was something that shocked everyone.


  1. Yugrasia 630p
  2. Arucia 160p
  3. Marcis 130p
  4. Mercaria 30p


Tyrannical. This was the only way you could describe the situation. Even after adding up the scores of all the other schools, the total score still didn’t match up to Yugrasia’s. The competition’s grading scale was exceedingly simple. First place gets a hundred points, second place gets sixty points, and third place gets thirty points. It gives all the points to the first three students. But because of this, the difference in scores between each school wasn’t that big.


The competitions involved from four to twenty four people at a time. In these competitions there lied aces who showed extreme power against their opponents, and the other students often acted as the supports for aces.


But Yugrasia was different.


The first difference was this: they had no regard for their own damage.




On the second competition, capture the flag, Yugrasia decided to bury two of their own people in a mudslide along with six enemies.


The second difference: they had no aces.


“Hahaha, you just activated my trap!”




The fourth competition. This was a boat race where students had to insert power into their boats in order to get across the finish line. And when Arucia and Marcis charged the water elemental summoner, thinking that the person would be an ace, the summoner just decided to kamikaze in their faces.


“T, that one’s a fake! He must be the real deal!”


When one of the Arucia students said this after seeing a Yugrasia student pass by, everyone chased him. But.


“It’s a fake again!”




With this, Arucia and Marcis lost another 7 students. This repeated several times, until Mercaria, the ones who gave up fighting, ended up taking third place!


And most importantly of all, their stamina was inhumane!


“How… how can you move?!”


One of the Arucia students looked at a Yugrasia student with fear and shock. The student was soaked with blood and was covered with wounds. The Yugrasia student should’ve fainted already.


“Haha… you want to know why I can move? Well, I can move because I can!”




A gorilla summon roared behind its summoner. And on the last competition, at the 1v1 coliseum tournament.


It was a competition where Mercaria students resigned early on for their survival, and a competition where Arucia students excelled best. After all, one could attack before anyone cast anything!


Everyone had bet on Arucia winning because of this, but the students of Yugrasia did not fall.


“U, uaaaah!”


An Arucia student gathered power into his sword as he screamed.




The gorilla’s arm got cut off, which made it become unsummoned as a result. The Arucia student put in a hit into the Yugrasia student’s stomach with the intention to win, but!


“C, cough… he, hehehe… huhahahaha! Is this all you got?!”

“W, what the hell?”


It was a powerful blow. The Yugrasia student was flown away and hit the floor multiple times, but still managed to stand up with a mad grin.


“D, don’t come here!”


The Arucia student stumbled out of the arena out of fear, and lost.


Although Yugrasia only managed to rack up 60 points, they still managed to instill a primal fear unto their enemies.




“…All captured?”


In the rebel base of operations, the higher-ups could only stay silent.


“Everyone got swept away in the first competition thanks to the water from Yugrasia. In the second competition, they got swept away by the mudslide. Just like the first and second competitions, in the third…”



The leader of the rebels shouted this to his subordinate reading the report.


“I already read the report! Our subordinates got swept up by Yugrasia’s tornado in the third competition, and on the fourth competition, they all fainted due to Yugrasia’s suicide attacks! But that’s not what’s important here. Failure doesn’t matter. We are weaker than the empire. This is why we always lost. But this is different! Why, why are we constantly getting beat up by Yugrasia?!”


Everyone in the room shut their mouths when they saw their leader rage like this.


“Maybe it’s the empire?”


All eyes went to the person who just spoke.


“It’s weird that Yugrasia’s always the one that’s involved. Plus, there’s the intensive training they’ve been going through since the beginning of the year… perhaps this happened because the empire knew of our plans…”

“Knowing the emperor, you may be correct.”


The leader whispered this under his breath, but no one heard him.


“Right, if it’s the emperor, this is entirely possible. After all, he always managed to beat us at every turn. But, but, to think he’d use students… does he look down on us that much?”


The leader closed his eyes, muttered a few things, then stood up.


“I’ll show him, then. I’ll show him our true power! Get the information department on Yugrasia immediately. We’re moving out. Once we attain enough info, we will attack!”



With this, the rebellion’s greatest operation yet began.

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  1. thanks!
    ahahaha! yugrasia is literally sweeping away the competition! nice—! that’s so good! the rebels are just sideshows, honestly! who cares about them!

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  2. ughh i really wanna see when all the misunderstanding cleared..
    the one behinds all of these is naruan-sama, you fools!

    T H A N K Y O U !


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