[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (3)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

Let’s scroll back in time by four minutes.


“Now, let us watch the best competition of our lifetime!”

The screen split into many once Mara said this. This would allow the audience to observe the battle from the four different school’s perspectives all at once. And then, the sky above the labyrinth lit up with a bang, signalling the start of the competition.


“Right, it has finally begun. As expected, the students of Arucia are running…. The students of Mercaria are sending out tiny little spells insto the air. It seems to be almost invisible to the eye… perhaps it’s a coded message of sorts? The students of Marcia all sat down, and have begun talking amongst themselves. And the students of Yugrasia… They’re summoning right from the start! Right, five of the students summoned water and earth elementals!”

“Summoning this early is bad in the long run.”

“Agreed. It’s not a very good strategy.”


Both Martin and Mata expressed their disapproval. But the students who summoned their elementals weren’t done yet!


“What… what are they doing?”

“They’re… making water?”

“Making water like that is very inefficient.”


The five students all began to condense water into a single spot.


“Making water using an elemental may be simple, but compressing it that much… their speed is very fast, too.”

“The battle hasn’t even started yet…”


The students began to step backwards. And once they stepped back far enough.


“Ah! It’s a wall! They made walls with elementals!”

“That seems to be a… dam?”

“C, could it be?!”


Just a minute had passed so far. In this time, five dams had been completed. And by using the earth elementals, the students quickly expanded their area filled with water.


Naruan’s strategy was simple.


“It may be a labyrinth, but in the end it only has one entrance. Everything else is just a wall. So then. If we fill up the labyrinth to the brin with water, the water would naturally flow to the exit. And if we make the water move almost explosively, we should be able to take care of our enemies as well.”


And these dams were, when the students finally ran out of stamina, and when an unfortunate student encountered Ruan from Arucia, was destroyed, which let out all the water in an instant.




Ruan tried to resist the water that was coming towards him, but got swept away. This was the same for the other students.


“Holy crap, what the?!”


A giant tsunami occurred in front of the eyes of the students of Mercaria.


“I, ice! I, it’s not working!”



One of the students from Marcis tried to use an ice magic from reflex, but she couldn’t stop the water. In fact, the ice broke off to little chunks that just ended up injuring teammates.




Not even the monsters in the labyrinth were able to resist the tsunami.


And lastly.


“W, what the crap is this?!”

“Wa, wait! Don’t get agitated! This is just the emperor’s trap! There’s no way a tsunami would occur here! This is just an illusi… guee?!”


Even the members of the rebellion got swept away.


“Y.. hurgh… you crazy… ugh! Bastards!”

“Huhahaha, this is our victory!”

“C, crazy! Y.. puha! You’re crazy!”


Ruan shouted this at the Yugrasia student that got swept away with him at the start, but the other side simply decided to make more water till his face became absolutely pale.


“Y, you… is this suicide? You’ve resorted to suicide after realizing that you couldn’t win?! Puhe!”

“Who said anything about suicide?”


Something passed by Ruan’s head at this time.


“S, shark?”



A girl passed by Ruan whilst riding a shark.


“Ahh, the three students of Yugrasia are quickly reaching the exit! To think they’d quickly move across the water with their summons, truly amazing!”


A scene of three students moving on a shark, a penguin, and a fish was quickly broadcast to the rest of the empire.


“If things continue like this, Yugrasia would achieve complete victory! The students of Mercaria have been annihilated! Several students of Marcis are trying to resist with magic, but are failing! Ah, one of the students of Arucia went on top of the walls, but this is against the rules, and therefor he is out! Ah, I think he did this on purpose, actually.”


Mara raised his voice as he narrated the situations of the rest of the schools.


“Mm? What’s that?”

“Who the hell is this assassin dude?”

“Is he a judge?”


Even the men in black were broadcast to the empire.


“Ah… the water is getting drained through the exit. And right as I say this, one student from Yugrasia passes through! It looks like the other two will be coming soon as well.”

“Students often fight amongst each other for the most points by the end, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for Yugrasia.”

“To think they’d keep creating water till they fainted… no, their elementals are still creating water. How scary.”


Mata and Martin stared at the screen with uncomfortable faces.


“Mm? This is…”


A judge of the competition that was located at the exit began to fish out several men in black along with students.


“Mm… these aren’t judges… Hm?”


The knight, as he searched through the man’s belongings, found a familiar mark and called over his partners to tie the men up.


“They’re members of the rebellion. Lock them up for now!”


With this, the competition that shattered everyone’s wild fantasies ended.

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  1. Thanks!
    -thumps table while laughing- a dam?! so good, what excellent strategy! yugrasia is totally only interested in school and overall victory! also, that image of shark, penguin and fish though!

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