[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (12)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

7.75 Their Story

[3] The Beginning of a Legend 2




This described the current situation perfectly.


Everyone was getting enraged at each other. The smallest things on the battlefield provoked the students to fight.


No matter from what perspective, this was a strange situation. But rage blinded logic, and those without logic didn’t attempt to understand what was going on. They simply left everything to rage.


“…This isn’t magic.”


Axis attempted to try and find the source of the strange power with all his ability, but could not find anything. In this case, this probably was…


“It’s an elemental.”


Everyone turned towards me. There was only a single reason why I knew why this was a work of an elemental. The elementals around me. The weakest elementals by my stead unsummoned themselves already. The middle-class elementals were trembling in fear. I could just barely use the high-class elementals, but even they seemed afraid of something.

Elementals were beings that wouldn’t even be afraid of a god as long as the elements didn’t match. But if all elementals around me were trembling in fear, there was only one answer.


“An elemental king.”


Even if they say that elementals don’t care about beings that do not have the same properties as them, the story becomes different.


An elemental king was the lord of a certain element. It represented a whole of a certain element of a world.




“An element with this kind of power?”


There was no warning. The attack came suddenly. No, it came naturally.


It was strange, and peculiar.


“But it’s still doable.”


At least he had a chance, unlike when he fought the silver bat. Thankfully, Ruan and a select few of his army seemed to have resistance to this power, and were managing to fight back, somewhat. Then, he only had one thing left to do.


“We just need to take down the one controlling this elemental.”


Those around me nodded. All the schools got together to take down Yugrasia. If those of Marcis join in as well, Yugrasia definitely cannot win.


“Will you be alright?”


She asked me this with a face full of regret. Instead of replying, I simply decided to scuffle her hair.


“We’ll destroy them with a single attack.”


I unsummoned all my mid-class elementals as I said this. Right now, it was difficult to use anything other than high-class elementals. Although it was outside my area of expertise, I’d have to resort to using a small number of elites. Thankfully, our enemies seem to be in a difficult situa…




I suddenly felt an enormous amount of power make its move. But, this was something that wasn’t possible for a human. Not even professor Muam could use this much power.




“Nerkia! Block it!”


The council president of Marcis, Martan, shouted this as he began to cast a shield spell. I, too, geared all my elementals for defence and looked up.


Above us were several spheres of light that were expanding in size. These spheres were slowly rotating as they continuously increased in volume.


These things revolved around the castle as they became bigger and bigger. I had heard of something like this happening in the past. But!


“I thought it was a legend from the creation era?!”


The creation era. It was a time not long before the gods made this world. Angels fought with demons, and elementals fought amongst each other for the most strength.


During that time, several elementals became corrupted by an evil strength, and turned to something that was known as the “elemental of evil.” Among them appeared the elemental king of evil. This elemental was terrifyingly powerful, and once it swallowed four elemental kings, all elementals in the world realized that they were in danger.


In the end, the rest of the eighteen kings combined their power, and managed to get rid of the evil elementals.


At that time, the elemental kings all linked their power, merged their elements, and attacked the evil elementals. An attack similar to this was currently floating in the air besides us.


The name of this attack was:


-Elemental Burst.


Several voices spoke at once. When the ten student council members said this along with their elementals, the entire world flipped.


In the case of magic, several wizards can work together to form a stronger spell.

It was often used to cast not only a high-class spell, but also a national-class spell. But elementals were unable to do this.


Magic had a flow of its own. But this flow could be controlled. Those who use magic are always individuals. Forming a connection between individuals was not that hard.


This wasn’t the case for elementals, though. A connection between an individual and an elemental. There were those who controlled a numerous amount of elementals, but this was just a connection between a single man and an elemental. If one were to try and connect to a different elemental of a different person, one had to establish a connection between that elemental’s summoner first. Ethereal beings like elementals were said to be unable to establish several different connections with different people, though.


Some said that this was possible for demons, but their pride didn’t allow them to do anything like that.


They were beings that would even go so far as to not form a contract with someone just because they didn’t like some other being the summoner contracted.


Because of this, most people believe that it is impossible to connect elementals together.


But due to the students’ rage at Nerkia allowed the students to pass the first requirement to form this connection.


-I’ll kill that bastard.


The students had been all connected by a single, powerful emotion. This emotion managed to connect each elemental of each summoner into a single being.


This ended up allowing the students to create the stuff of legends itself.


-Elemental burst.


The low-class, mid-class, and the high-class elementals all bunched up together into a ball of light, and descended.


It was a domineering show of strength.


It was a power that could not be blocked.


This attack easily broke through Marcis’ shield, destroyed the entire formation of students, and defeated each of Nerkia’s elementals. As it did this, it seemed to begin losing strength.




-Uoooh! Diee!


Once they saw Nerkia hug his girlfriend in order to protect her, the students began to exert more power than ever before.


Then, they fell down with satisfactory smiles.


This was the second miracle. This was the first time when the world found out that elementals could be connected together, and also the time when Arucia’s infamous formation got destroyed with a single strike.


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  1. thanks!
    i was literally clapping when they said they’d kill nerkia! ahaha! what the heck—! nerkia, you did good! now no one will ever look down on yugrasia again! ahaha!

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  2. Fwahahahahaha~
    The moment I heard “Once they saw Nerkia hug his girlfriend in order to protect her, the students began to exert more power than ever before.”
    I laughed my lungs off.

    Normally, wouldn’t they feel guilty and stop? But h*ll no! They be jealous AF!

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