[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (9)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

“Now then, let’s get onto summoning.”



This girl who was staring at me with a hateful passion in her eyes was the glorious daughter of the famous Letia family.


…Let’s not talk about why she’s looking at me like that. After all, the entire school’s looking at me like her.


-You’re totally going to get assassinated some day.


[I feel like I might’ve been cursed more times than the evil god himself.]


It really does feel like it. Wait, hold on, they’re just staying in school for fourteen hours though? Five of those hours are spent running away, and one is spent studying? How is that bad in any shape or form?


“…Let’s start?”



This particular girl in front of me was the very first of the first years to run. Right as she made a run for it, though, she got caught in a hunter’s trap, and got hung upside down.


Of course, this was a girl. Of course, she wore a skirt. The story of her yelling at the boys staring to fuck off was already a legendary story amongst the first years! And apparently her panties were colored black.


“Let’s. Start?”

“I’m starting.”


I started drawing furiously with the chalk in my hand. The magic circle was complete. Now, she just had to summon something.


[Is she on her period? Why’s she so angry?]

-You saw her panties. She’s shy?


[It’s just a kid’s panties… and it’s not like I could keep her up there.]

-Hehe, but you still saw!


As I talked with the bat from afar, a light began to shine from the magic circle, and a beast began to come out. It was a cat-like creature with a white body, and red eyes…


“I want you to form a contract with me and become ma-”




“W, what are you doing?!”

-Ew! Don’t do that so suddenly!


I immediately turned the bat into it’s bat form, and struck the beast into a different dimension.


“This is an extremely dangerous demon, so take care of it like this as soon as you see it.”

“A, alright.”


The little kid nodded with an anxious face, and began to put in power into the circle again. But really, what in the world was that? I feel like I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen. My instinct told me to send it away as soon as I could. Hoho, what the hell…




As expected of the daughter of a family that leads the coastal guard, the girl gave off a tyrannical aura different from other kids.




“I ask you… are you my ma-”




Once again, it’s a home run! Wait, no!


“…W, what now…”


I grinned happily at Aris, who stared at me with a horrified grin.


“Not that either.”

“…Is it dangerous?”

“Of course. Copyrights would make their mo

“It’s an apocalyptic weapon capable of ending this world.”


ve if that thing made its entrance here.”

“…What’s that?”

But the danger of this world did not end at just that.


“If you’d like to play with me, you’d better be-”



“Rules are made to be broke-”



“I want to be a pirate ki-”



“I’m going to be the next hokag-”



“I’m Optimus Pri-”







“Hah… hah…”

-I’m tired…

“…Why are you hitting everything away?!”


I ignored the girl who simply was unable to realize her mistakes, and caught my breath. Then, I turned back to the girl and spoke.



“…I’m tired!”

“I’m even more tired than you are.”


Even as I complained in my heart, I closely examined the circle that my future slave… I mean, my future summoner was using to summon her beast.


She’s just summoning the things I’ve seen before… is she dead set on destroying the world or something? What is this?







-…Why’d you hit her?

[…Out of instinct?]


-You know who she is?


-What is she?




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    1. Yep. Both “If you’d like to play with me, you’d better be-(sure you know the game)” and “Rules are made to be broke-(n)” are from LoL (afterall it’s really big in Korea). The first one from the champion Ahri, the 2nd from Jinx.

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