[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (10)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

The goddess of wisdom, war, cooking, pottery, and civilization.


She was someone who was born wearing a full suit of armor and was someone who conquered an entire city along with a god who could be called her uncle. But unlike this relative of hers, who was universally hated by just about everyone, she was a goddess loved by all, Athena!


This goddess, Athena, was currently thinking about something very deeply.




She felt herself get sent flying due to a blow to her head. But the sudden pain she felt from it was something that even she could not understand.


Greek mythology was something that appeared just as much as Norse mythology in the modern world. As one of the chief gods in this mythology, Athena was someone who was very familiar with forming contracts with humans. But none of them ever hit her in the head as soon as she got summoned!

Aris, the girl who summoned the goddess, took a look at Athena with a dazed face.


‘Eh, a woman wearing armor… she’s like a Valkyrie, but that shield with the face on it is…’


It’s not like goddesses never get summoned in this world. They occasionally do appear to form contracts with humans as well. Because of this, Aris was well aware that what got summoned just now was Athena herself.


After all, the goddess was someone who created many legendary generals in the Empire!


And as her brain started to work again, she realized one thing.


‘He just beat up a goddess!’



She shouted out of extreme shock, but Naruan was already running.


-Oi, master, you said she was a goddess…

[I already hit her, there’s no changing that. So…]



[We beat her senseless.]


Even though her armor managed to absorb some of the shocks from the attack, Athena still trembled at the immense pain she was feeling. When she saw a man run towards her frantically, she immediately put up her shield.




This shield was something that Perseus had given Athena after his journey; the shield adorned with the face of the Medusa! This shield was something that could petrify anyone who stared into it.




“I just don’t have to look at it.”


Unfortunately, Naruan was someone who was very familiar with mythologies! He closed his eyes and pushed Athena down to the ground.




Athena, whose legs were already trembling from shock, fell with that simple push. And.




When she looked back up, she got greeted with the face of a silver-haired girl.


“W, what are you trying to do to me?!”

“It’s ok. Even though a woman’s face can be considered her life, attacks from me won’t hurt you.”


At the same time, Arcadia balled up her fists and raised them to the sky with a cute grin.




“Yap! Hoi! Bam! Bam!”

“W, what the! S, stop! Haaanh?!”


C, c, combo breaker! While the damage is near zero, the pain inflicted is enough to leave Athena moaning in pain!


“W, what are you doing?!”

“Ah, careful. You’ll turn to stone if you look into that shield.”


“Professor! She’s a Goddess! A Goddess, for goodness sakes! Why in the world are you beating up a god?!”

“It’s ok. It’s not like she can do anything in this world anyway.”

“What do you mean, it’s ok?! What if she decides to help an enemy nation?!”

“That’s why I’m doing this.”


Naruan turned to the spirit of the bat, who was hitting Athena with loud huffs and reddened eyes, and spoke.


“Hit her some more.”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

“S, stahp! Hah?! N, nho!”

“No? Yes!”


Swoosh! Arcadia’s hands began moving again with it making a swooshing noise. Of course, this sound wasn’t coming from her arms, but rather her mouth.


“Hup! Yah!”


The goddess tried to resist, but she couldn’t muster the strength to do so. The pain she felt was unlike anything she ever felt before! This pain was beginning to mess with her judgment.


“I, I’m dying!”

“I’m telling you, I can’t kill?”

“J, just kill me!”

“Heehee! Why’d I kill someone as pretty as you? No, before that, as an innocent, weak little girl, I dislike violence! Therefore, I do not murder others!”

“D, demon!”


Arcadia brutally beat the goddess as she made various sound effects with her voice. Naruan shook his head as he saw this.


‘She can always unsummon herself.’


Being summoned by the summoner is the beast’s choice, and being unsummoned is the beast’s choice as well. In reality, many beasts decided to cancel their summons because they didn’t like a summoner’s face.


But of course, the word “unsummon” no longer existed in the brain of Athena. Naruan knew that well.




“Goddess, there is a way for you to escape this predicament.”

“Urgh! W, what is it?! I am willing to sell my soul to the devil! Just let me out of here!”

“Form a contract with that girl.”


When Naruan pointed to Aris, the girl walked over reluctantly next to him.


“Can’t I continue? This feels great.”


Arcadia expressed her discontent, but Naruan just ignored her.


“If you form a contract with this girl, you can stop the pain.”

“Eh? Wait!”

“What do you mean, wait?! Just do it!”


Aris tried to step back, but Athena wasn’t about to let go of her lifeline.


“Contract me! Contract me now! I’ll lend you my wisdom and streng… hah! S, stop hitting!”

“No! I can’t hit you once you form a contract!”

“Q, quickly! Contract! I’ll lend you my everything! Just do it!”


Aris was forced to nod at Athena, who was screaming desperately while grabbing onto her foot with her right hand.


“Y, yes, I’ll do it!”


At the same time, a blue symbol of a bird appeared on Aris’ hand. Although this was an unfair contract, the symbol of Athena still had appeared.


“Now then, Aris, unsummon the goddess.”



Only then did Athena remember the term. The goddess looked up at Naruan with a face of shock. Naruan simply made a “all according to plan” face as he looked at Aris.


“Just think of sending her back to where she came from.”

“T, this is a sc…”

“Unsummon?” “am…”


Naruan grabbed Arcadia by the girl’s hand, and stood up. Aris was still looking at Naruan with a dazed face.


Athena was unable to even properly complete her sentence as she became unsummoned.


“Yah! This feels good!”


“…So is the contract complete?”

“…Are contracts usually like this?”

“Who cares? It worked.”


Naruan smiled, and immediately headed back to his office. The very next day, the front gates of the school had a placard that read [Aris Ril Letia contracts a god-ranked beast!].


After this point, not a single parent opposed Naruan’s methods of teaching.


“No way!”


Almost all the students opposed it, though.

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  1. this isnt the story about how brave and cool naruan. it`s a story about turning many beings into HUGE M with a bat!!!😂
    “Professor! She’s a Goddess! A Goddess, for goodness sakes! Why in the world are you beating up a god?!”
    omfg im dying i can`t😂😂😂

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