[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (6)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

The siege battle this afternoon was simple, but it allowed the schools to be able to rack in a huge number of points. Even though we managed to take most of the points in the competitions earlier in the day, this one competition could potentially flip the entire situation for us. Each base that got conquered would allow a school to receive 200 points, and once a school took over the main base of a different school, they’d receive 500 points. This was the one battle that allowed a losing school to be able to take first place.


The competition was a little similar to “capture the flag”, but the scale of it was different.


Almost all the students participated, and there were up to twenty bases in the entire field, along with ten more empty ones. Each school starts with a hundred thousand points, and schools could use defensive/offensive tools they made themselves in the battle.


But since the schools’ given points do not rise, and since it cost more points to operate more bases, it became hard for each side to just take over empty bases.


Because of this.


“Yugrasia’s doing something strange yet again!”


The goal is to take over all the bases! That was the conclusion I reached.


There was but one answer to a competition like this. The other schools would all ally together to strike us hard.


“If they’re going to do that anyway, then we should take over as much bases as possible before that.”


I didn’t get any objections. If we’re gonna go down anyway, we might as well try to fight back with numbers.


No matter what, it was almost always better to fight from inside a castle rather than outside. You could just throw away the base if things got bad as well.


“Problem is, we have too many enemies…”


There were just too many. Way too many. Everyone outside this school were enemies. Since the points our school racked in were outstandingly huge, the other schools basically decided to make us retire before things got even worse.


“Didn’t think they’d use their trump card so early on as well.”


The audience were much more heated than they were before.


In the battlefield, there was a burning hellhole that used to be a base, along with a flame giant in the center.


Due to the girl who was sitting on this giant’s shoulder, an entire base just got taken out in an instant.


Even if they didn’t expend any points on defensive tools, the base was still fortified with pretty powerful summoners. But still, the base couldn’t last that long against Sutr himself.


‘Should’ve brought her here…’


I should’ve taken her when I could, but I was too late. There was no way to stop that thing. Aris seemed to have realized that as well, and decided to retreat.


And Arucia just so happened to reveal their trump card as well.


-Master, master! I think I might get along with that thing pretty well! I can feel it!


I felt a chill run down my spine from Arcadia’s words, and rubbed by arms.


“Is it that much of a pervert?”


-Hah, hng! T, this feeling! Arucia’s the best!


The students in the battlefield were all scared witless. They weren’t scared of the absolute power that Sutr showed, but rather the perverted insanity that Arucia’s trump card showed.


-A, attack harder!

-Why?! Why is it liking my attacks?!

-N, noooo! Don’t come here!!


Arucia’s ultimate weapon, Masokasia di Romia. This thing could be described in two simple words: roach, and masochist.


It had a life force akin to a cockroach, and was an M to boot. The thing just gets happier the more it gets hit. Doesn’t die, though. The pervertedness of the thing just made everyone on the field lose their will to fight.


And lastly.


“It’s time to act.”

-Eh? Forreal?


I could see a student of Mercaria bribe students into his side. Right, let’s just beat up the ones that got bribed, then… Mm, the money they got tempted by is pretty big, though, so I’ll have to think about it.


With this, we began to lose more and more bases. Of course, none of the schools really collided with each other during their attack. In other words, they already talked this out beforehand.


But even so, we were still relatively fine. All this was expected from the beginning. In fact, we even created a plan for when we just had a single base left. Thanks to Aris’ judgement, most of the students could get out before Sutr could do anything, and since the students who fought Masokasia wasn’t incapacitated, the number of students didn’t change that much from the beginning.




At this time, I could see a student from our school moving with a student from Marcis.


-Isn’t that the prez?


One of the two student was definitely our school’s council president. What was he doing here?


The one who was broadcasting the battle seemed to be curious of this as well, and managed to zoom in on the two students.




-Will you… will you really be alright?

-…I feel sorry for the others, but… you’re more precious to me!


With this, I understood.


Mn. Right. You’re friggin’ dead to me. I’ll put a damn bamboo spear through you.


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  1. thanks a lot!
    um, oh nooooo! what happened! if they lose this one, peopleare gonna get beaten up again, ahaha!


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