[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (1)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

The event of the festival was simple.


Each school would gather in a designated area, and ten minutes before the event starts, these schools would get a notice of what event they would be participating in. Each school would choose their players, and these players would enter the gate to the fighting grounds.


It is impossible to make them fight in a circular stage in the middle of a colloseum! This is because there had been a massive disaster caused by this in the past. Because of this, the audience gets to see the fight through recording magic, and the students would fight in a different place.

And, that place is.


“The labyrinth?”

“It’s a game to get to the end of the labyrinth by defeating monsters and traps. The difficulty of these monsters and traps aren’t high, but the labyrinth itself is quite complicated.”


Nerkia immediately responded to Naruan’s question. This was a competition that took place a few times in the past. Because of the labyrinth, this particular competition took quite a long time to complete.


“There is a way to end the competition quickly.”

“What is it?”

“It might be dangerous.”

“That doesn’t matter.”


Naruan smiled when he saw Nerkia’s emotionless face.


“This tactic suits us best.”


Martan, the student council president of Marcis, was confident of victory. It was indeed true that the probability of Marcis’ victory here was extremely high. Unless a monster of a student appeared in either Mercaria and Arucia came out, this would end in a victory for Marcis.


“And since they forbade people from breaking walls, Arucia’s stupid tactic won’t work anymore!”


Due to the fact that one of the participants from Arucia broke all the walls of the labyrinth in the previous competition, damaging the walls became off-limits. In other words, Arucia wasn’t able to show off all their power, and Mercaria…. well, there was no need to worry about them, as they were all peasants at best. Yugrasia’s summoned beasts weren’t able to do much in this competition, either!


There were people who thought similar to him in this competition.


“Victory is ours!”


Ruan, the student council president of Arucia, was confident that the victory would go to them in this competition. Stamina was what mattered most in a labyrinth like this! As long as they ran like hell, they’d eventually get to the end! Neither Marcis nor Mercaria would be able to stop them!




“We will come out victorious!”


Axis, the student council president of Mercaria, was thinking the same thing as all the other student council presidents.


The students with the best memorization capabilities of the school were gathered! As long as they avoided enemies, they should be able to make a map of the labyrinth! The idiots at Arucia and the wizards of Marcia wouldn’t be able to stop them!




“This time, we shall be victorious!”


This should be coming from Nerkia, the student council president of Yugrasia, but it was actually coming from a man in black clothes. In other words, a suspicious person.


“This time, we will succeed in beating the empire.”


This event was to be broadcasted throughout the entire empire! This was a perfect chance to show how powerless the empire was! Already, thirty people had snuck into the battlegrounds, and as long as the empire didn’t notice them, victory was theirs. No matter how strong these students were, these people were full-grown soldiers!


And lastly.


In a dark tavern, there were a few people who were watching the battle through a small broadcasting orb. What was this place? The biggest gambling hall of the empire! A little girl appeared in this dark place.


“Aah, this isn’t a place for a child like you.”

“Haha, a child? You mean little lady. Hey, do you want to have a drink with me?”

“Mister, you’ll be having a nice time with the popo if you did that. What was the phone number for the police again…”


After passing by the drunkards, the girl walked towards the master of the tavern.


“Hey kid, this isn’t…”




Before the master even managed to say anything, the girl took out a huge pouch onto the table.


“Hah, since when did this place care about age? You kiddin’ me?”

“What do you…”


Before the master even got to say anything, the girl flipped the leather pouch to spill its contents onto the table.


Clink clink clink…


“H… holy…”

“Is, is this all gold?”


When the men around her said this out of shock, the girl simply smiled in response.


“3000 gold on Yugrasia.”


The odds were stacked against Yugrasia, and no gambler was willing to bet on its victory. Only the silver-haired girl, and her owner were the ones certain of its victory.


4 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (1)

  1. Fufufu.
    Wow….. 3k…….. ONLY?! I’d bet my whole house, even my kidney on Yugrasia…
    It’s like simply saying “would you bet your everything on the guy who’s gonna win? “


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