[RATH!] Chapter 2. Uhh… Mm… What’s that? Scary… (4)

Chapter 2. Uhh… Mm… What’s that? Scary…

2.5 Their Story
[2]Nermia El Ria: …What the…

I moved to the summoning circle prepared by the instructor.

I’m a bit scared. Demon… Can I summon something that gets rarely summoned even in the empire? Me, a child who’s a little older than 10 years old?

There were all kinds of thoughts in my head, but… there was still no contact from the family. I’ve been trying to search rumors, but I got nothing.

And… I was unable to disobey the instructor. If that accursed club appeared again…


When I threw out the thought about the club with a shiver, I was able to see my surroundings. In the forest, there was a blood-red magic circle drawn on a wooden floor. And the instructor… lifted the floor?

“W, what is this?”

There was a stone plate beneath the floor. And there was an ancient incantation written on it. The instructor did not even glance at me as he responded.

“As I said before, selling your soul is a total scam.”

Just where was he going with this? The instructor soon answered that with a shocking response.

“That would mean scams are possible when it comes to contracts… if I were to put it simply, us humans can scam demons as well.”
“N, no way.”

That was impossible. Demons and the demon race don’t get classified differently for nothing. Demons are beings that rival gods. It would be impossible to fool them.

“Right, it seems impossible. There’s no way to scam a demon. At least, there’s no way to scam them by ourselves.”
“What do you mean?”
“We do not scam them. The demon will scam itself for us.”

I was only able to realize what that meant later.

2.5 Their Story
[2.5]The Great Demon’s Story: …What the…

A being that ends worlds.
The demon that dominates fire.
The master of giants that even gods fear.

The lord of Muspelheim, Sutr.

That was who I was.
And I was…


Really bored. If I move, wars begin. Because of that, all sorts of things try to restrict me. Since my existence itself spells destruction, I can’t move unless a human forms a contract with me.

But just who would make a contract with me… No, is there even a way to contact me at this point?
When I think about several Great Demons besides me, it seems unlikely that a method to summon me exists in the mortal realm.
Why do I know this? Because I heard humans destroyed all methods to contact Great Demons like me for being to powerful!

Because of that, I’m bored!

I might even take just half a soul to lend my strength!
Was it because of my desperation?

“T, this is?!”

A contact from a summoning circle… It’s been 2000 years!
I quickly accepted the summon, struck the ground with my hand and shouted.

“Puhahaha! Are you the ones who summoned me, the master of Muspelheim?”

And I looked at the man and the child who seemed to have summoned me. Mm… the man seems to not have summoned me. No, he wouldn’t even be able to… it’s almost like the mana of this world refuses to near his soul.

The child nodded at me. And.

“Will you form a contract with me?”

Form a contract? Of course!

“Yes, I will! But, the cost will be!”

Your soul, of course! The moment I was about to say that, the man smiled evilly, and opened his mouth.


What the f… the hell?

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  1. thanks for the chapter!!
    hahahah can’t wait for the demon to get scammed by the evil instructor!!!
    poor the bored demon~~
    after 2000 years and when he summoned he met the evil instructor!!!

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