[RATH!] Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (7)

Sorry for disappearing for a day. I decided to bring a 3 chapter release as an apology, I guess. I’m going to take Fridays and Saturdays off from now on, and Sundays I will take for King Shura.

Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (7)


Oops, 102 stared at me with a dumb face for a moment. Back to my poker face. Back to my poker face! 102 looked at me again as if he saw a ghost, then turned back. I then proceeded to laugh even more inside. 17! You amazing bastard!

Now, everyone apart from 102 has gotten rid of their ‘kid’ status. They are now a proper member of the Organization.

What about 102? He’s still immature. He’s still not a proper villain!

102 doesn’t know. He still doesn’t know that I hid his longsword under 46’s bed before he woke up.

102 doesn’t know. He still doesn’t know that 17 had cast a slip spell on his shoes so that they untied easily.

17 never missed a single breakfast for a month now. It’s quite amazing. And 46! 46 had the courage to throw away her shoes the moment she found out they had a slip spell cast on them! 17 immediately began recognize 46 as an ally, not an enemy.

In other words, 102 was pretty much the person who always ate porridge.

“Now… we should start the real training.”

A month had passed already. In 2 months, the Organization would do a mandatory test on all the student. I’m not worried for the other two, but 102 is probably going to be in trouble.

His skills weren’t too bad, but he’s just too honest. He’s probably from a fallen noble family or something. Sometimes those kind of kids come in, and they often are too honest, and get backstabbed a lot. Well, that’s not the case for the guys I teach, though!

What is the reason why I’m the head instructor? I’m the head instructor because I can change young fallen nobles into a proper villain!

7 out of the 10 skilled rookies under the boss were all trained by me. I suppose that says everything.

Well, there’s only 3 out of those 7 that will properly listen to me those… but those three can probably talk the other 4 into making them do what I want, so it doesn’t really matter.

I’m still far away from my ultimate goal though. I just managed to train rookies! My aim is to create the boss’ right arm! Even though we might look like this, we’re actually the biggest Evil Organization inside the biggest nation in the world.

Where there is light, there is darkness. And it’s not like that darkness will fade that easily either. There is only one reason why I am working here in the first place!

This is a place that will never fall! In other words, I can have a job for life! I’m planning on making a council of elders or something after training a lot of core members in the organization. I’m planning on recreating that council made up of useless old men who take care of all the important decisions in novels.

If you don’t understand, it’s kind of like the Gorosei in One Pxxce? Mm… they actually work though. Anyway, I’d just be happy if the three generals, I mean the Organization’s boss would move every time I got shit on!
Anyway, I began to work a little more, so that I could train the future’s boss. Even though I look like this, I’m actually strong enough to win against a medium rank, no, a high rank knight! Hahaha! I am the master of swords!

…Well, so what? I can’t use the life sword. Honestly, knights these days have pretty shit sword skills. What the hell. They just take all attacks with their armors, and go chop chop with their life sword.

Of course, sword skills matter a lot if the enemy could use the life sword as well, but it ultimately boils down to how much more energy you have.

You have nothing to say even if I use unfair ways to win! Life sword is a cheat from the very start, damn it!

I can only wait till the Organization develops a life sword neutralizer. Once it comes out… just you wait, I’m going to make as much fun of knights as I can, and go chop chop as the knights clumsily move around in their armor.

But then again, it’s not like I know when it’s going to be out either. Ah, I’m getting depressed again. Well, whenever I get depressed!

“5 minutes left.”

There’s no better way to solve depression other than to watch kids suffer!
17’s magic spells begin to barrage upon 102 as he speeds up! A wall of soil appears in front of the kid! 102 slices through it! But that was a fake! There was a hole up ahead!

“U, uwah!”

Ohh! 3 combos! The element is different this time as well! Hoho, what a result. I didn’t expect her to be able to do such a thing thanks to the training. As expected, I must be pretty awesome.

Water fell onto the kid, and the kid began to flop around in confusion. And once he escaped, 17 immediately began to throw down even more traps.

Mm… as expected, those kids learned well. They managed to figure out it was easier to take down one enemy as a group rather than to fight fairly.

Even now, 46 was running as fast as she could while dodging the holes. She was ahead of 102 by 4 laps already. She was still trying her best, despite being in the safe zone… how amazing.

“D, damn it! I, I escaped!”
“Wind, push!”

“Wha- whoa!”

102 barely managed to escape, but 17 immediately pushed him back into the hole.

…But by the way. You said it was wind, but it actually just looked like you just beat him back into the hole with your staff?

“D, damn it, so you’re resorting to physical attacks?!”
“…It’s wind magic.”

Hoho, extra points for 17. She’s already learning how to be stubborn as a mule.

And with that, 17 begins running again! And 102 decided to give us all a good laugh by falling into a new hole right after he escaped the one he was just in, and he decided to finish off the viewers by becoming a foothold for 46 when he jumped back up.

“1 minute left.”

And in the end, 102 was the loser! This was supposed to be where I was supposed to begin real training, but I just couldn’t stop myself from seeing any more of this!

But I didn’t know back then. I didn’t know that this would be the start of competitive training in this world.

23 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (7)

  1. POOR 102 ;_;
    Just… I might rather want to starve than eating tasteless shit while they feast~
    Starve with dignity and honor!
    His honesty is his downfall. Might be a bit chivalrous too cuz he doesnt wanna harm the 2 girls?
    Thanks for the chapters! 😀

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  2. LOLOLOLOL This is hilarious! XDDD This is pretty funny~~~ Hehehehehe. I think Naruan is smart. It’s always awesome when the MC is smart~~~ Though the average intelligence in the current verse seems to be…uhm. :S

    I wonder what the Evil Organisation is like? XD We’ve only seen the recruit’s trainings thus far!


  3. Wounder if he is going to reward completed missions with cake?

    [in the future]
    f*Ck,f*ck F*ck, he is back!
    “Master, here, i killed the aincient evil dragon and brought you it’s heart!”
    *shakily slips fort a slice of cake*
    “Thank you master, i will not let you down!”


  4. Rofl! Thanks for the chapter ensj! This is rapidly becoming one of my favourites, if it can keep this momentum through 50 more chapters…

    Btw I wanted to ask, are you considering taking God of Crime off KCD’s site and move to your own? I really want to read the next chapter of that T_T


  5. It seems his plans will backfire as I suspect his teaching method will instead make the heroes and knights better instead.


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