[RMB] Chapter 5, part 2 & 3

Project Page Chapter 5 p 1 Chapter 5. Running and Running… (2 & 3) “Oh god, I can taste bile.” Crawl. Twitch. Muwui was slithering around on the floor. He wasn’t agile enough to look like a snake. Rather, he looked more like a worm with the way he moved across the uneven floor. Funnily enough … More [RMB] Chapter 5, part 2 & 3

[RMB] Chapter 4, part 3

Project Page Chapter 4 p 2 Chapter 4. The Beginnings of a Cultivation Technique (3) There were countless tries. Each failure made him either lose control of his energy completely, or start trembling lightly. Thankfully, the fact that he was messing around with the standard breathing technique made his attempts relatively low-risk. And thanks to the … More [RMB] Chapter 4, part 3