[ISBBTW!] Chapter 11

The hunt begins. — Chapter 11. Battle Royale   The next day, at 6:10AM. Approximately eight hours after Heart of Gold was first used. It was about time for the delivery to take place. I took my eyes off of the clock, and turned to the saint. She was looking at me with sparkling eyes.   … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 11

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 10

Chapter 10. Asking a different murderer.   If a normal person was given a power just for transferring to a different world–. What would happen if an abnormal person was sent to a different world? Morto Hai was able to acquire information on “The world’s strongest” through the rumors that the people of the underworld … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 10

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 9

Interesting stuff. Action will happen again after chapter 10. — Chapter 9. Heart of Gold   “Idiot saint.”   “Stupid murderer.”   The conversation got nowhere, and I only got more annoyed. It wasn’t like I could just keep glaring at her, though. Let’s try to change the topic.   “Fine, I’ll apologize first. Let … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 9

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 8

Chapter 8. Power and Personality   Sector 1 of the shelter, where the battle had previously occurred. The soldier who had his head smashed in only had his lower jaw still intact. His red tongue that had become completely exposed to the outside was dangling powerlessly on the ground.   Whoosh.   Wind came in … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 8

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 7

Chapter 7. The World Is Ruled By Idiots And Evil The carriage exited the castle, and began its journey downhill. Ten minutes after travelling through a forest, an eerie prison building came into view. Of course, this was a more poetic way of putting it. This was the shelter that Necro had spoke of. The … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 7

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 6

Chapter 6. The King Wishes For The Hero’s Death “Come closer. Yes, you too…”   I walked to the prime minister. The documents on the table were piled so high that it was covering half of the man’s face. The language these documents were written in were all foreign to me. The only reason I … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 6

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 5

Chapter 5. Recognizing The Monster   It’s been five minutes since we came out of the room. We were still walking up. We walked up spiral stairs that had no support, and walked through walls that seemed solid to the eyes.   “So?” “So? What do you mean, ‘so’?”   Necro answered casually without even … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 5

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 4

Chapter 4. The Immoral Act You Were Summoned To Do   Thurst? Hunger? His HP was low for someone at level 8. After looking at the Necro’s equipment, I realized something. If one’s item did not have any stats, or an added effect, the item didn’t show up in the status screen. For example, normal … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 4

New Series.

So, as you might have seen, a new series is being introduced into the site! The novel is called “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World”, which would be one of my favorite Korean novels (that I actually got permission to translate). I don’t know how fast I can churn out the chapters, but I … More New Series.

[ISBBTW!] Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Menticide’s True Nature Was it really fun for people to lynch a single individual as a group? I don’t think I’d ever understand such a feeling. I looked up at the child that was approaching me. What was in his hand was a dangerous battleaxe. The Smelter, who came right in front of … More [ISBBTW!] Chapter 3