I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World ebook release!

This is a repost of the reddit announcement. Sup! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I haven’t really done much in the translation community after wuxiaworld, after all. I’m here today to announce that, the novel I’ve been translating in wuxiaworld has officially been released as an ebook! It’s been a lot of … More I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World ebook release!


A lot of people in wuxiaworld have been telling me to get into King Shura more instead of the other project I’m working on, “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!”. There’s just one problem with doing that. I’ll post a response that I gave to another user here. I have mentioned this before, … More Explanations.

Status Update.

So, I’ve moved “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!” to Wuxiaworld. I expect that many people are surprised about this, so I decided to make this update. So you might remember me saying that this was a novel that the author granted me full rights for. As long as I have the ability, … More Status Update.

Dropping Re:RATH.

Yeah, no. I don’t want to drop this thing either. I’ve had a lot of fun translating it (although the speed has been dwindling recently), and I wanted to finish the damn thing if I could. Unfortunately, before I could, the author decided to go to a publisher called Kakaopage, the publisher that the author … More Dropping Re:RATH.

New Series.

So, as you might have seen, a new series¬†is being introduced into the site! The novel is called “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World”, which would be one of my favorite Korean novels (that I actually got permission to translate). I don’t know how fast I can churn out the chapters, but I … More New Series.

And now…

So this is where RATH! temporarily ends. The author did begin his remake a while back, but I’m not gonna get into that for a few weeks. I’m a bit exhausted from working on just two projects for several months, and would like to get into something else before getting back to RATH!. I’ve been … More And now…