I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World ebook release!

This is a repost of the reddit announcement.

Sup! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I haven’t really done much in the translation community after wuxiaworld, after all.
I’m here today to announce that, the novel I’ve been translating in wuxiaworld has officially been released as an ebook! It’s been a lot of hard work between me, the editor, and the author in order to get this book published, and it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could take a look at the end product. After all, the editor himself spent hours looking at each inconsistency that was in the novel, and helped make the book sound more… english.
The novel did have a lot of problems when it came out, and a lot of those problems weren’t able to be addressed due to my lack of experience as a translator, but I still hope that you guys would give this novel a chance.

Anywho, here’s the actual link to the novel on amazon. Enjoy!

The book is on a free weekend deal at the moment, so please do give it a read and maybe review it if you could! Reviews would be greatly appreciated :D.

p.s. You probably won’t find any announcements on this on wuxiaworld. This is because though I’ve worked there in the past, I was the one who struck the deal with the author and published it, not wuxiaworld itself as a company. It’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t get that extra publicity boost, but well, I did decide to kick wuxiaworld out of the picture and do all of this myself.


6 thoughts on “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World ebook release!

  1. “It looks like a Korean novel/webcomic publishing company decided to cooperate with fan translators in order to start up an English version of their website. It feels really awesome watching fan translators and publishing companies come together like this~”

    Has this website been released yet?


  2. Just finished the ebook. Damn near shed a tear. Hope the author keeps at it. Would love to see another work from them. You too I guess.


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