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Chapter 4 p 2

Chapter 4. The Beginnings of a Cultivation Technique (3)

There were countless tries.

Each failure made him either lose control of his energy completely, or start trembling lightly. Thankfully, the fact that he was messing around with the standard breathing technique made his attempts relatively low-risk.

And thanks to the formation’s effects, he was able to think through his actions with more focus.

The formation allowed him to be more like a genius of sorts.

Of course, Muwui didn’t like this feeling. It made him feel like he was turning into a goodie two shoes.

In any case, Muwui began to think about the differences between the Dapeng Cultivation Technique and the standard breathing technique. What made the Dapeng Cultivation Technique more efficient? He took each elements of the two techniques, and compared them side by side.

Of course, he didn’t work like this from the beginning.

When he first did this, he circulated his qi and began using the techniques like a madman, eventually losing control of it.

After that, he decided to take a more careful approach.

Time was on his side, after all.


He exhaled long and slowly.

“I think I know what hurts now…”

After numerous experimentations, he could now tell what made him lose control, and what didn’t.

“The standard breathing technique…”

He could tell why it was called the father of all cultivation techniques.

Any deviation from this standard technique would either result in wasted time or a loss of control.

The Dapeng Cultivation Technique, too, actually only added a few more pathways in the body for the qi to travel.

Thanks to that, the amount of energy it could collect was a little larger. But, even after a hundred different tries, Muwui couldn’t find any ways to improve this technique. Having little to no knowledge about stuff like this didn’t help much either.

“Fuck it, let’s go all out this time. It’s not like I’m going to die anyway.”

Muwui immediately went back to working on the cultivation technique.

He’d never worked on something this passionately before.

As a person who only ever worried about getting through a day alive, working on a single problem like this was rather interesting and fun to him.

It even made him wonder “why hadn’t I live like this to begin with?” The feeling of learning and discovery felt amazing to him.

“Whoa, I wonder if this is why some people enjoy learning?”

Muwui let out a satisfied grunt as he felt the heaviness in his stomach.

It wasn’t like he got anywhere near being as strong as Dapeng, but he did feel like he was several times stronger than before.

This made him quite a bit amazed at Dapeng’s strength, and made him wonder just what first rates martial artists were like, if second rates were that strong already.

“Should I try running again?”

Last time he tried running, he ended up losing control. But the feeling of using one’s qi to run was truly amazing. He wanted to experience that feeling again.

He was also learning sword techniques on the side, but all that really was was a few standard cuts.

It wasn’t like those sword strokes needed any qi either.

That’s why, if one really wanted to experience the feeling of having more energy, they would run.

“Now then, let’s go run like hell!”

Muwui immediately shot off like the wind.

And that day, Muwui experienced qi deviation.



Thanks to having been on the heat stone, Muwui’s body recovered at a relatively fast pace. He didn’t actually completely lose control in the first place, but it wasn’t like Muwui really knew the difference.

“Son of a…”

It was nice at first.

He was definitely faster than before.

It was like… being on a horse.

Having learned just about anything to survive, Muwui had learned to ride a horse at some point in the battlefield.

That’s why he could compare running to being on a horse.

Thinking that, he suddenly wanted to go faster. He started circulating energy faster, and such resulted in his current state.

“Might as well try to run a rope through a needle. Damn.”

Muwui sighed.

What was causing him pain right now were the veins in his body that circulated energy.

They were all clogged up.


He thought he did something wrong at first, but he realized what was going wrong pretty fast.

The amount of energy circulating in his body rose, but the veins the energy traveled through didn’t change. Needlessly pushing immense energy into the veins would obviously cause them to get clogged.

“Was that why he made me do all those things?”

Come to think of it, his elder brother often made Muwui stretch his body quite a bit after using the breathing technique every time.

The man probably learned this and did it out of habit, not knowing why one had to do it.

“I could have just learned this…”

He stopped himself from saying ‘damn it, did I really have to experience it myself?’.

After all, this was all due to his idiocy.

Today, too, Muwui learned something new… through painful experience.


* * *


Qi flowed out from Muwui’s dantian, and rolled towards the centre of his body.

That mass of energy rose to his chest, then split in two. They began to speed up, just like that.

The two masses shot into each of his arms, and began to propagate as they moved.


The energy reached the palms of his hands, and made the air around it vibrate. It moved back faster than it came.

The energy came together behind his neck. The two energies were stronger than ever.

It fell, almost like a waterfall through his spine.

Krrrr! Bam!

A small vibration reverberated through his hip.

It was almost like his hips were hit by a strong wave.

The energy split yet again. They rested in his butt for a second, and met at the midpoint between his genitals and anus.


The energies shot into his legs.

They ran through the veins that needed to be crossed in order to allow power to continuously flow through it, before continuing onwards.

The energy struck his feet like meteors.


The energies shot back up, returning towards the dantian they came from.

They combined when they came to his hips, and got even faster.

As they passed his hips, a strong vibration struck his body.


The energy went all the way up to the back of his head, and slowed down all the way back to his dantian. The energy rested quietly there afterwards.


After finishing the cultivation technique, he exhaled.

The energy in his dantian began to boil again with each exhale.

A roaring strength!

Feeling this caused Muwui to open his eyes with a bit of joy on his face.


His smile turned into laughter.


He couldn’t stop laughing.

That thing had come to visit.

That sir that always came when Muwui did dumb shit.

Qi deviation.

A little bit later, Muwui fell back, foam forming in his mouth. He was twitching every few seconds.

It tickled a bit, too.

Chapter 5 p1

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