[RMB] Chapter 4, part 1

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Chapter 4. The Beginnings of a Cultivation Technique (1)

“Fucking hell!”

Muwui removed his body from the heat stone with a curse.

‘But be careful. Sometimes you might end up twisting up your mouth. Well, I’ve never heard of someone losing control of his qi with a breathing technique, so you’ll probably be fine so long as you don’t try to pull some crazy shit.’

Dapeng’s kind words popped up in Muwui’s head.

“To think what I did… would be considered as batshit crazy…”

Muwui’s face crumbled into a frown.

Losing control of one’s qi would either happen when one either thought of other things while training or when receiving an injury while training and losing control of the energy in the body. If things go bad, one could potentially become permanently disabled.

This was what he knew about losing control.

He had heard that there were more complicated processes that resulted in a loss of one’s energy. Regardless of which, losing control usually required one to be… well, more powerful than Muwui, at the very least.

“Was losing control something that could happen when you spend all your energy?”

Muwui was able to tell that the cause of all this was due to the exhaustion of his energy. He wasn’t a complete idiot, after all.

In reality, it was within the norm for someone to stop using their qi upon exhaustion. After all, what got used after qi got spent was the person’s bodily energy stored within their blood and flesh. After that, the person would start burning their life force itself.

Muwui didn’t know this, of course.

Sometimes, one might end up losing control of their energy as their body’s last ditch effort to preserve itself. That was precisely what happened to Muwui.

In his case, he had drained the energy dry in his bloodstreams, and thus his body decided to step in.

If it didn’t, Muwui would have started using his life energy.

“Even so…”

A smile formed on Muwui’s face.

It felt like he found something new in his life.

Upon partial recovery, he resumed his practice of the breathing technique. Then, a curious thought appeared in his head.

Why did something like this happen in the first place…?

He knew two cultivation techniques.

There was the one he was using, the standard breathing technique. And there was that other one that stemmed from the original but had some form of modification.

It was an improved version of sorts.

The reason why he knew two cultivation techniques wasn’t anything special in truth.

It was because Dapeng had forced him to learn it. Apparently the second one was his secret cultivation technique or something…? Dapeng probably wanted to look special in front of Muwui.

Muwui widened his eyes at the time and said that the second version was far cooler. He did it to look good, of course.

He didn’t know what was different about the two techniques.

Obviously, it wasn’t exactly easy for someone who had just attained qi to tell the difference.

Those who studied martial arts for all their lives would know the difference between the two, but to Muwui, they all seemed about the same.

He only said the second technique was better because Dapeng said so.

“Dapeng Cultivation Technique, was it…”

Muwui smiled bitterly.

A long time back, when he asked Dapeng the name of the second cultivation technique, he could even recall the anxiousness radiating from his elder brother.

‘Da-dapeng Cultivation Technique?’

‘What the hell?’

‘Yeah! Dapeng Cultivation Technique!’

Dapeng was most definitely unaware of the name of the cultivation technique at the time.

In any case, Muwui using his free time to learn more about the cultivation techniques allowed him to spot the differences between each technique rather quickly.

Dapeng’s technique really was better. Muwui just couldn’t tell because it really was only a tiny bit better than the standard.

If the standard breathing technique required one to train for a hundred days to attain a hundred day’s worth of qi, Dapeng’s technique would require one to train for ninety seven days to reach the same standards.

Would a novice be able to tell the difference?

Not unless he was comparing the basic breathing technique to a godly cultivation technique.

In any case, Muwui had become a lot more careful with his qi usage after losing control of it for the first time.

Now that he had a goal in mind, he had taken the first step to change the way he lived.

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