[RMB] Chapter 2, part 3

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Chapter 2 p 2

Chapter 2. The Way Muwui Lives (3)

“Om nom nom! Gulp gulp!”

Muwui was eating.

“Oho! A new flavor!”

He was experimenting with creating new dishes.

What he held in his hands now was moss soup.

Well, it was more bits of moss floating in a pool of water, but that’s besides the point.



Muwui carefully placed his broken bowl next to him.

Beside the bowl was his treasured sword, that had led him to all this. Next to the sword was a small satchel filled with random goods.

After giving his bowl a glance, Muwui clicked his tongue in disgust.

“Tsk, to think a military grade bowl would be so fragile…”

The things he had laid out next to him was everything he had taken into the cave with him. In other words, a broken sword, a broken bowl and some satchel were Muwui’s only company in this cave.

“Hmm, now that I’ve had lunch… What to do for dinner…”

It wasn’t exactly something that someone who just finished lunch should think about, but Muwui seemed absolutely serious.

“I had grilled moss yesterday.”

That was just him drying some moss on his stone bed.

It couldn’t have been any further from being grilled.

If the stone bed was hot enough to grill things, Muwui would have been a roasted man long ago.

“Should I make moss pancakes? Oh! I don’t think I’ve tried that yet!”

Muwui’s eyes sparkled as he ripped off a handful of moss from the ground. He then proceeded to scoop up some water with his bowl.


Muwui crushed the moss in the water. When he did this, the mixture in the bowl began to turn to a white mass.

Muwui exclaimed out loud in shock.

“C-could this be?!”

A slight whisper of awe escaped his lips.

“This is… moss spirit pill!”

A stupid grin formed in his face.

“Ehehe, I’ll save this for later. I’ve created something cool today.”

Muwui placed his pill on the stone bed. He then resumed to his flattening of the white mass.

“Pancake! Pancake! Pancakes round like lanterns! Where can I find them? On top of the stone bed of course!”

Singing a strange tune to himself, Muwui stood back up. The perfectly circular moss pancake pleased him.

“Now… the salt.”

Upon saying this, Muwui began to run laps around the cave.

One lap, two….

Sweat began to pour out of his pores.

“Huff! Huff!”

He slowly came to a stop, then immediately dropped down to the floor to do push-ups.

“One, two! One, two!”

After some time, even more sweat began to perspire.



Muwui screamed to himself when a drop of sweat fell. He carefully moved over to his bed.

“Careful, careful…”

After arriving at his bed, he took up his bowl and started to collect the sweat from his body.

“Salt is here~ The salt has come!”


His blade was like a saw.

One that would rip and tear any flesh that dared touch it. The man who currently held it in his hands happened to be Muwui.

His face was covered by hair, making him hard to recognize.


A faint laugh escaped from his lips.

His shoulders shook.

After a momentary laugh, Muwui slowly lifted his head and opened his mouth.
“So you’re him? The Sword God of Change?”

Each and every one of his words oozed with killing intent. Muwui quickly gathered his hair, and swung it behind his head.

He ran across the cave to the other side and grabbed a single arrowhead, pretending it was a makeshift blade.

“Hohoho, this old man is indeed the Sword God.”

Muwui muttered to himself trying to sound like an elderly martial artist.

Right after finishing his sentence, he put the arrowhead back down on the floor and ran back to the other side. He messed up his hair as much as he could.

He grabbed his sword again and spoke with a hushed tone.

“That name shall exist for no more! Because I, Muwui, will be erasing it from existence today!”

His lowered voice turned into a shout.

Just like a general getting ready for battle!

Muwui carefully put his sword down, and ran sideways. This time, he squatted down, and put his bowl on his head.

He immediately put on a shocked face.

“Oh! The Invincible Sword God, Muwui, just challenged the Sword God of Change!”

He scattered sideways in his squatted position like the crawling of a crap, and threw down his hat.

He stuck a bit off moss he had prepared earlier beneath his nose.

“It’s true! The Invincible Sword God must be looking for revenge!”

Muwui had managed to create an ancient and mysterious technique that some refer to as “playing alone”.


* * *


Drr, drrr!

Every time the arrowhead made contact with the stone floor, stone powder would become airborne and the line on the floor would get deeper. This did barely anything to the stone itself, but to the one doing this to the stone itself, this was a mark of history.

At the same time, it was a message to the future, marking the existence of those past.



Muwui exhaled loudly and stood back up.

His face was drenched in sweat from the amount of mental concentration.

Normally, he’d have thrown a fit about how much salt he had just wasted, but right now he didn’t give his dripping sweat the least bit of attention.

He was only looking at the picture he had drawn.

Muwui’s eyes shook a little as he looked down at the floor.

“So it’s finished.”

His voice held a hint of deep satisfaction in it.

He had put all his efforts into creating this picture, and his appearance as of right now reflected just that.


The arrowhead was released from Muwui’s grasps.

He didn’t need it anymore.

After wiping sweat off his forehead, Muwui proudly looked at the picture he had drawn on the floor.

“I will call you Chunying Xiaojie from now on.”

Muwui’s smile of pride had now turned to that of idiocy and lust. The picture on the floor, though amateurish at best, was clearly that of a naked woman.

A female had taken place comfortably within Muwui’s life.

Chapter 3 p1

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