It’s been nearly a month.

I had promised to translate King Shura along with ISBBTW, but I guess that just didn’t work out, huh. My interest in the novel dwindled even more than it already had as I translated more and more of ISBBTW. Well, now I have some free time left, so I decided that it’s time to address a few things.

King Shura is essentially dropped. And it’s going to stay that way. I’ve realized that I just can’t continue this novel any further. It’s my first novel, as well as one of the few novels that I’ve gotten support of the author from, but… I don’t think I can continue it. You guys probably realized this a while back. Sorry guys, I can’t do it. I’m going to finish the arc that we’re on about the rabbit and the pope around next week and dump it for good.

It’s been a good run, I guess. King Shura was fun while it lasted. But I think it’s time to move on, at least for me. To… better wuxia novels.

9 thoughts on “It’s been nearly a month.

  1. A shame as though I like ISBBTW I haven’t fallen in love with it like I did with King Shura if ISBBTW was the one being dropped I wouldn’t care which is no knock against your excellent translations it just hasn’t grabbed me.

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    1. Same here. I liked it but preferred King Shura. However, you are the translator and if you do no longer feel interest for King Shura that’s up to you. Thanks for your translation ensj

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  2. Yeah I dropped it around a year ago when I realized that the consistency of the story kept going down as more chapters were being released. Especially since the mc never actually really utilized his math magic.


  3. Not gonna lie, I really liked King Shura… but yeah “arc about the rabbit and the pope” pretty much sums up how pissy this has gotten lol. ISBBTW is pretty epic IMHO and a million times more interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t get stupid AF like King Shura did :-).
    Thanks for all your hard work!!


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