A lot of people in wuxiaworld have been telling me to get into King Shura more instead of the other project I’m working on, “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!”. There’s just one problem with doing that. I’ll post a response that I gave to another user here.

I have mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again. King Shura has nice development, and awesome characters, but the author had no idea on how to tie off loose ends in the novel. He buffed the main character to oblivion with all the abilities he gave, but the effects of these buffs were extremely underwhelming. He gave us so many side stories, and yet he never properly finished any of them. What happened to Peng Ga Ho, Cho Ryu Hyang’s childhood friend? Whatever happened to Cho Ryu Hyang’s father? There’s so much to cover, and the author just failed to cover any of them. I would absolutely love it if I could focus more on the story of King Shura, but given what the author showed to the readers right at the end of the story, I’m not sure if I’ll ever find the joy in translating it ever again.

So… yeah. Compared to “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!”, a novel that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end, King Shura is just… lacking. It’s got an extremely disappointing ending, and I just can’t put in enough energy into it anymore.

If you guys want good Korean Wuxia novels with awesome character development, I assure you, I have plenty of that. Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon (no, not the one in gravity) is an awesome example of one. Love that one as well (just that the author rejected my requests to translate his novel). Just please stop nagging me about King Shura. I’ve explained myself several times, I don’t want to explain my situation with the novel to every single person I come across. You might say that I’m being childish because “I’m not being responsible enough in delivering the readers the end of something I’ve started”, but if I’m not capable of putting in effort into something that I do not love, that’s that. I’m struggling already with translating the novel once a week.


As for ISBBTW. I have gotten some negative reviews about it as I’ve translated it. Understandable. Right now, the main character seems stupid and dumb in that he can’t even manage to find himself a heart, or be able to escape the grasp of Necro and the saint. I’ll attempt to explain this a little, since some of this might’ve been caused by my poor translating abilities.

What Jin was looking for in the shop was not a physical heart. It is a conceptual heart, one that allows people to feel empathy, emotion, and love. Just like how true love can’t be bought with money, a person’s emotional heart can’t be bought, no matter how strong “Heart of Gold” may be.

As for Necro and the saint. They might look stupid, and they might seem easy to kill/escape, but they are extremely powerful monsters in their own right. They just haven’t shown it yet, but each of them are capable of killing the main character ten times over with a flick of a finger. Why would Jin attempt something as risky as trying to escape, when he doesn’t even know anything about the world he’s in, or understands the full extent of his abilities? Running away and starting to “wreck shit” is a stupid move, as it would instantly cause the government to lock down on him.

That being said, if you like ISBBTW, awesome. I love the novel, and I love seeing other people love the novel as well. Please support the novel on Patreon if you can. I’m supporting the author with this, and I’d love to see him get some love from his readers.

17 thoughts on “Explanations.

  1. Once a week is pretty good. I read some webnovels that update less than once a month (longer chapters, but still).You aren’t obligated to translate, but it is very much appreciated that you do. King Shura is fun to read, even if the author is just charging off in random directions all the time.


  2. I think you are looking at this entirely the wrong way. The reason people nag you about finishing King Shura is because so many people love the story. This is a good thing, even if you do not enjoy it anymore – your translations were high quality and enjoyable enough that other people got really into the story and you were able to build a big fan base for it.

    If you do not enjoy the story or enjoy translating it, why not just drop it and focus on your other project?


  3. Hey ensj, what did you think about Record of a Thousand Lives? Did that novel have some kind of problem that made you lose interest as well? Was the ending disappointing or was it something else? I only read the little bit that you translated but I thought it was a fairly intriguing story.

    By the way, it’s a shame to hear about how King Shura eventually becomes disappointing later on in the story. I feel like it happens to far too many stories, always starting great and then slowly fizzling out. 😦


    1. Record of a Thousand Lives was one of the few fantasy series that I absolutely loved. The author just decided to move to Kakao Page, and told me to stop translating altogether.


  4. thanks for the update—!
    well, i stand by the statement that you should do what you love, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do anything. well, life already forces us to do a lot of things, after all…i do love ISBBTW, and it was kinda obvious that necro and the were extremely powerful, and that jin currently doesn’t have the abiloty to rival them, just yet.

    well, on another note, does patreon have a one-time donation? i checked it out, but i’m kinda sucky at navigating websites lol. i’m the type of person who can’t guarantee that i can give every month, which is why i usually prefer to give a one-off donation. well, if there isn’t, it’s ok, i’ll find some way around it—


    1. A lot of people that have a patreon say that you can sign up for a monthly payment and as soon as your first payment goes through you can cancel the subscription making it a one time payment…which is quite a bit of hassle, but I have never tried it so it might be simple and intuitive if you try it out


      1. -nods- i was thinking of that as well, but i have to bother a friend to do it for me…whether subscription or no..


  5. Okay, so I’m a little confused. Forgive me if I misunderstood the post, but it sounded to me like you weren’t going to translate King Shura anymore, and focus on what you’re currently translating because King Shura has become a chore for you since you don’t like the way the story went. Fair enough, I have no problem with that. But you just posted [KING SHURA] CHAPTER 120, so now I’m confused. I thought you were dropping King Shura, and in doing so opening it up to someone else picking it up and translating. So are you still going to translate it but at a much slower speed while giving priority to ISBBTW or is King Shura dropped?


  6. Is there another Rebirth of The Heavenly Demon? and does this mean the one on gravity isn’t as good? Cause i quite like the one at gravity at the moment.


  7. I think you may just have ruined “King Shura” for me…
    On the other hand I now am gonna take a look at “I’m sorry for being born in this world”…


  8. I’ve already been reading I’m sorry… and it’s rather enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing where it is going based on your comments. If King Shura’s ending is as lackluster as you say, your decision is probably for the best, and either way, it is YOUR decision to make, and I support you in it.


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