Dropping Re:RATH.

Yeah, no. I don’t want to drop this thing either.

I’ve had a lot of fun translating it (although the speed has been dwindling recently), and I wanted to finish the damn thing if I could. Unfortunately, before I could, the author decided to go to a publisher called Kakaopage, the publisher that the author of A Record of A Thousand Lives went to. And the publisher told the author that the translations cannot continue. Just like how they told the author of A Record of A Thousand Lives that I had to drop my presentation.

Because of Kakaopage, now I’ve lost two projects.

I’d like to not have any hard feelings for the publisher, because it is a business, after all– gotta to what they can to make money– but honestly, having two projects taken down because of them is seriously pissing me off…

But rules are rules, I guess, and I’ve decided to follow my set of morals as best as I could as long as I keep translating. It’s extremely annoying, but oh well.

That being said, if a translator wants to take the project instead of me, I’m all for it. Just because I’m backing out doesn’t mean others have to as well. Please, by all means, take it away from me.

And yes. I hate having to choose projects that the authors suddenly revoke the rights to translate from me as well. Lovely, isn’t it? Just in the middle of translatin’, moving happily along and– bam, now I can’t translate anymore.

I’m salty.

28 thoughts on “Dropping Re:RATH.

  1. The author of “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!” pretty much swore by his soul that I’d retain my rights to translate, though, so I got that going for me. Haha.

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    1. Though, I do have one question. Do this(the stopping translating Re:RATH) means that you’ll have to delete what you’ve already translated and posted of Re:RATH and RATH?


    2. Realy ?! That author is a true bro ! Now i can read his great novel in peace and love lv 10 *-*

      Well too bad for rath but well , even now i don’t regret reading it , t’was fun read , one i shall never see the end off but thus is the fate of a leecher …reading many and only completing fews …


  2. -raises hands- all the salt, all the salt! uwahh, that sucks! the publishers should look at it in a different way, english readers sometimes buy the book even though they don’t understand it just because they like the translated story. but aye…what do we do? -shakes head- hope you’ll be able to find other good novels as well!


  3. Hi, you could just concentrate on one or two works, instead of doing multiple works. It will save you the frustration from both the authors(they could take back the translation rights) and readers (as they won’t be able to get fast releases with more projects)


    1. King Shura has 330 chapters I think, you could concentrate on it and finish it and go to the next project, then so on and so on.


  4. Youch. An unpleasant situation for sure, but I’ve got to give you respect for respecting the author’s wishes.

    MTL’ing Korean is not my strong suit, but I’m hopelessly addicted so I better grab those raws while I still can.

    Thanks for your efforts thus far!


  5. I enjoyed the story as well, and hope you have less and dwindling troubles in the future!
    And feel sad that it ended, but hope you aren’t losing hair over it. Fighting!


  6. I dont blame you for being salty, and by the looks of things wuxia has taken sorry for being born, what gives? ensj you are awesome, seriously the author should be shouting your praises, because without you none of us english speakers would even know about it. Thanks for the work youve done and all the chapters we got to read before it got shut down, I mean seriously how are non korean speakers gonna even know about that story without you guys sharing your time to translate it.

    Boo hiss, anyways thanking you very much for all your hard work.

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  7. they prevent english translation… yet where i can find english version of it!? if they indeed publish english version it will ONLY in US!!!!


  8. “Also, it is possible to collect the soul of a living being to seal it in the ring. The soul in the ring will constantly be in immense pain.”
    bet i know who that is reserved for…


  9. Kakaopage sounds like Yen Press, the bane of Japanese WN translation. They take years to publish translations that were already done better b4 they bought the rights.
    It really sucks when a publisher shuts down author’s web novel &/or translations there of. Instead of viewing it as a first draft with immediate reader opinions available for writing the LNs.
    Thanks for the translation


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