New Series.

So, as you might have seen, a new series is being introduced into the site! The novel is called “I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World”, which would be one of my favorite Korean novels (that I actually got permission to translate). I don’t know how fast I can churn out the chapters, but I suppose I’ll try to get it out asap, since my love for this series is on par with the love I have for “Running Away From The Hero!”.

3 thoughts on “New Series.

  1. Hi, I love King Shura so much. I only got around 2 or 3 chapters read of RATH. Will read this first and maybe check on RATH someday and see if that catches my attention. As always you’ve got a great grasp of english thus your translations rocks! ✨😊✌️


  2. I think the issue I have with this MC is how many he managed to kill solo 96k? Id accept 96 just fine but 96k?? was that a typo?


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