And now…

So this is where RATH! temporarily ends. The author did begin his remake a while back, but I’m not gonna get into that for a few weeks. I’m a bit exhausted from working on just two projects for several months, and would like to get into something else before getting back to RATH!.

I’ve been meaning to translate a work of one of my favorite authors for a while now. I’ve found his work on the internet, absolutely loved it, and got permission (full support, in fact. Woo!) to translate it. I’m not gonna post it for a bit, since I haven’t popped out enough chapters for it yet (because the status screens on that novel is a pain to translate). I’m sincerely hoping that the novel would get a bit of attention, because the author’s quite depressed about his work at the moment. 

But yeah, that’s it. I’ll get work done on King Shura (I know, I’ve been pretty slow lately.), and get work done on that secret project as well. Hopefully you’ll get to see that secret project some time in April. 

15 thoughts on “And now…

  1. thanks for the info!
    ohhh—?! secret project?! interesting! i’m looking forward to it! i always feel sorry when an author feels negative emotions regarding their project!


  2. I am just going to say that RATH is one of the most hilarious novels I have read and I can’t wait for you (and the author’s remake) to continue! Wow…. Just reread everything up to here.


  3. *bitching* *long stream of curses* *more bitching*
    …….. sigh…… dammit
    I’m looking forward to a better remake.

    Also kinda of interested in this author you mention and actually kinda of the rath one as well. What does the rath one think of the english reception if… any fucks are given on that front?


  4. RATH! Is like the place I go to when I feel gloomy or apathetic to bring some more color to my life. Never have I laughed so much when reading a novel and I hope that the translation will continue in the future. For now I wish you luck with translating your other series. 🙂


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