[King Shura] Chapter 114

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Chapter 114. The reason why the Black Moon Guild didn’t make its move.


“Things are getting interesting.”


A girl was looking over the Sichuan branch of the Heavenly Demon Church from a cliff.


The girl pulled back her red hair and smiled.


Neng Ha Young.


She had finally become a strategist of the Black Moon Guild.


Behind her was a nervous old man.


It was the Chasing Blood Demon, Sang Dong Ha.


He was the only harmonious expert within the Black Moon Guild.


This was only because the existence of Shi Yup hadn’t been revealed to the world, yet.


“Is it really alright to step out of the alliance just like that?”




A simple answer.


But Sang Dong Ha was clearly not pleased with her answer.


“We may be able to deal with the Alliance, but it will be hard to fight the North Sea Ice Palace and the Nanman Beast Gate. We won’t be able to win!”


Neng Ha Young nodded.


The old man’s words made sense.




“I know well about that, but you don’t need to worry, elder.”


Sang Dong Ha flinched after hearing Neng Ha Young’s words and kept talking with a nervous face.


“Why? If we make ourselves enemies out of those people, we won’t ever be able to stop the Heavenly Demon Church. We need to take this time to strike the church while we still can.”


“No need. I have a plan.”


Neng Ha Young cut the man off and grinned.


That grin seemed somewhat unpleasant for some reason.


“If we get in the fight here, the balance of power would break. If this happens, the ones behind the shadows would become immensely happy.”


“The ones behind the shadows..?”


Neng Ha Young’s smile widened.


“You should know about them better than me, elder.”




Sang Dong Ha’s face stiffened for a second.


He immediately straightened it, but the damage was already done.


Neng Ha Young, who had been staring directly into his face, opened her mouth.


“I thought it was strange from the start. We created an alliance called the Four Heavenly Powers to fight the Heavenly Demon Church, but it was inefficient and stupid. It shouldn’t have been created without the help of someone behind the scenes.”


“……I have no clue of what you’re talking about.”


When Sang Dong Ha feigned ignorance, Neng Ha Young put her hand on an accessory on her head and opened her mouth.


“The Four Heavenly Powers is composed of groups that used to be at each other’s throats just yesterday. No matter what common enemy appeared in this world, it would be impossible for these groups to suddenly get together like nothing ever happened.”


Neng Ha Young looked straight into Sang Dong Ha’s frowning eyes.


“That is unless someone controlled everything behind the scenes.”




“What did the imperial palace promise you, elder?”


Sang Dong Ha thought a bit, then made a bitter smile.


“…..You should stop there. If you keep talking, I really would have to kill you.”


A dangerous aura began to float out of Sang Dong Ha’s body.


Neng Ha Young took on the pressure from the aura directly and opened her mouth calmly.


“My soul is expensive. You have no ability to purchase it.”


“Are you being like this because of your grandfather? How amusing.”


Neng Ha Young stared directly into Sang Dong Ha.


Her transparent gaze immediately caused Sang Dong Ha to feel pressured.


‘Just because of a little girl…..’


Sang Dong Ha forced himself to calm down and gathered his strength into his hands.


‘Just one hit.’


She was just a little smart, and that’s all.


Her grandfather was a force to reckon with, but he could always cover this incident up with something else.


Dead people can’t speak, after all.


He should be able to make something up.


Plus, didn’t he promise the imperial palace that he’d do something important?


‘I just have to get over this well.’


Every mission had a crisis that followed with it.


One had to overcome this crisis if he was to reap the rewards of the mission.


He tried to console himself this way as he prepared to attack, but Neng Ha Young opened her mouth first.


“Humans are such simple creatures, aren’t they?”




“They always move after seeing what’s in front of them. They never think of looking back.”




Sang Dong Ha looked back with a spooked face.


‘Is Neng Mu Gi here?’


A tremble of fear shook his body.


If Neng Mu Gi made his move, he wouldn’t be able to execute his plans.


But when he looked back, he did not find Neng Mu Gi.


There was a young man.


A young man with a sword in his hand.


The man was looking directly into Sang Dong Ha’s eyes.


‘Just when?’


When could anyone fool his senses and get this close?


The fact that the man was able to do that signified that this person could be stronger than him.


Neng Ha Young quietly opened her mouth.


“What’s more important is usually at the back. Isn’t that right, elder?”


“……Who is this?”


A frightening aura was coming out of the young man.


It was truly a force to be reckoned with.


This aura that was akin to a giant wall made Sang Dong Ha think of someone.


When he thought this much, Sang Dong Ha’s eyes widened.


‘The Night Emperor!’


It was Neng Mu Gi’s technique.


It had the sharpness and the strength of Neng Mu Gi’s power.


The young man’s aura was very similar to that of Neng Mu Gi’s.


“This man is my bodyguard.”


Sang Dong Ha dissipated his strength after hearing this and laughed.


“So he had an heir? Why did he hide it?”


“That’s a difficult question.”


He wouldn’t have aimed to become the leader if he knew that Neng Mu Gi had a disciple.


It was all a foolish act, wasn’t it?


He could only pay for his foolishness, now.


“Would you prefer to be arrested now on the spot, or would you rather see blood?”


“What would you want? Life? Or death?”


Neng Ha Young responded without hesitation.


“I would live, of course. After all, I’d always be able to come back as long as I’m alive.”


Sang Dong Ha nodded.


“You are young. This may be possible for you, but not for me. This is my last chance.”


Neng Ha Young closed her mouth.


She could understand why Sang Dong Ha schemed to do something with an outside power.


Sang Dong Ha looked down at his hands and opened his mouth.


“I invested most of my youth into the Black Moon Guild, but the one who had grown this organization with me chose to give it all to his useless son. Would you follow a useless leader, especially when you are more capable?”


“Of course I wouldn’t. I understand.”

“I’m saying that your father is useless.”


“I know. I acknowledge the fact that he’s useless. You know it, I know it. In fact, most people know this already.”


Neng Ha Young shrugged as she said this.


Sang Dong Ha became speechless after seeing this but nodded in the end.


“……How cold. You’re just like your grandfather.”


“You can’t live in this world without being cold.”


This was the martial world.


If you couldn’t be strong, or eviller than anyone else, you couldn’t live.


“I would’ve understood if he made you the leader.”


“It’s too late for regrets.”


Neng Ha Young smiled.


“But it’s good that you admitted your mistake. I thought you’d have disappointed me till the end.”


“There was no choice, was there? You trapped me perfectly.”


Neng Ha Young smiled bitterly.


She didn’t hate Sang Dong Ha.


After all, the man always did his best in everything.


But he was far too greedy this time.


Involving the imperial palace in this matter was akin to bringing in a tiger just to chase out a little fox.


His actions were too dangerous to be forgiven.


“You went too far this time. You should’ve known that they are a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with…..”


Sang Dong Ha smirked.


“You could control them, no? Why are you so afraid?”


“I wish you could’ve come to me instead of father. The Black Moon Guild in the future would change.”


Sang Dong Ha shook his head.


He smiled proudly and spoke.


“Change is good. And such things are always for the younger generation. This is not my stage.”




“Don’t make me feel worse than I already do. This is enough.”


Neng Ha Young gave up.


She looked at Sang Dong Ha with a regretful face.


Sang Dong Ha left Neng Ha Young behind and looked straight at Shi Yup.


“I made you wait far too long, young friend. Careful not to look down on me just because of my age.”




Shi Yup nodded quietly and lifted his sword up in the air as a sign of respect.


It meant that he would use his full strength in this battle, and it also signified that he was showing respect to one of the strongest experts of his time.


“I have no intention of dying easily. I haven’t lived an easy life, after all. You’ll really have to do your best here. Since I can gain everything by killing both of you here, I plan on doing my best as well.”


An extremely powerful aura began to come out of Sang Dong Ha.


He was prepared to fight.


Shi Yup raised his sword with a careful look.


He realized something a while back thanks to his bout with Juk Hyul Myung.


This would be a great place to test ‘that’.


‘My sword was fast but weak.’


He needed a power that could pierce everything.


Only then could he properly help Neng Ha Young.


And once Shi Yup’s eyes got filled with a clear light,


Sang Dong Ha made his move.


* * *


Neng Ha Young looked down at Sang Dong Ha’s corpse, then turned away.


She didn’t feel good.


It was an expected death, but Sang Dong Ha was still a person who had looked after her from a young age.


He was almost like her actual grandfather.


Neng Mu Gi, who led the Black Moon Guild.


Sang Dong Ha, who supported Neng Mu Gi from the back.


After thinking of the past, Neng Ha Young let out a sigh.


‘Everything changes.’


Everything changed after Neng Mu Gi left.


Neng Ha Young knew better than anyone why Neng Mu Gi had left, but this was still very hard on her.


She stroked back her hair and turned her gaze.


She was looking at the Sichuan branch of the church.


‘I wonder how he’s doing.’


The heir of the church.


She had done everything to dig information about him.


No, just about everyone in the martial world was doing everything to dig information on him.


The reason was simple.


He was the person who would later become the leader of the martial world, was he not?


That was why everyone did all they could to gather info of the heir.


The Black Moon Guild was a little slow in this regard.


They had jumped into the search after everyone did their research.


But the ones who found the heir first was the Black Moon Guild.


‘So it was you……’


The first time Neng Ha Young found info of Cho Ryu Hyang, she was confused.


The information department of the Black Moon Guild could not fetch a large amount of information like the other powers.


They had far too few people to do that.


But they were good at digging in far to find specific information.


But even they took an extremely long time to find out anything about Cho Ryu Hyang.


The boy was only eleven.


But it took the department an entire month to find any info on this boy.


Neng Ha Young was only able to realize why this was the case later on.


‘The heir……’


It was truly an amazing position.


Especially in the martial world.


She could understand why it took so long to gather information on him.


And Neng Ha Young.


When she combined information on Cho Ryu Hyang and of the heir together, she found out something entirely new.


‘It hasn’t been a while since Cho Ryu Hyang became the heir.’


Just about five months.


It hasn’t been long.


This meant that it would be easy to kill this child.


At least, this was the case for Neng Ha Young.




She didn’t feel like killing the boy.


In fact, she wanted him to live as long as he could.


That was what she wished.


‘We need the church to fend off the imperial palace.’


The church could not fall, especially now.


That was why the Black Moon Guild exited the Four Heavenly Powers.


To stop an even bigger enemy……


Neng Ha Young looked down at the Sichuan Branch as she organized her future plans.


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