[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (7)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won.

7.25 Their story.

[1] A certain student council president’s story


How long had I worked to free the student body from the hands of Nicerwin? Due to the work I put into freeing myself all this time, by the time I realized it, we were already above most of the schools in the competition.


…This means… we’re close to becoming freed!


was what I had been thinking, but why is it that I’m seeing a precious person of mine cry right now?


“……So you’re asking me to lose?”

“Yeah… We’d lose otherwise.”


The girl who was wearing Arucia’s uniform. She was one of the most precious people in my life, as well as my childhood friend.


I lost my ability to speak when she, a person who was always full of pride and a sense of justice, said something like this.




In the end, that was the only thing that managed to come out of my mouth. The girl in front of me closed her eyes, and softly let out a few words.


“…said he’d accept it.”


“Accept us. He said he’d accept us getting together… if we win.”

“R, really?!”


She was one of my dearest childhood friends. But as a person from a relatively weak noble household, I managed to become the person from the weakest family out of all my friends.


Because of this, the father of the girl in front of me always wished that the girl would never have gotten together with me. In fact, he always wished that she’d have gotten together with the boy from a count’s family, like her. Well, there was no way that dude would’ve gotten together with her, anyway.




This made me even more suspicious of what was going on.


“Well… dad recently got into a huge argument after talking with count Harcen…”


Her father and count Harcen were, if you were to put it simply, frenemies. The two of them both managed to become council presidents of Arucia and Marcis, and fought each other ever since then. The two probably got into an argument about who’d win the competition.


“But to think that he’d go so far as to say that…”

“…Well, he’s that type of person, after all. If he thinks that doing something’s the way to go, he 100% follows through with it.”


The man had retired already, but his stories were still legendary among the knights of the empire. At the same time, he was famous for following through with just about anything that he said. The man was probably regretting what he said around now.


But… but!


The comrades that I’ve worked with so far! If I were to give them up..!


The girl looked up at me with a face of a fragile girl.


“Is that… too much to ask for?”

“Of course not.”


Sorry guys, my love life takes precedence over anything else.


We exit the base with our hands held together. The fact that the students all trusted me enough to let me go by myself helped greatly.


“Is this fine? You are the president, after all.”

“You’re more important to me than anything.”

“…T, then… since we could end up winning… since dad could approve of our relationship!”


The girl looked up at me with a flushed face. Oh, dear heart, please calm down. Is this what Nicerwin’s silver elemental had spoke of? Gap moe? Cis was the one who’d usually act like this, not her… the effect is too strong!


“Again… just like in the past… well… mm…”


Her face turned so face that it almost seemed to explode. She bit down on her lips, looked hard at me, and.


“May I! Call you big brother again?!”


Wow… cute. So cute! Gap moe is the best! Seeing her look away out of embarassment, and seeing her bite her tongue, is too cute! My childhood friend can’t be this cute!


“Of course!”


If I said no, I wouldn’t be a man. No, I’d be gay. A girl like this, calling me that?!


“Mm… then, should I change as well?”

“Mn? Change what?”

“He’s going to approve of us, right? Then… honey?”

“N, nn? M… me?”


Seeing her turn red again was cute. Damn it. No matter what she did, she was cute.


“Of course.”

“D, don’t kid me!”

“Hm? You don’t like it?”

“T, that’s not it…”


She looked down on the floor to hide her reddened face. This was, truly, the best!


“Is it… is it really alright?”


I nodded.


“…I feel sorry for my comrades, but you’re more important to me!”

“S, seriously!”


I smiled as best I could, and walked over to Arucia with her.


And with this, Yugrasia, which had just lost its leader,


Under the attack of all the other schools,




13 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (7)

  1. thanks!
    they won! ahaha! well, yeah, yugrasia would be disappointingly weak if they lost just because they lost their leader, pfft! they have naruan there, too, after all? and sll the students suffered, so they’re all strong in some way!

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  2. To think that the Gap Moe was so strong, indeed a dredfull enemy. But don’t understimate the perceverence of those that have walked throw hell training.

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  3. each and every of them are warriors and leaders and comrades! You think just because a head is cut off it would be all over? nonsense


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