[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (5)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

“We won.”

“I see.”

“I, is that s… hah…”


The teachers in the room all let out tears of joy as they listened.


“We trained them ourselves, after all.”

“Right right. We touched them up reaaaal good, after all.”


Muam and Harian completely ignored the principal, and said this.


“We got beat by them. It would be nonsensical if they got beat by other schools.”

“Well, there are multiple ways of suicide, after all.”


Most of the professors who were tasked with fighting the students nodded. If the students lost even after defeating the teachers, the teachers would become the ones at fault. If a swordsman who beat so and so got beat by someone else, that someone else would automatically be stronger than the ones the swordsman beat! Having the students that beat them lose would place a huge crack in their pride.


Because of this.


“If they lose, we’ll definitely have to go all out.”


The teachers nodded after hearing Naruan’s words. Because they were students, the professors still went easy on them. They all hid their ultimate skills, and fought the students with normal attacks.


“In any case, we’d be all set for winning as long as we get a few more points.”

“But none of the other schools would be willing to let something like this happen.”


This festival was something that put the pride of the four schools at stake. Most of the times, the difference in scores between first place and second place were very close. But in a situation like this, it was very likely that other schools would form an alliance against Yugrasia.


“No, if it’s like this, we’re definitely going to end up fighting an alliance. After all, all the other schools would go to shit if they lost like this.”

“Things would get pretty hard tomorrow…?”


Everyone went silent after professor Arhan said this.


“Ueeeh… to think we’d win!”


Other than the principal, that is.


“Well… we’d have to trust the students.”


Everyone nodded after hearing my words.


-You said yourself that you always get backstabbed by the ones you trust by the end, though?


…Just shut up.


At this time, I didn’t realize. My luck was the worst of the worst, and as long as the word “backstab” appeared, that the situation would definitely end up happening.


And the next day,


[…I’m sorry, everyone.]


Crap, the council president just got kidnapped.

4 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (5)

  1. Sigh I hope it’s not the rebels. I really don’t want them to abandon the tournament plot. At least finish it first and let us get the payoff.


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