[RATH!] Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. (2)

Chapter 7. We came, we saw, we won. 

“In just a moment, the first battle between the four schools will begin. I am the narrator for this particular competition, Mara. Next to me is the Empire’s government official Mata, along with knight Martin.”

“Yes, I am Mata.”



The two of them both seemed to not care about the competition at all, hence the reason why the empire decided to invite Mara, the professional MC.


“Haha, our names are pretty similar, but please don’t get confused! Then now, who do you think is the top candidate to win in this competition?”


When Mara quickly asked the two a question to loosen up the mood, the two people spoke in conjunction with each other.



“Mercaria, of course.”


The former was said by Martin, and the latter by Mata. Of course, these two were graduates of the two schools they just mentioned!


“Yes, yes… an expected answer. In any case, I’ll now introduce the competition today to the audience. Due to security concerns, I just received the contents of this competition in this paper bag. Now, let’s take a look at what they hid in this thing…”


Mara opened the paper inside the bag.


“Right, this is one of the classic competitions that’s been seen multiple times already! It’s the labyrinth maze competition, that tests the battle capabilities and strategic capabilities of the students. To think they’d use ‘labyrinth’ and ‘maze’ together in a single title… well, despite the boring title, it is indeed a competition that shows much of what the students are capable of. Due to the fact that this is the twentieth competition of the festival, several new rules has been set in place. Flying is now forbidden, due to the fact that on the third competition a flying student from Marcis was put on the verge of death after being sniped by the other three school. Digging tunnels is forbidden, as several students awakened a drake by accident during the twelfth competition. And recently, due to Sir Ryan winning by cutting down all the walls in the competition, that has become forbidden as well.”


The attention of the audience got directed to Mara, thanks to his pro MC skills.


“Right, this competition is simple. Each school will send eight students to a labyrinth somewhere through a gate. After getting there, the students simply need to use whatever method possible to escape! The three students who gets out first receives the points. As these points contain both student points and school points, it would be good for three students of the same school to go through at once. But the student points might turn those of the same school into potential enemies! Even best friends might betray each other over points! In other words, this is a friendship destroying game that will not disappoint!”


The entire capital was filled with shouts of excitement. Mara, hearing this, became proud of his job as an MC, and shouted out with pride.


“Now, let us watch the best competition of our lifetime!”


And so, the competition began.




“…What in the world?!”


After three minutes, it ended.


With Yugrasia as the victor.


4 minutes ago.


“Victory is!”




Right before getting on the warpgate, student council president Ruan, along with the students of Arucia, huddled up together to get the team’s spirits up.


“Now, then!”

“We’ll be back… with victory!”

“Don’t you worry about us!”

“This big bro will come back after a total victory.”


Each one of them entered the gate with a large smile on their faces.


“The first place is mine, though!”


The student points were there in order to pick out the best student in the empire’s festival. Therefore, it was a given that these points would be what sets up the foundation for Ruan’s future. Arucia’s victory came first, but Ruan needed to take points for himself afterwards.


After thinking this, Ruan began to run immediately after the competition started with all his strength.

And as he did so.



“There’s one!”


It was a student from Yugrasia! Behind the student was a wall, and he would not be able to dodge Ruan’s sword!




Killing the opponent was forbidden! Because of this, he would have to use the back of his sword…





‘I couldn’t hit him?’


He was a knight student. There was no reason why he couldn’t deal with a single summoner.



“This time, for sure!”


He swung once again. This time, his sword was twice as fast! There was a chance of getting the boy hurt, but that risk came with every competition.


‘This time for sure!’




The sword struck empty air like before.


“W, what the!”

“Ah, god damn it. It is a little fast, but.”


When Ruan looked at his own sword dumbly as he shouted to himself, the student from Yugrasia frowned lightly.


“Magic arrow, red.”


A spell was cast from the student’s right hand!


‘An attack?!’


Ruan had managed to get away from the attack’s expected trajectory, but the arrows flew up to the skies instead. And at the moment the eight arrows reached their peak,




The walls began to get destroyed.


“W, what? Destroying walls is against th…”


Destroying the walls were against the rules. But right then, a question appeared in Ruan’s mind.


‘Where did he come from?’


Right. That man came from a blocked path. Behind him was a wall.


“Could it be?!”


Ruan realized something at this moment, but he was unable to continue, due to having something enormous come their way.


With that, the competition ended.

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      1. They’re not allowed to target and destroy walls, but *accidentally* destroying them by explosions might not be forbidden, as it’s not necessarily a planned event but can occur during fights.

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