[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (6)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school.

“There’s a lot.”

“Indeed, there’s a lot.”

“Too much, in fact.”


Over eight hundred applications were sent in.


Normally, Mercaria takes in two thousand, and Arcia takes in a thousand and two hundred. Seeing that Marcia and Yugrasia normally takes in around three hundred to four hundred students, this was a big change. It was also about eight times the amount of students I wanted to get.


…As expected, the pirate king was an amazing man! I just slightly changed the quote from the beginning of this one manga, and bam! People even started calling this the beginning of the [Great Summoner’s Era]. Now, if someone comes in claiming that he’d become the summoner king, everything would be perfect!




This is all just extra work. Stop applying… They’re literally just applying with shit grades…


I had heard that there were about four thousand and one hundred students coming in this year, which means that a fifth of the students applied. That means that those who were planning on going to Mercaria and Arucia tried to join as well.

Of course, just about anyone can summon things as long as they have energy, but they would need at least some talent if they wanted to contract a stronger beast.


You may form a contract with something like a dragon, but you should have talent good enough to house it in a place like a lake, you know? You can’t just contain something like that in a well.


“We’ll get rid of those who can just barely use low-class magic.”


Low-class magic really was the lowest of the low. Spells in this rank usually include stuff like “Light” and “Flame.”


Basically, it’s something that just about anything except animals can… ah, I should exclude myself as well. Anyway, it’s something that can literally distinguish things between humans and animals. And these people who can just barely use this kind of magic has the gall to try to get into this school?!


I am an elitist! I enjoy teaching overpowered characters! I like the elites that understands everything in just one sentence!


I just want to teach cheat characters, damn it! I lived a nice life because of my students were cheats, but these kids that applied to this school are just hopeless.


I have to teach these kids?! No way!


-Do you just not want to work?

[No one does.]


The loli bat asked me this in curiosity next to me. She can speak physically in this form, but as she’s pretending to be an elemental at the moment, she talked to me through the mind like usual.


No, before that, she didn’t even talk to me in her bat form, since it was supposedly annoying… and now…


“Anyway… she isn’t here.”

“Ah, after all, she’s from Nermia…”


Hoho, look at this cute bastard. She told me that she’d think about it, and she decided not to apply. Hoho, I was planning on treating her well, but since things ended up like this, she’ll have to end up becoming a sacrifice.


I’ll destroy you at every competition you get into.


“Please don’t pay attention to what family she is from. We need to look purely at their talents. What we need right now aren’t famous families, but people who will leave a mark on history.”



When we went back to filtering out the good from the bad, the office door opened, and a short, muscular dwarf walked in.


“It’s done.”



The principal said this in extreme surprise, but I myself wasn’t too surprised.




People talk about them being the race of master craftsmen, or the race of fire, but I know the truth.


They are the race of grinding!


No one will ever deny that the dwarves are masters when it comes to blacksmithing.

Right. They are experts when it comes to hammering.


No one will ever deny that the dwarves are masters when it comes to mining.

Right. They are experts when it comes to digging and mining.


No one will ever deny that the dwarves are masters when it comes to architecture.

Right. They are experts when it comes to designing, and they are true kings when it comes to grinding.


These dwarves had been working on this project for an entire month, so it was already about time they finished.


“How was it?”

“Hmm… as expected, the things you think of are entertaining. You didn’t come up with anything new this time, but to think that all this would be for students… Hoho, the students of this school will probably get unforgettable memories of this place.”

“Student life always comes with new memories, haha.”


Right, I remember too. I always stayed behind in school, and… I can’t remember. In any case, I’ll make my students remember!


I will let them enjoy student life devoid of… I mean, full of hopes and dreams!


To think that that girl would reject student life like this! What was the girl’s name again? Ria? In any case, I’ll make her regret her own actions!


-You look like a friggin’ yandere. You thinking of that kid? What if you get discovered?

[If I get discovered… I can just run again.]


-…What the. Are you gonna make escape paths again? Is that always the first thing on your agenda or something?

[The most important thing in a situation of life and death is good preparation.]


-…Just don’t create reasons to get into that situation in the first place.


Even while complaining, the bat simply kept stuffing her face with cookies.


…Mm? Hold on, she isn’t an elemental, though? She’s made of metal, so how’s she eating?!


[How are you eating cookies?]

-Are you dumb? You chew it. Do you not know how to eat cookies?


[No… you might be able to eat if you were an elemental, but you’re just metal…]

-I am an elemental though? The elemental of metal?!


[No, you know that’s not true.]

-But I’m supposed to be an elemental here?


[No, you are an elemental here, but you’re actually just metal, so how the hell are you eating?!]

I lost composure. Seriously, how is a metal eating cookies?! What the hell?!

-…Because I’m me?




Thus, I left the mystery of the bat behind me, and went back to work after receiving the map of the escape paths from the dwarf. And! After a full month! A new semester began.


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      1. Now why wouldn’t you want a half-sadistic half-masochistic loli who can transform into almost any weapon in the world?


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