[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (5)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

“You seem to be very talented in summoning.”


I saw someone familiar as I ran from annoying individuals, so I said that as a greeting.


“Ah, right…”


Jackpot! Right, there’s no way I’d forget someone I was with for three straight years. See, unlike main characters, I don’t actually have face blindness.

The joy I felt when I saw the surprised little kid was simply indescribable.


-Are you a lolicon? Do you want to get arrested?

[No, it’s because her clothes are different.]


I suppose people were right when they say clothes are like wings. The girl looks like she’d grow up to be a fine lady in the future. The white dress she were just gave off a more positive vibe as compared to the cheap black costume from the Organization.


-Is it fine to be like this? You’d be screwed if you got caught.

[In a situation like this, you have to be as bold as possible.]


I started acting like a wise scholar with a wide grin on my face. Plastic surgery does not exist in this world. Of course, there are illusion magics that change what you might look like, but those get discovered quickly.


But since I have an extremely common face that’s pretty hard to recognize, it’s fine for me to not disguise myself too much.


If I grow out my beard a bit, add some white hairs, add a bit of wrinkles, and change my angry face into a kind one, then oh my, it’s Nicerwin Ein.


Since I didn’t use magic, there’s no proof that I’m fake. And with the help from the elves, I was able to create a perfect alibi, one of the most foolproof identities I had ever made. There may be some that may get suspicious of Nicerwin Ein, but there’s no way anyone would connect him to Naruan.


In any case, the girl in front of me was someone who contracted Sutr! Even though the demon’s power is restricted, she should still be qualified as an S-rank.


What does that mean? It means that she’d be the perfect poster girl! If we just put her face on the front gates, we’ll have an influx of new students.


“Is she that good?”


The person who seems to be her father… mm… no, probably her relative, spoke to me in curiosity.

Is she talented? How the hell would I know? I’m just trying to get her because she contracted a demon. But of course I didn’t say anything like that.


“Very talented indeed… She probably can contract with a very strong beast.”

“Ah, she already contracted with a different beast.”

“Mmm… she did it too early.”


Yeah, I know. Who the hell do you think contracted her?


“…Yes… too early.”


“Yes. There’s no way I wouldn’t have noticed if she got a suitable beast for her. There’s two things that could’ve happened… she either formed a contract with a weak beast, or the beast she formed her contract with is too strong for her right now. It seems to be the latter, in my opinion.”

“H, how did you?!”


How did I know? Well, since the contract is kind of bullshit from the start, the demon’s just not able to utilize all of its powers. There’s two kinds of bullshit contracts when it comes to summoning, and one of them is when it’s initiated by a summoned beast. In this case, the beast takes away the summoner’s soul, and the beast becomes able to use all of its power. The other bullshit contract is initiated by the summoner. In this case, the summoner loses nearly nothing, but the beast is unable to use most of its powers. This is especially the case if the summoner is weak! Well, the kid is quite talented, so it should be fine, but there’s no way she’d be able to control Sutr properly yet.


“Then… what should we do?”

“It’d be good if she came to Yugrasia. It’d be a waste to let her talent go.”

“You’re trying to send her to Marcis, yes?”

“You knew?”


Of course I knew. I almost died after stealing their heirloom.


“There’s no way I wouldn’t know of the white lily.”

“Ah, then you would know already. We’re…”

“No, that’s why you should take her to Yugrasia. I promise you this. Yugrasia will be the best school for summoners in the upcoming years. She should be able to graduate in three years with her skill. Learning magic later might be better for her.”



The man is trying to refuse, but it’s useless. His shaking eyes, and trembling hands show that he’s pretty close to being convinced already. Now, let’s go for my final attack.


“I believe this child is qualified enough to inherit all of my knowledge. I myself am not talented enough to get a strong beast, but… if it’s this girl, I think she can handle it.”


I put a strong emphasis on ‘inherit’. And at the same time.



-Yahoo! Seriously! Freedom! …You’re not putting me back, are you?


The metal bat that was disguised as a bracelet began to shine, then melt down to form a different shape. After a moment, the bat turned into a little girl with long, shining silver hair that almost went down to her feet! And!


“Uun~ please listen to master?”


Kawaii overload! There’s not many who’d refuse a request from little girls. And elementals are the purest of the pure! They’re very hard to refuse! Of course, this particular girl isn’t an elemental, but an evil fox, but others will think of her as an elemental. Not only that!


“Ohh… an elemental came out on her own?”

“As expected of Nicerwin…”


Rarely would a summoned beast come out without being summoned by the summoner himself. After all, doing that gives the beast many, many penalties.


But there are certain beasts that choose to come out on their own volition, and beasts doing that show that it shares a very strong bond with the summoner.


Of course, this thing is neither an elemental nor a summoned beast.




He’s almost there. I just need his permission now!


“Mm… we’ll think about it.”


I thought he was almost there, but the girl intervened with a grin, and took away her uncle with a “Let’s go home, uncle.”


And then she went into Marcis… I’ll make you regret your actions.

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